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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review: A Fierceful End to Lara’s Crusade

Unlike movies, only a handful of video game characters manage to pierce through a franchise's shortcomings to become a character that people love to...

Nokia 3.1 Plus Review: Lost in Ambition

With a rapidly expanding product portfolio, HMD Global is enjoying a fantastic streak in India this year with over nine Nokia smartphones already out...

Pixel 3 XL Camera Review: Simply The Best

Ever since Google scrapped the Nexus series to make way for the premium Pixel lineup that could challenge iPhones, it has taken cameras and...

iPhone XS Review: The Best iPhone Ever?

The iPhone XS launched earlier last month to huge fanfare, as is usual for an iPhone launch, and to nobody's surprise it looks pretty...
Get Google Pixel 3 Features on Any Android Device

Google Pixel 3 XL Review: Excelling in Every Sense

The hounding influx of new smartphones, slipping into the market every other day, can be tiring but there are select smartphones that cut through...
Honor 8X

Honor 8X First Impressions: Impressive Big Screen on a Budget!

Early last month, Huawei's sub-brand Honor unveiled the new Honor 8X at an event in China. Soon thereafter, it was confirmed that the new...
Ryzen 7 2700

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Review: Capable 8-Core Processor On a Budget

Building a custom PC is getting easier by the day and with the launch of AMD's Ryzen second-gen processors, gamers and professionals alike can...
ActoFit SmartScale Review - Track More than Just Your Weight

ActoFit Smart Scale Review: Track More than Just Your Weight

Losing weight and keeping your body fit is a lifelong arduous quest. It's one thing that you need to yourself no matter how resourceful...
Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review: Complete Control Over Your Car’s Safety

The ideas of cars as personal modes of transport has changed many shapes since its inception. The utility of cars has gone from status...
Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 Review: Great Triple Cameras, Average Performance

Of late, Samsung has been called out for releasing sub-par devices on several occasions since the beginning of the year. The company has been...
Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery and Charging Test: Long Lasting But Slow to Charge

Adding on to its line of premium mid-range smartphones, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy A7 in India. Priced starting at Rs. 23,990, the all-new...
Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 Camera Review: At Par With the Competition

Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy A7 (Rs. 23,990) in India, adding on to its line of premium mid-rangers in the country. The device...
Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 Performance and Gaming Review: Not for the Serious Gamer

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy A7 (Rs. 23,990) in India, a premium mid-range device that sets itself apart from other mid-rangers from the company...
Galaxy A7

Galaxy A7 Power Button Fingerprint Scanner and Face Unlock: How Well Do They Work?

Samsung recently lifted the covers off its first smartphone with a triple camera setup - the Galaxy A7. Starting at a competitive price of...

Motorola One Power Performance and Gaming Review: Middling Performance With No Surprises

Motorola One Power, a device which was showcased at IFA 2018, recently made its way to India with a pricing well-suited to the mid-range...

Motorola One Power vs the Competition: How Does It Fare?

Motorola, a name which seemed to be lost amid the whirlwind of aggressive Chinese brands like Xioami and OnePlus setting a foot in India,...

Acer Predator RGB Mousepad Review: For Gamers Obsessed with RGB

RGB is at the heart of everything gaming these days. There's no such thing as "Too Much RGB", which is why even hardware manufacturers have...
Motorola One Power Review

Motorola One Power Review: A Decent Yet Flawed Budget Smartphone

Motorola has pulled up its sleeves to compete in the highly competitive mid-range segment in India and the newly launched Motorola One Power is...

Realme 2 Pro Camera Review: Decent Enough But Not The Best

The new Realme 2 Pro, which was launched earlier today, is being hailed as a contender which can challenge the dominance of Xiaomi, and...
Motorola One Power Review

Motorola One Power Camera Review: Longs for More Power

Since always, the performance of cameras has been imperative to the choice of consumers buying a new smartphone. Now, with the evolution of hardware, features...