How to Make Bone Meal in Minecraft

In Short
  • Minecraft players can get bone meal from bone blocks, bones, by using the composter block, killing fish, or trading with a wandering trader.
  • Breaking down bones and bone blocks in a crafting table will yield 3 bone meal and 9 bone meal, respectively.
  • A composter can also be used to make bone meal. Using a plant-like item on a composter will increase its compost level until it's ready to drop bone meal.

Some Minecraft features are much more useful than others, and one of those is bone meal. It’s an item you can obtain in many different ways and helps speed up your progression, as well as make some resource farms possible. So in this guide, we will explain how you can get bone meal in your Minecraft world.

What Do You Need to Make Bone Meal

You can make bone meal in three different ways. They require the following items:

  • Bones
  • Bone blocks
  • Composter
  • Plant-like items

Bones are items dropped commonly by skeleton mobs in Minecraft. They spawn in almost every biome and can be farmed through a mob farm. Bone blocks generate naturally in soul sand valley biomes in the Nether dimension. A composter is a block you can make with 7 wooden slabs. Some of the plant-like items needed to make bone meal include:

  • Seeds (every type)
  • Saplings (every type)
  • Cactus
  • Sugar cane
  • Vines (every type)
  • Crops (every type)
  • Flowers (every type)
  • Moss blocks
  • Baked potato

Make and Get Bone Meal in Minecraft

Now, let’s go over the easiest method to make bone meal and two other methods to obtain this useful item.

Using Bones

  • For the first method, open your inventory and place the bone in any slot of the crafting grid.
  • You will see 3 pieces of bone meal appear in the result slot on the right.
Crafting recipe for bone meal utilizing bones

This is one of the best ways of obtaining bone meal. Skeletons are everywhere in Minecraft, they are not hard to kill and drop bones regularly. Furthermore, thanks to the crafter in Minecraft 1.21, you may even automate the bone meal crafting process.

Using Bone Blocks

The second method is fairly similar to the first. You need to open your inventory and place the bone block in any slot of the crafting grid. Now, you will get 9 pieces of bone meal in the result slot. Click on it and move to your inventory.

Crafting recipe for bone meal utilizing bone blocks

This method is probably the best method to get a lot of bone meal quickly in the early game. You’ll need to build a Nether portal, find the soul sand valley, and make your way carefully to these white blocks. Any tier pickaxe is enough to mine them.

Composting Plant-Like Items

The final technique you can use to make bone meal is using the composter.

First, place this block in your world. Then, select a plant-like item from the list above and use it on the composter. There is a certain chance the compost level will rise when you do so. If the compost level reaches 7, the appearance will change and bone meal will be available.

Player making bone meal using a composter

To obtain the bone meal, you may right-click the composter again, and it will drop a single piece of bone meal. This is a popular method of obtaining bone meal since it can be automated with hoppers and a moss farm.

Other Methods to Get Bone Meal

Apart from these, you may also get bone meal from killing fish. Salmon, cod, tropical fish, and even pufferfish all have a 5% chance to drop bone meal upon death in Java edition. On Bedrock edition, they drop bones instead.

Also, bone meal has a special use on the Bedrock edition, so three of them can also be bought by a wandering trader for an emerald.

That’s about all you need to know on how to obtain bone meal in Minecraft. We’ve got a separate guide on all the best bone meal uses in the game, so check it out if you haven’t already. With that said, waste no more time and start making bone meal right away!

What is the fastest way to get bone meal?

The fastest way to get bone meal is to kill skeletons and turn bones into bone meal. However, if you need a lot of bone meal, get bone blocks in the soul sand valley biome and breaking them down to bone meal on the crafting table.

Can you turn bone meal into bones?

No, it’s not possible to turn bone meal back into bones in Minecraft.

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