Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a Adds 8 New Wolf Variants

The new rusty wolf variant in Minecraft snapshot 24w10a
In Short
  • Minecraft snapshot 24w10a adds 8 new wolf variants to the game.
  • They have their own names and they spawn in different biomes.
  • The new variants are pale wolf, woods wolf, rusty wolf, ashen wolf, black wolf, chestnut wolf, spotted wolf, stripped wolf and the snowy wolf.

If you thought that wolves in Minecraft 1.21 have gotten enough attention through the wolf armor, health and protection buff, well, think again. Finally, after a whole decade of requesting this feature, wolves now have not 3, not 5, but 9 variants in total! And they are so unique and cute so you just have to have them all. So, let’s take a look at the incredible wolf variants added in Minecraft snapshot 24w10a.

New Wolf Variants and Where You Can Find Them

No, you’re not dreaming, this is really happening. Mojang has added 8 new variants of the wolf mob in Minecraft snapshot 24w10a. They have their own names based on their coat pattern or the area they spawn in.

Yes, that’s right. Unlike cats, wolf variants spawn in particular Minecraft biomes, so you’ll have to venture in search of them all. Isn’t that awesome? Here’s a list of the wolves’ names and their spawning locations:

  • Regular/Pale wolf – the wolf variant we all know and love now spawns only in the taiga biome;
  • Woods wolf – common forest biome
  • Ashen wolf – snowy taiga biome
  • Black wolf – old growth pine taiga biome
  • Chestnut wolf – old growth spruce taiga biome
  • Rusty wolf – sparse jungle biome
  • Spotted wolf – savanna plateau
  • Striped wolf – wooded badlands biome
  • Snowy wolf – grove biome
All wolf variants in Minecraft
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Minecraft

Thanks to these epic wolf variants, the wolf armor and ability to dye both the wolf armor and the dog’s collar, you’ll be able to make your wolves feel truly unique. It’ll also be easy to distinguish them now. If you’re into collecting all blocks, items or mobs in Minecraft, these wolf variants will provide one more exciting collection piece.

We are so happy with this addition and cannot wait to play around with all of these cute doggos. So, what is your favorite wolf? Tell us in the comments below!

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