7 Rarest Mobs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, you’d probably know that some variations of mobs are just far rarer than others. Collecting these mobs and displaying them in some sort of zoo would be a pretty challenging task but also unbelievably satisfying in the end. So, today we’re ranking the rarest mobs in Minecraft and sharing details on how you can get them. With that, let’s get started!

7. Pink Sheep

Pink sheep mob in Minecraft

Sheep on their own are pretty common mobs. You’ll find them grazing in most grassy biomes in Minecraft. However, most of these sheep will have white, gray, black, or brown wool. The rarest variant of the sheep is the pink variant. An adult pink sheep has a 0.1558% chance of spawning, which is pretty low.

Baby animals usually have a much lower chance of spawning, which is also the case for the baby pink sheep which has only a 0.0082% chance of appearing naturally in your world.

The reason we placed this mob at the lowest spot on our list is because, well, you can easily get a pink sheep by using pink dye on a sheep. Still, the low naturally spawning chances make it worth mentioning. On its own, pink sheep doesn’t do anything special, it behaves like a regular sheep.

6. Brown Mooshroom

Brown mooshroom

Brown mooshroom is a type of cow mob you cannot find naturally in your world. Instead, you will have to produce it. There are two ways to do this:

  • Striking a red mooshroom with lightning
  • Breeding red mooshrooms until a brown mooshroom baby spawns

As you can see, you always need a red mooshroom to spawn a brown one. You’ll find them on the mushroom island, completely surrounded by the deep ocean.

Out of these methods, the former is much more reliable. All you need is a trident with channeling enchantment and a thunderstorm. Throw the trident towards a red mooshroom, and it’ll instantly turn into a brown mooshroom. Breeding red mooshrooms will take much more time and a lot of wheat.

You only have a 0.0009765625% chance of spawning the brown mooshroom with breeding. It is rarer than pink sheep, but it’s still fairly easy to get thanks to the trident. The brown mooshroom has a special ability to produce suspicious stew. Check out our linked guide for more details.

5. Skeleton Horse

Skeleton horse mob in Minecraft

Skeleton horse is a special mount that spawns rarely during thunderstorms. Its spawning chances depend on the world’s difficulty and also the regional difficulty. The chances vary between 0.75% – 1.5% on easy, 1.5 – 4% on normal, and 2.25 – 6.75% on hard.

The more time you spend in one area, the more the regional difficulty. You can view this on the F3 debug screen on Minecraft Java, giving you more chances of spawning the skeleton horse.

This mob is not hostile and only acts as a mount. It also acts as a lure, as the player gets close the lightning will strike and three more skeleton horses will spawn, with all four together being ridden by skeletons with an enchanted bow and helmet. You’re free to get rid of the skeletons, and you’re left with four skeleton horses.

Though that’s not all. When there is a thunderstorm happening, you have to be quick because this mob despawns if the skeleton horse trap is not triggered in 15 minutes. You can ride the skeleton horse like other horses. Simply equip a saddle on it and interact with it to ride.

The only difference between a skeleton horse and a regular horse is that you can ride the former on the river or ocean floor. They sink, but you won’t get ejected like from a regular horse. Skeletons, for the uninitiated, don’t take drowning damage, so skeleton horses are immune to drowning too.

However, you will take damage from drowning, so installing a conduit is a pretty clever idea for underwater transport. You cannot breed or feed skeleton horses, but they do regenerate health over time.

4. Brown Panda

Brown panda

Brown panda is a panda variant you can obtain only by breeding pandas. These mobs spawn in jungle biomes. All pandas have their personalities and genetics, therefore, their breeding mechanics are complex. What you should do is breed pandas using bamboo until they eventually birth a brown panda.

This may take a while, so setting up a bamboo farm is a must. Moreover, to learn more about panda genetics, check out this Wiki article explaining it in detail. Moreover, follow the steps in this Reddit post to get a brown panda more quickly.

Once you have a brown panda, wait for it to grow up and breed it to other pandas to increase the chances of producing more brown pandas.

3. Blue Axolotl

Blue axolotl mob in Minecraft

Blue axolotl is another one of the rarest passive mobs in Minecraft. Similar to the brown panda, it’s a special variant that can only be obtained while breeding axolotls. However, unlike pandas, axolotls don’t have any specific genetics or traits.

Therefore, there is no fast way of getting one of them. You should consistently breed them until a blue axolotl baby spawns. You have a 0.083% chance of producing a blue axolotl, so start making buckets and catch tropical fish, as you will need lots of them for breeding these cute animals.

2. Mobs Wearing Carved Pumpkins or Jack o’Lanterns

Skeletons with carved pumpkins on their head

You might be wondering: What mobs spawn with a carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern in Minecraft? Well, some of the most common hostile mobs such as zombies, zombie villagers, skeletons, wither skeletons, drowned, husks, strays, and zombified piglins can all spawn with carved pumpkins and glowing carved pumpkins or jack o’lanterns on their heads. However, the time they spawn is fairly specific.

You’ll only encounter these mobs naturally spawning in your world on Halloween, October 31. This is the only day in a year you’ll find these mobs, so that’s why occupy the second place. You can use a name tag on them to keep them persistent.

This means they won’t despawn and will keep their pumpkin unless killed. You could also cheat and set the date on your computer to October 31, and these mobs will spawn.

1. Baby Zombie Chicken Jockey with Diamond Armor

Baby zombie villager with full diamond armor and an iron sword riding a chicken

And now, get ready for the rarest mob in all of Minecraft. It’s a baby zombie! Yup, believe it or not, it’s just a silly little baby zombie. However, it’s a bit more special than other baby zombies since it could definitely end most hardcore worlds out there. It’s a baby zombie with full diamond armor riding a chicken. Yes, that’s one tanky baby zombie.

Though there are even rarer variations. For instance, a baby zombie villager is even rarer than a regular zombie so that’s the rarer type of this jockey. If we take it one step further, the rarer variant would have enchantments on that diamond armor and even a sword. However, the sword could even be enchanted and placed in the left hand, as that’s even rarer.

So, to sum it up, the rarest mob in Minecraft is a zombie villager baby with full enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted sword in the left hand. And don’t forget they’re also riding a chicken. Wow, that’s one very rare mob you’ll probably never see in-game. Here’s a command that you can put in a command block to summon this rare mob with no enchantments:

/summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:"minecraft:zombie_villager",Profession:5,LeftHanded:1,IsBaby:1,HandItems:[{id:"minecraft:iron_sword",Count:1},{}],ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:"minecraft:diamond_boots"},{Count:1,id:"minecraft:diamond_leggings"},{Count:1,id:"minecraft:diamond_chestplate"},{Count:1,id:"minecraft:diamond_helmet"},{Count:1}]}]}

And there we go. Now you know about the seven rarest mobs in this blocky game. You can find most of them in survival, but it will take a really long time. So, if you have got time on your hands and are motivated to find some of the rarest mobs, now you know what they are and how to go about, well, catching them.

So, which one of these mobs do you want to capture first? Tell us in the comments below!

What is the rarest block in Minecraft?

The rarest block in Minecraft is the dragon egg, as there is only one dragon egg in Java worlds and two dragon eggs in Bedrock worlds. Though, apart from it, deepslate emerald ore is very rare and hard to come by, as it can only generate in the upper deepslate layers in mountain biomes.

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