Mace is the Brand New Weapon Added in Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a

Mace, new armor trims, pottery sherds, banner patterns, Breeze rod and heavy core in Minecraft snapshot 24w11a
In Short
  • Mace is a new melee weapon that is coming to Minecraft with the 1.21 update later this year.
  • Mace is available to try in Snapshot 24w11a. It deals damage proportional to the height you fell from.
  • There are also new armor trims, pottery sherds, and banner patterns related to the Breeze and trial chambers in snapshot 24w11a.

After the wind charge was added a couple of weeks ago, I definitely didn’t expect yet another brand-new weapon to appear in this ongoing snapshot cycle. But here we are with a brand new Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a that has brought the mace, a new melee weapon, to the game. So, let’s check it out together, shall we?

New Mace Weapon Comes to Minecraft

The mace is a melee weapon that by default deals 7 attack damage and has an attack speed of 1.6. These stats are the same for the unenchanted diamond sword. Furthermore, its damage is affected by the height you fall from. So, the longer you fall the stronger the mace will hit. Though, that’s not all.

Player jumping into a group of pillagers and dealing AOE with the mace

The mace also deals an AOE (or area of effect) damage similar to the sweeping edge enchantment. However, this effect doesn’t deal damage to surrounding entities and just knocks them back, both vertically and horizontally. Moreover, if you manage to land the hit on your target, you won’t take any fall damage even if you jump off of a 100-block high platform.

You can make the mace by combining a Breeze rod and a heavy core item. The Breeze mob was changed slightly with this snapshot, as it drops the Breeze rod when you kill it. You can then use it to craft wind charges or the mace. The heavy core is a brand-new block that you can get from the vault. Place the two items in the crafting grid to make a mace.

Crafting recipe for a mace in Minecraft

New Pottery Sherds, Armor Trims, and Breeze Banner Designs

Apart from the unbelievably amazing and satisfying mace, we also got some other epic additions in the 24w11a snapshot.

First up, we have new armor trims you can get from the vault. Their designs represent the Breeze’s, new tuff blocks, and trial chambers vibes. Moreover, there are also two more banner patterns and three more pottery sherds that are all related to the Breeze, the chiseled tuff texture, and the mace.

  • New armor trim designs
  • Decorated pots made with new pottery sherds and also banners with new banner pattern designs in Minecraft snapshot 24w11a

And that’s about it for this week’s Minecraft 24w11a snapshot, and it’s a great one. We cannot wait to play around with the mace in the coming days, so expect a detailed hands-on guide on it soon.

So with that said, what do you think about the mace? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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