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Asus TUF Gaming FX504 Laptop Review: The Best of Both Worlds with Some Compromises

When it comes to gaming laptops, there are a few choice brands that make great gaming laptops at prices that aren't in the 'Alienware'...
ifootage wild bull t5 tripod review

iFootage Wild Bull T5 Tripod Review: A Great Tripod at a Competitive Price

If you're a videographer or a photographer looking to get into the high-end territory of camera gear, I'm pretty sure you're considering a bunch...
Xiaomi Mi 6X aka Mi A2 Review

Xiaomi Mi 6X Review: Perfect Candidate for Stock Android

Every time I think about Xiaomi, I'm reminded of the virtue of practicality. The company has swept its competitors off their feet by offering...
Mi Gaming Mouse Featured

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse Review: For the Plug-N-Play Gamers

Most gamers out there understand the necessity of a high-end fully customizable mouse and are ready to open their pockets for a bit more...

Xiaomi BlackShark Review: The One For Gaming Enthusiasts

After Razer introduced its gaming phone, the Razer Phone, a trend for gaming-oriented smartphones was started. Now how would Xiaomi stay away from it,...
mi travel backpack review featured

Xiaomi Mi Travel Backpack Review: Satisfaction At An Affordable Price

Xiaomi is best known for its budget phones in the Indian market but the company has been stepping foot in all different sorts of...
Xiaomi Yuemi MK01

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 Mechanical Keyboard Review: Great for Typing, Bad for Gaming

When it comes to consumer electronics, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has its hands in almost everything that you can image. While the company may...
Acer Nitro 5 Review Featured

Acer Nitro 5 Review: Decent Performer for Budget Gaming

Gaming laptops have recently been a major constituent of the offerings in the market, thanks to the ability of manufacturers to offer great performing...
Mi Gaming Laptop

Mi Gaming Laptop Review: The Budget Gaming King You Probably Can’t Buy!

Xiaomi launched the Mi Gaming Laptop earlier this year in March, much to the surprise of Xiaomi fans worldwide who weren't expecting a gaming...
Belkin F7U027zbWHT Wireless Charging Pad Review

Belkin F7U027zbWHT Wireless Charging Pad Review: Faster Charging Comes at a Premium

The concept of wireless charging has been around since the 70s when it was first used to power an electric car. But if there's...

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