5 Best Mace Enchantments in Minecraft

In Short
  • The best mace enchantment in Minecraft 1.21 is mending as it allows you to repair the weapon with XP.
  • Mace-exclusive enchantments like Wind burst and Density are the most powerful enchantments of all.
  • Wind Burst launches you in the air upon hitting an entity whereas density increases falling damage you deal to entities.

Every unique weapon has special exclusive Minecraft enchantments to go with it and the recently introduced mace is no different. Its enchantments are designed to emphasize its ability and power while also making it super satisfying to use. In this guide, we list the best mace enchantments you should be using in Minecraft 1.21. We explain in detail what each enchantment does and how you can get them.

1. Density

  • Maximum level: 5
  • Obtainable through enchanting table: Yes
  • Description: Every block you fall will increase mace’s damage depending on the density level

First, let’s about a mace-exclusive enchantment called density. The density enchantment for the mace is the sharpness equivalent for a sword in Minecraft 1.21. It increases the damage your mace deals by adding damage on top of the default falling damage. So, to put it into perspective, without density, you can kill a zombie by walking off a four-block-tall platform. But with density 5, you can easily kill it from a three-block-high platform.

Player killing the Warden with density mace enchantment in Minecraft 1.21

This enchantment makes much more sense against mobs with a lot of HP like the Warden. Without density, you can one-shot the Warden if you fall from about 115 blocks. But, with density 5 applied, you can insta-kill the Warden if you fall for only about 46 blocks, which makes you realize how powerful this enchantment is.

Not only that, but it’s also pretty much free since you can get it using an enchanting table.

2. Unbreaking

  • Maximum level: 3
  • Obtainable through enchanting table: Yes
  • Description: Minimizes the chance the mace loses durability, essentially increasing its durability

Unbreaking enchantment affects the mace’s durability. It decreases the chance of the mace using its durability. In the end, unbreaking at its maximum level 3 can make it so the mace can last for about four times longer than it does by default. You may place the mace in the enchanting table with some lapis lazuli to potentially get unbreaking.

Unbreaking vs non-enchanted mace

Both unbreaking and mending enchantments are important when it comes to the mace, because it requires heavy core to craft, which is rare. The weapon has only 250 base durability, which is not much. So, these two enchantments will allow you to use the mace as long as you repair it every once in a while.

3. Wind Burst

  • Maximum level: 3
  • Obtainable through enchanting table: No
  • Description: Player gets launched in the air upon hitting the target

Now, let’s talk about the second mace-exclusive enchantment called wind burst. This enchantment triggers every time you hit a target, be it from the air or from the ground, and it causes a wind burst effect to spawn right below you. This results in you getting launched in the air and traveling the distance depended on the level of the wind burst enchantment – the higher the level, the further you will be catapulted. Here is the number of blocks you’ll be catapulted per level of wind burst:

  • Wind burst 1 -> 1-4 blocks
  • Wind burst 2 -> 3-7 blocks
  • Wind burst 3 -> 5-10 blocks

This pairs perfectly with the mace’s main ability, which implies your damage is increased the longer you fall. It is probably the most overpowered and useful mace enchantment, as it allows you to chain multiple deadly hits on your target. As you can see in this X post, it’s possible to easily kill even the Wither using this enchantment.

However, similarly to the mending enchantment, you cannot get wind burst from the enchanting table. Instead, you’ll need to complete ominous trials, open ominous vaults, get lucky and get the enchanted book with this enchantment.

4. Mending

  • Maximum level: 1
  • Obtainable through enchanting table: No
  • Description: Repairs mace’s durability with XP.

Mending is arguably the best enchantment in Minecraft. Once you apply it on the mace and have it in your main or off hand, all the XP that would previously go to your XP bar now repairs the mace’s durability. This allows you to use the mace until it’s almost broken and then simply do an action that provides XP while holding the mace equipped to repair it.

Mace with mending gets repaired in Minecraft 1.21

What players opt to do most of the time is make an XP farm that will quickly repair your broken tools, armor and weapons in seconds. However, there is a catch here; you cannot obtain mending through the enchanting table. Instead, you’ll have to find the enchanted book by looting natural in-game structures, fishing, or buying it from librarian villagers.

Check out our guide on how to get the mending enchantment for more details.

5. Breach

  • Maximum level: 4
  • Obtainable through enchanting table: Yes
  • Description: Effectiveness of the armor is reduced

The final enchantment on our list is breach. It allows the mace to ignore some percentage of the armor value depending on the breach level. Breach 1 will ignore 15% of the armor value and Breach 4 will reduce effectiveness of armor by 60%. So, every level of breach reduces armor by 15%.

This means you will deal more noticeable damage to armored mobs and players. To make it more clear, you can kill a full diamond armored zombie with an unenchanted mace from an 8-block-tall platform. But with Breach 4, you can kill the same zombie from the height of four blocks.

Player using breach enchantment to kill diamond armored zombies

This enchantment is therefore far more useful on servers than in singleplayer worlds. You may get breach from the enchanting table.

Those are the best mace enchantments in Minecraft 1.21. My personal favorite is wind burst, as it’s satisfying and amusing to use. Though density and mending make your life much easier since they are rather overpowered. So, which of these is your favorite enchantment? Tell us in the comments below!

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