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I'm a gaming enthusiast with a strong passion for writing. My writing journey started over six months ago and thanks to the wonderful Beebom team I was lucky enough to meet, it'll only continue from here. My expertise lies in creating simple, to the point and clear content teaching you about various features, mechanics and community-based inventions related to Minecraft, the game that I've been a part of for many years and the one that inspires me greatly. In spare time, beside flying around with the elytra in my Minecraft world, I love exploring worlds and stories of other pixelated games like Stardew Valley.


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Honey bottle, empty bottles, bee and a bee nest in Minecraft

How to Get Honey from a Beehive in Minecraft

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Just like in the real world, bees produce honey in Minecraft, and you can obtain that sweet sweet delight. You need glass bottles, a camp fire, and a beehive to get access to honey in your world. Once you find a beehive or bee nest, place a campfire under it and then click on the beehive with a glass bottle to collect honey. You can use the honey you collect in Minecraft to gain health, remove poison effects, or as a crafting ingredient.
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Most of the Minecraft 1.21 features side by side with the large Minecraft 1.21 text in the center

Minecraft 1.21: Release Date, New Mobs, Biomes, and More

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Minecraft 1.21 is the new major update coming to Minecraft. Its name is not yet known, but it is related to combat and tinkering aspects of the game. A new structure was added called the trial chambers. It’ll provide lots of combat challenges. There are also trial spawners that give you rewards after you defeat all the mobs. Plenty of new copper and tuff blocks are introduced, as well as new mobs such as the Breeze and armadillo. Also, in this structure you’ll find the new mysterious trial key item. Release date is suspected to be in June 2024.
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