How to Get Heavy Core in Minecraft 1.21

In Short
  • Heavy core is an item and block you can get in trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21.
  • It's one of the possible rewards from the ominous vault block. You have an 8.3% chance of getting this reward.
  • The heavy core is part of the crafting recipe for the mace along with a breeze rod. It can also be used as a decorative block.

Mace is an epic new melee weapon being added to the game with Minecraft 1.21, and it calculates damage in a really unique way. Not only that, but it’s super strong too. To make this weapon, you need a breeze rod and a teeny-tiny block called the heavy core. So today, we will teach you how to get heavy core, so you can enjoy being OP in Minecraft 1.21.

Where to Get Heavy Core in Minecraft

heavy core placed on a white block in minecraft

You can only find the heavy core in the new trial chamber structures in Minecraft 1.21. They are generated underground in the Overworld dimension. We have a dedicated guide on how to easily find trial chambers, so feel free to check it out.

However, before you go there, make sure you’re equipped with decent gear as there will be many trial spawners waiting to spawn mobs for you to defeat.

Once you get to the trial chambers, your job is to obtain the ominous trial key. It’s an item that can be ejected by an ominous trial spawner after you complete its said challenge. Then, you can use it to open an ominous vault and potentially get the heavy core.

Though, how do you even find these ominous spawners and vaults to get the ominous key?

You will have to complete ominous trials. They are a harder version of regular trial spawner challenges. We have dedicated guides on how ominous trials work, how to get the ominous trial key, and all you need to know about the ominous vault. So, our advice would be to check them all out to get all the information you could need.

Ominous vault ejecting items in Minecraft 1.21

Once you open an ominous vault, there is about an 8.3% chance of the heavy core being ejected. However, if that doesn’t happen, you will need to continue grinding, fighting mobs that spawn via ominous trials to obtain the ominous trial key. The loot these vaults give you is more precious than standard vaults, so you won’t leave the structure empty-handed anyway.

What Is the Use of the Heavy Core

1. Mace Weapon

The heavy core is an item used in the crafting recipe for the mace. It’s an extremely strong melee weapon that deals more damage the longer you fall. It also creates an area of effect around the hit target, which knocks back entities horizontally and vertically.

Because of this, it’s not only overpowered but also rather satisfying to use. In order to make this weapon, you will need one heavy core and one breeze rod. Place them in the configuration shown below, and you’ll have made a mace.

Crafting recipe for a mace in Minecraft

2. Decorative Item

Apart from using heavy core to make a mace, you can also use it to decorate your base. Yeah, heavy core is a block you can place just like normal solid blocks. It’s smaller than most blocks but still has a solid hitbox.

Furthermore, the heavy core is centered on the top face of the block, so when you place it down it’ll sit perfectly on top of the block.

However, if you want to place it attached to any other side of a block, or even place multiple heavy cores stacked on top of each other, they will create gaps, which is not particularly nice to see. So, you’ll mostly end up using it on top of a block, probably for a simple decoration.

Wall of heavy cores and also heavy cores placed on top of stair blocks

Sadly, it’s not possible to rotate it like mob heads, but it can float in the air, similarly to candles (a common light source in Minecraft).

There you have it, everyone. Now you know how to obtain heavy core in Minecraft 1.21 and what to do with it. So, if you’re excited to play with the mace, don’t waste any more time and venture bravely into a trial chamber in search of this item.

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