Minecraft Is Hard to Beat Without Guides, but Do You Really Need To?

In Short
  • Minecraft doesn't contain quests to guide you through progression, and story elements are not really easy to connect.
  • While advancements are present, they do not provide details or a reason for achieving a certain task.
  • You can beat Minecraft without research, but that's not even necessary. It's important to have fun, whether you killed the Ender Dragon or not.

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft is played by millions around the globe to build their own perfect experiences. However, like other games, Minecraft can actually be beaten in theory when the player kills the Ender Dragon for the first time. But you’ll be surprised to know that this goal isn’t that obvious to new and even old gamers alike. This led me to think about how much research or help one actually needs to beat Minecraft. Well, let’s sit down together as we discuss if you can beat Minecraft without research or any guides at all. And maybe you don’t even need to?

Why It’s Hard to Beat Minecraft Without Research

Minecraft is very good at giving players subtle hints about what they’re supposed to do with an item. This happens through methods like crafting recipes that pop up in the corner. These are pretty obvious for the long-time players and enjoyers of the game.

But what about the new or returning players? Well, it’s not all that easy to figure out this simple blocky game sometimes. With that said, here are some reasons why it can be hard to beat Minecraft.

1. There Are No In-Game Quests

Minecraft, as a game, comes with no quests. Nonetheless, the game is a sandbox adventure all set with its own lore and secrets. However, the lack of quests can drive some players crazy. We do understand that not achieving any progress for a while can be quite frustrating. This problem could be solved by having simple quests geared towards progression and fundamental game mechanics. That would make Minecraft far easier to beat.

Quest system in Vault Hunters

Many Minecraft modpacks have implemented these kinds of quests through an item called a book of sorts. It explains basic features like a tutorial and points players in the right direction. This is a very efficient way of preventing players from getting lost while experiencing the game for the first time.

2. Advancements Help but Aren’t Enough

Advancements or achievements are probably the only way Minecraft informs you of the things you have to or can do throughout your entire playthrough. They are designed to show players what their next step should be in the progression, along with possibilities. However, in my opinion, while advancements help, they are not enough.

First of all, did you know how to open the advancements menu without research when you first played the game? I know I didn’t. I figured it out a while later. Yes, there are plenty of pop-ups, but the game simply doesn’t tell you how to open this menu and view your current progress, which I found frustrating.

Advancements that help you beat Minecraft

Moreover, while advancements give subtle clues about what to do, I feel beginners will struggle with them. After all, how will the player know they must create a portal frame out of obsidian blocks to enter the Nether when the advancements just say, “Obtain a block of Obsidian” and “Build, light, and enter a Nether Portal”?

Why would anyone waste any time on the Nether Portal when they don’t even know what it is?

Advancements make sense if you have played the game before. However, for those starting out, it might take a long time before you start to understand what to do to beat Minecraft without research or any external help.

3. It’s Difficult to Connect the Story

Speaking of Nether Portals, Minecraft comes with many lore elements in the game. From the ruined Nether portals and fake End portal secret rooms in woodland mansions to villagers vs pillagers and even trail ruins. However, these elements are not really connected most of the time, so players may not consider ever associating one feature with the other.

There are ruined Nether portals to let players know what the Nether portal should look like. But is this necessarily clear for new players? Well, not really. They might confuse it for a cool structure that usually provides you with terrible gold gear.

Also, why do Enderman and Blaze drops work together when the two mobs are nothing alike? If they had some kind of obvious connection, then players would understand that both are needed for something. Elements like these make it harder for new and sometimes even old players to fully connect the dots.

Can You Beat Minecraft Without Research or Help?

However, even with the obstacles above, you can absolutely beat Minecraft without research or any help. The next question is: how long will that take? The answer to this question takes the cake. Why? Because we have already discussed how new players can get frustrated and simply quit without ever truly trying to beat the game.

A great example of a player who has beaten Minecraft without instructions is the YouTuber nana825763. The YouTuber went straight into playing Minecraft without knowing pretty much anything.

However, he took his time slowly learning about the game, and many viewers adored his calm and collected personality. While it took a while, he did manage to kill the Ender Dragon and experience the credits. So this just shows that no research is really needed for you to beat this sandbox game if you’ve got enough motivation. This leads us to our final question.

Do You Even Need to Beat Minecraft?

As we have made it clear, Minecraft technically has an end. But the beauty lies in the fact that it’s a sandbox adventure that offers so many ways of achieving a certain goal. So, even if you’re the sort of player who doesn’t want to defeat the Ender Dragon, you can play it according to your own rules. This provides freedom and the ability to make up your own story and objectives. As such, Minecraft ends when you want it to end.

That is why it’s simply not necessary to beat Minecraft to have fun. Many players love exploring their worlds, gearing up and becoming overpowered, and building their own fantasy creations. You are free to do all of these before ever venturing into the End dimension.

However, beating the game does have its benefits, such as quality-of-life features like shulker boxes, though they are not required to enjoy it all. You can get completely lost in playing Minecraft with no end-game OP gear or items. That’s the charm of a sandbox game. You are the main character, and you choose what to do and when to do it.

So, to sum up, beating Minecraft is not easy if you’re new to the game, especially if you’re not aware of its mechanics and features. However, it’s absolutely possible if you’re willing to stick through the grind and the vague sense of quests. As with everything in life, you need to keep at it without quitting and use your available resources.

However, I also want to say that, at the end of the day, Minecraft is just a game. I primarily play this game to have fun and, as such, don’t care if I beat it or not. So, if you’re a new Minecraft player, then I suggest not forcing yourself to beat it because you feel you have to. If you find satisfaction in building instead, build away.

What do you think about beating Minecraft without research or any guides? Have you already done it? Let us know in the comments below!

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