Minecraft Preview Adds Cool New Paintings, Raid Omen, and More

New paintings and mace enchantments in Minecraft Preview
In Short
  • Minecraft Preview adds three new mace-exclusive enchantments - the wind burst, breach, and density.
  • Five new paintings of various sizes made by Sarah Boeving have been added to Minecraft.
  • Raid Omen effect can now start the raid and lots of bugs have been fixed related to trial chambers, armadillo, and hardcore mode.

The newest Minecraft Bedrock Preview adds several super exciting features, like mace enchantments, new paintings, and more. So, get ready to learn everything about them right now.

New Paintings

After so much time, Minecraft has finally added new paintings to the game in Bedrock Preview These masterpieces have been created by an artist Sarah Boeving and they include the following:

  • Baroque
  • Humble
  • Meditative
  • Prairie Ride
  • Unpacked
Five new paintings made by Sarah Boeving

Mace Enchantments

Three new mace-exclusive enchantments have been added to the Minecraft Bedrock edition. They are:

  • Wind Burst (max level 3) – generates a burst of wind when successfully striking enemies, launching you in the air;
  • Density (max level 5) – adds additional damage to mace’s smash attack depending on its level;
  • Breach (max level 4) – allows the mace to ignore a certain armor value percentage depending on its level.
Three mace-exclusive enchantments

These enchantments have existed over on the Java edition for a while now, so feel free to check out our guide explaining mace enchantments in detail.

Raid Omen

The Bad Omen effect has been changed so it turns into Raid Omen and Trial Omen upon entering a village or getting close to a trial spawner. The Raid Omen will last for 30 seconds before the raid starts.

In this time, you can cancel it or prepare for the battle. All three Omen effects have also received a special activation sound effect.

Other Changes

Besides these additions, this Minecraft Preview also includes changes, such as:

  • Trial chambers are now more consistently buried by terrain when found underground;
  • Ominous trial spawners now show a preview of the item that is about to be dropped;
  • The death screen now shows the “Spectate World” option when playing in hardcore mode;
  • Armadillos no longer repeatedly roll and unroll when receiving damage from blocks.

With that, you know everything about the changes and additions from Minecraft Preview Minecraft 1.21 is nearing its release date, and we cannot wait to play with all its exciting features. So, what are your thoughts on the mace enchantments, new paintings, and the useful changes? Tell us in the comments section below!

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