How to Make a Lodestone in Minecraft

In Short
  • To craft a lodestone in Minecraft, you will need a netherite ingot and 8 chiseled stone bricks.
  • In the crafting table, place the netherite ingot in the central slot and surround it with chiseled stone bricks.
  • If you use a compass on a lodestone and travel the Minecraft world, it will point towards the loadstone.

Exploring your world is one of the most fun things you can do in Minecraft. However, returning to your base is not all that fun, especially if you get completely lost. You may make and use a compass or coordinates to find your way back, but the most unique way to do so is to use a lodestone. This block has special properties with the compass that will help you to easily find any place in your world. So, let’s see how to make a lodestone and how it works in Minecraft.

Resources You Need to Make a Lodestone

To make one lodestone, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 8 Chiseled stone bricks
  • 1 Netherite ingot

Yes, you’ll need a netherite ingot for this recipe. To get netherite, you’ll need to combine netherite scraps, which you can get by smelting ancient debris, with gold ingots. You can also get lucky and find these expensive items in the bastion chests.

Chiseled stone bricks are blocks you can obtain by placing two stone brick slabs one above the other one in the crafting grid. The last thing you need is a crafting table, a block you can craft with four planks in a 2×2 configuration.

Lodestone Crafting Recipe in Minecraft

Now that you’ve got this strange assortment of resources, let’s make a lodestone in Minecraft:

  • Place the crafting table in your world and interact with it to open its interface.
  • Place the netherite ingot in the central slot of the grid.
  • Now, take the chiseled stone bricks and completely surround the ingot with them.
  • The lodestone will appear in the result slot on the right.
Lodestone crafting recipe in Minecraft

You may also use a crafter to make the lodestone, but you’ll need to power it using a redstone power source like a lever, button, or a redstone block.

Where to Find a Lodestone in Minecraft

Lodestone doesn’t generate in the block form, but you can find it in the item form. It appears in the chests inside the bridge bastion remnant type. Furthermore, you’ll find it there 100% of the time, so if you want to save that netherite ingot for upgrading a diamond tool, then investigating bridge bastions is the way to go.

You can identify these structures due to multiple levels of walkways surrounded by lava, which is all inside the “mouth” of a piglin face. Though, be wary of the piglin brutes. They are powerful mobs in Minecraft that deal a lot of damage and cannot be distracted with gold. Buckets of lava will help you take care of them without angering other piglins.

  • Bridge bastion
  • Bridge bastion chest containing a lodestone in Minecraft

What Do You Do with a Lodestone?

What Is the Use of the Loadstone

So, you are probably thinking if the lodestone is that expensive, it must do something unbelievable. Well, both yes and no. Lodestone has a special interaction with a compass.

If you use a compass on a placed lodestone, the compass will receive an enchantment glint and will point to it instead of the world spawn point. This is extremely useful in various scenarios.

  • Normal compass behavior
  • Compass pointing toward a lodestone in Minecraft

First off, if you set your base far from spawn, the compass item becomes useful as it can lead you straight to your base, without the use of coordinates. Moreover, map or mini-game creators can use a lodestone to point the players to a specific place where they can continue the challenge. Not only that, but the lodestone + compass combo works in the Nether and the End dimensions as well.

The compass will point toward the lodestone unless the player is in the wrong dimension. If the lodestone is broken, the compass will point in random directions. With that, this feature is cool, but is it worth one netherite ingot? We will leave that for you to decide. Lodestone provides you with an advancement in Minecraft and is generally an epic-looking block, so there’s that.

So, now you know how to make a lodestone in Minecraft. Be honest, what will you use it for in your world? Share with us in the comments below!

Is a lodestone worth it?

Considering you can make a powerful netherite tool, weapon, or armor with one netherite ingot and still reach any location you want with screenshots of coordinates, I believe the lodestone is not really worth it. Though players do use it for building.

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