Minecraft Ominous Vault Guide: Where to Find and How to Unlock?

In Short
  • Ominous Vault is a loot block you can unlock with the ominous trial key in Minecraft 1.21.
  • To get this key, you need to successfully defeat the ominous trials, which are ominous trial spawner challenges.
  • Use that key on the ominous vault to unlock it and get rewards such as heavy core, enchanted golden apple, flow armor trim, and more.

The vault is a unique loot storage block added in Minecraft 1.21 that can only be unlocked using a trial key. It gives you useful, special, and valuable items as rewards. However, if you’re looking for even more special items, like the heavy core, then you’ll have to find and unlock the ominous vault. In this tutorial, we discuss everything you need to know about the ominous vault in Minecraft 1.21, from how to unlock it to its potential rewards.

What is an Ominous Vault and Where to Find It?

The ominous vault is similar to a regular vault and can be unlocked using a special key to acquire the content. Every player will be able to do this, but only once. Its color is darker and includes 3 skulls instead of one.

Moreover, ominous vault generates naturally inside trial chambers. It is less common than the standard vault and usually appears higher up in rooms embedded in the wall. Hence, it’s a bit more difficult to locate.

Ominous vault, ominous trial key and rare loot in the Minecraft snapshot 24w13a

But, thanks to the copper grates, red-glazed terracotta, and candles surrounding the ominous vault, your job was made a lot easier. When you get close to an ominous vault, the center face’s mouth will open and you’ll see particles flow toward it.

It is not possible to obtain the ominous vault and move it around. You can break it, but it will take about 250 seconds using any tool.

How to Unlock the Ominous Vault in Minecraft

You need to get the ominous trial key to unlock the ominous vault and obtain its loot. This item is a bit complicated to secure.

First, you will need to get the ominous bottle by killing a pillager captain or looting standard vaults. Then, drink it to get the Bad Omen effect.

With the Bad Omen effect activated, approach a trial spawner, and it will turn into an ominous trial spawner. The Bad Omen will transform into Trial Omen and the ominous trials will then begin. We have a full guide on how they work, so check it out for more details.

Ominous vault ejecting items in Minecraft 1.21

Once you defeat all mobs from the ominous trial spawner, you have a 30% chance to receive the ominous trial key. With it, you can right-click on the ominous vault, or use the secondary action button to unlock it. It will then spit out items and will permanently become unusable for you.

Ominous Vault Rewards: Loot in Minecraft 1.21

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, let’s see what loot this block can give you for your trouble. The table below shows the item, its quantity, and the probability it has to be spewed out on unlocking the vault.

Furthermore, the ominous vault will usually choose to give you a couple of different items, not just one. Not only that, but it may also yield multiple batches of the same item.

Item & QuantityChance
4-10 Emeralds54.9%
8-12 Wind charges46.2%
4-12 Arrows of Slowness IV36.4%
2-3 Diamonds 25.5%
1 Flow armor trim22.5%
1 Enchanted golden apple22.5%
1 Block of emerald18.2%
1 Flow banner pattern 15.0%
1 Ominous bottle (levels 3-5)13.4%
1 Enchanted crossbow12.1%
1 Block of iron12.1%
1 Golden apple12.1%
1 Enchanted diamond axe9.1%
1 Enchanted diamond chestplate9.1%
1 Creator music disc7.5%
1 Heavy core7.5%
1 Enchanted book (breach or density)6.1%
1 Enchanted book (various other enchantments)6.1%
1 Enchanted book (wind burst)3.0%
Block of diamond0.8%

And that’s all you should know about the ominous vault in Minecraft 1.21. It may seem like too much work to open one of these vaults, but considering how mace is powerful, you’ll want that heavy core no matter what. So, get ready to loot those scary blocks right away.

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