How to Get Breeze Rods in Minecraft 1.21

In Short
  • Breeze rods are drops for the Breeze mob, and you can get them by killing the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21.
  • The Breeze spawns from trial spawners only, which you can find in the new trial chambers structure.
  • Breeze rods are used in three crafting recipes, including the wind charge, flow armor trim, and the new weapon called mace.

The Blaze and the newly added Breeze mob seem really similar, not just because of their name, appearance, and animations but also because of the item they drop – the rods. Mojang has revealed the drop for the Breeze mob, that is the Breeze rod. So, in this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about obtaining breeze rods and what you can do with it in Minecraft 1.21. So, let’s begin!

How Do You Get Breeze Rods?

As the name suggests, breeze rods are items you can get by killing the Breeze mob. They spawn only in the trial chambers from trial spawners with chiseled tuff blocks around them.

According to our testing, each of the naturally generated trial spawners will spawn only two Breezes, one at the time for you to deal with. After you defeat them, the trial spawner will dispense rewards and go in the cooldown state for 30 minutes.

Breeze next to a trial spawner and breeze rods around it in Minecraft 1.21

You may easily find trial chambers by exploring, using commands, or a third party website like Chunk Base (visit). These structures are massive and contain lots of procedurally generated rooms with lots of challenges. So, we suggest you gear up well before trying to tackle one of the trial chambers in your world.

The Breeze will drop 1-2 breeze rod(s) 100% of the time. But, if you have looting enchantment on your sword, the quantity of the breeze rods may increase. View the table below showing how looting enchantment levels affect the number of breeze rods the Breeze will drop.

DefaultLooting ILooting IILooting III

Moreover, breeze rods will drop only if the kill counts as a player kill. So, if the player or their tamed wolf kills the Breeze, only then will they drop the breeze rods.

Breeze Rod Uses in Minecraft 1.21

Breeze rods are part of three crafting recipes — the wind charge, flow armor trim and the mace. Wind charges are projectiles you can shoot toward entities to deal a little damage to them and also knock them back.

The flow armor trim is a Minecraft 1.21 smithing template that applies a Breeze-inspired design to your armor.

Last but not least, the mace is a strong new melee weapon that deals damage proportional to the height you fall from. The longer you fall, the stronger the mace is.

  • Crafting recipe for the wind charges
  • Crafting recipe for a mace in Minecraft
  • Crafting recipe for duplicating the flow armor trim

So, that’s how you can get breeze rods in Minecraft 1.21. They are simple items that may not be that easy to get depending on your level of skill and the mobs inside the trial chamber. Though, with enough practice, you’ll easily show the Breezes who’s the boss. Especially if you bring your wolves equipped with wolf armor on this crazy adventure.

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