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riot games - valorant sign in options 2

Valorant Gains New Social Sign-in Options

To give gamers more sign-in options in its games, Valorant developer, Riot Games has started rolling out "social sign-in integration" for all its games....
Valorant new map feat.

Valorant is Getting a New Snowy Map And a New Healer Agent

Rejoice, agents! Riot's massively popular 5-v-5 tactical FPS game, Valorant is getting a new map and agent in the third season, "Ignition Act III"...
Valorant operator nerf feat.

Valorant’s Most Powerful Gets a Major Nerf But It’s Still Pretty OP

If you thought Riot was done with their massive nerfs for Valorant, then I am sorry to break it to you that you are...
valorant coming to consoles

Valorant Servers in India Now in Testing; Expected to Go Live in Two Weeks

With Valorant players from India complaining for long about latency problems with South-east Asian (SEA) servers, Riot Games is seemingly testing Indian servers that...
Valorant patch update feat.

These Are the Valorant “Agents” Who Got Buffed and Nerfed After Latest Patch Update

Since the launch of Riot's 5-v-5 tactical FPS, Valorant, the game went on to become one of the most popular titles in the eSports...
Valorant players complain to Riot feat.

Valorant Players Complain About “Painfully Low” XP Gains from New “Deathmatch”

With the introduction of the second season of its battle pass, Riot Games added a ton of new things, along with a new "agent",...
valorant killjoy

Valorant’s Newest Agent is German Robotics Genius Killjoy; Here are All Her Abilities

Riot Games has today announced that Killjoy is the new agent coming to Valorant, its popular 5v5 first-person shooter game. KillJoy is described as...
valorant coming to consoles

Here Are 5 of the Best “Agents” in Valorant to Start Playing the Game...

Although it has been only over a month since the release of Riot Games' 5-v-5 FPS, Valorant, it seems like the game has been...
valorant coming to consoles

Valorant Dev Confirms Console Version Is Currently Being Prototyped

Valorant officially launched on PC earlier this week, with a new map and agent in tow. The game has already tasted success during its...
Valorant Exits Beta

Valorant Exits Beta; Adds New Character, New Map, and Game Mode

Riot Games debuted its 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant in closed beta about a couple of months ago. The game caused chaos as the company...
twitch disney partnership

Valorant Tops Streaming Charts as Global Game-Streaming Explodes in April

Livestreaming tools providers, StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, have released their monthly 'State of the Stream' report for April, revealing how the lockdowns have affected the...