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Disney+ subscriber base india

Disney+ Hits 73.7 Million Subscribers Globally; India Accounts For 25% of All Users

At its Q4 earnings call earlier this week, The Walt Disney Company announced that its streaming service, Disney+, had garnered 73.7 million subscribers globally...
disney+ groupwatch feat.

Disney+’s GroupWatch Feature Lets You Binge Content With Friends; Here’s How It Works

Since the debut of Disney's digital streaming platform, Disney+, it has become one of the most popular streaming websites in the market. The company...
Disney plus watch party feat.

Disney+’s Upcoming “WatchParty” Feature Found in Source Code

Since its launch earlier this year, Disney's digital streaming service has become quite popular in the market with millions of subscribers. Now, the global...

Disney+ Streaming Service Now Has 54.5 Million Subscribers Worldwide

At its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, Disney announced that its newest streaming service, Disney+, had 54.5 million subscribers as of May 4, up...
disney+ hotstar india launch date - april 3

Disney+Hotstar Is Now Live in India

After brief testing last month and detailing the changes in subscription plans earlier this week, Disney+ content is now widely available in India through...
disney+ hotstar logo change

Disney+Hotstar Is in Beta Testing: Hotstar

In a surprise move, Hotstar app started showing up the new Disney+Hotstar logo and Disney+ catalog on Wednesday morning. The partial rollout happened ahead...