Minecraft April Fools 2024 Update Is All About Poisonous Potatoes

Poisonous potato dimension in April Fools 2024 Minecraft update
In Short
  • April Fools 2024 Minecraft update is all about poisonous potatoes. It adds a poisonous potato dimension, which is made up of potato blocks.
  • All mobs have been retextured to look like poisonous potatoes. There are several different biomes and even a poisonous potato boss mob.
  • Other potato items are added like potato armor, elytra, weapons, utility blocks, and even a grappling gun.

We can agree that poisonous potato is the most useless item in all of Minecraft. However, on this day, April 1, 2024, it may not be that terrible after all. Yeah, that’s right, the new April Fools 2024 Minecraft update has been released, and it turns poisonous potatoes into the substance that the whole other world is made up of. So, buckle up, and let’s explore this joke update together.

What Does the Poisonous Potato Update Include?

The Poisonous Potato update adds various blocks, items, and mobs related to the poisonous potato in the game. They include:

  • Poisonous potato dimension
  • Potato building and natural blocks
  • Poisonous potato boss
  • Poisonous potato foods
  • Potato armor, elytra, weapons, and a grappling gun
  • Potato utility blocks
  • Potato ores, amber, and toxic resin
  • Potato paintings
  • And more potato stuff!

The poisonous potato dimension can be accessed through the potato portal, which is literally made up of numerous potato blocks, such as peelgrass block, terre de pomme block, potone, poison path, taterstone, and so many more. There is even potato stem block that can be turned into bright and vibrant green planks, slabs, stairs, fences, and more.

Poisonous potato trees

The dimension doesn’t have bedrock at the bottom and all mobs have been retextured to fit in. You will also find villages populated with potato villagers. This dimension has multiple biomes all made up of, you guessed it, poisonous potatoes! Though, some even include blobs of ancient debris blocks.

You may even craft a potato eye that will lead you similarly to the eye of ender. The destination is usually far away, and it contains this dimension’s boss mob, the giant poisonous potato slime! You can use the potato hammer (not the new mace in Minecraft 1.21) to deal plenty of damage and knock back mobs a long distance.

Poisonous potato boss

There are also special utility blocks like the frying table, poisonous potato cutter and more. You truly cannot get enough of potatoes in this April Fools 2024 Minecraft update.

There are lots of other potato-related things in this update, but we’ll let you explore them on your own. So, are you glad poisonous potato is finally getting the attention it deserves? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

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