You Can Now Find Trial Chambers with the Explorer Map in Minecraft Snapshot 24W12A

Cartographers next to cartography tables, trial chamber explorer map in an item frame and waterlogged heavy core
In Short
  • Minecraft 24w12a snapshot makes trial chambers rarer and spread out; not easy to find and explore.
  • That is why there is a new explorer map cartographer trades that will lead you to a nearby trial chamber structure.
  • Numerous new advancements were added and the heavy core block can now be waterlogged and stops lava flow.

This week’s snapshot has arrived and compared to the other recent ones, it’s quite small and calm. However, don’t let that make you think there are no juicy additions because there is one very very big assumption we can make you’ll want to know about. So with that said, buckle up and let’s explore the Minecraft snapshot 24w12a together.

Trial Chambers Explorer Map

Trial chambers were common before this snapshot, and you could find them easily by exploring the underground cave systems. But, this update made them harder to find as they generate more rarely and are more spaced out from each other.

However, villagers, or to be more precise cartographers, get yet another gameplay-relevant addition that will help you find this structure more easily. If you level up a cartographer to a journeyman tier, they can offer you the explorer map that will lead you to a nearby trial chamber.

This doesn’t have to be the closest one, but it is in the vicinity. The trade will cost you 12 emeralds and one compass by default. Check out our guide on how to make a cartography table in case you don’t know.

Cartographer trades that offer a trial chamber map in Minecraft snapshot 24w12a

This little item functions similarly to a treasure map you get in shipwrecks and will clearly indicate where you could find a trial chamber with it the vaults and Breeze spawners.

New Advancements and Other Changes

Some other additions include new advancements and achievements related to the trial chambers, the Breeze, vault, wind charge, crafter, copper bulb, and the mace. Those are:

  • Minecraft: Trial(s) Edition – Step foot in a Trial Chamber
  • Under Lock & Key – Unlock a Vault using a Trial Key
  • [Challenge – 40 exp] Blowback – Kill a Breeze with a deflected Wind Charge
  • Who Needs Rockets? – Use a Wind Charge to launch yourself upward at least 8 blocks
  • Crafters Crafting Crafters – Be near a Crafter when it crafts a Crafter
  • Lighten Up – Scrape a Copper Bulb with an Axe to make it brighter
  • Over-Overkill – Deal 50 hearts of damage in a single hit using the Mace

Furthermore, the heavy core block can now be waterlogged, stops the flow of lava, can be broken with a pickaxe the fastest, and its destroy time and explosion resistance values were adjusted.

And that is about it apart from the technical changes from Minecraft 24w12a snapshot. However, as you can see, there is no mention of the mace. Moreover, the new Over-Overkill advancement simply encourages players to use the mace to the fullest.

This means that the mace is, at least for now, done with major modifications. So, Mojang approves of the mace to be the next most OP weapon in Minecraft and I can’t be happier about it. So, what are your thoughts on this short but sweet snapshot? Tell us in the comments below!

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