How to Ride a Strider in Minecraft And Why You Should Do It

In Short
  • Striders spawn in the Nether dimension, and you'll need a saddle and a warped fungus on a stick to ride them.
  • When on top of a strider, use the warped fungus on a stick to point it in a specific direction.
  • This is a fast way of transport across lava and with fire resistance potions, it's also pretty safe.

When we’re talking about mounts in Minecraft, animals that might initially come to your mind are probably horses, donkeys, llamas, or camels. But, we cannot forget about the adorable lava-enjoyers in the Nether dimension – striders. Yes, these strange-looking mobs are rideable and are quite useful because of that. So, in this guide, we will teach you to ride a strider in Minecraft and why you should do it.

Where to Find a Strider?

Striders are common mobs inside the Nether dimension. You’ll find them in every biome usually in groups of 2-4 striders. They spawn on lava that has air blocks above it. Most commonly, you’ll spot these mobs on the large lava pools or seas in the Nether.

Baby striders spawn as well occasionally on top of an adult strider. These babies will eventually grow up and still stay on top of the other strider.

Naturally spawned striders in the Nether

However, there is one more mob that can spawn riding a strider, and it’s a zombified piglin. This pig-like mob will carry a warped fungus on a stick and the strider below will be equipped with a saddle.

If you spot a zombie pigman riding a strider, then you’re in luck, as half of the requirement needed for riding this mob is fulfilled, as long as you get rid of the zombified piglin.

It’s also possible for the piglin to suffocate in a block and die, so you may even find saddled striders in the world. Speaking of riding a strider, let’s see what exactly you need to do so in Minecraft.

What Do You Need to Ride a Strider?

To ride a strider, you will need the following items:

  • Saddle
  • Warped fungus on a stick

Now that weird zombified piglin makes much more sense, right? Saddle is the obvious requirement here. You cannot craft it, but instead get it in several other ways. Check out our guide on how to get a saddle for more details.

Warped fungus on a stick is an item you can craft with a fishing rod and a warped fungus. This mushroom generates on nylium in both warped and crimson forests. Make sure to place the fungus diagonally downwards from the fishing rod inside the crafting grid to make this strange tool. The reason we need warped fungus on a stick will become apparent in just a second.

How to Ride a Strider in Minecraft

After you obtain the saddle and the warped fungus on a stick, let’s see how to ride a strider.

  • The first thing you need to do is to get close to a strider. Since they usually spawn on large lava pools in the Nether, it is not all that easy to get close to one safely.
  • You will need to possibly bridge to it using blocks while lava is crackling below you. We suggest you make a fire resistance potion in case you’re worried about dying. Moreover, you may use a warped fungus or a warped fungus on a stick to lure a strider toward you. They are attracted to this mushroom as it’s used to breed them.
  • Once you get close to a strider, select the saddle on your hotbar and use it on the animal to equip the saddle.
Player equipping a saddle on a strider
  • Now, you can interact with the strider to get on top of it.
  • Select the warped fungus on a stick and the strider will start walking in the direction you’re pointing the stick at, similar to riding a pig with a carrot on a stick.
  • This will not use up any durability of this tool, but the strider will move fairly slowly. To increase its speed, you can right-click with the warped fungus on a stick and the strider will get a temporary boost. However, this will reduce the durability of the tool. Therefore, be careful not to break it in the middle of a lava sea or always have a backup just in case.
Player riding a strider on top of a large lava sea in Minecraft
  • As you’ll soon notice, striders love lava and hate it when they’re not in it. So, the strider will change its appearance, start to shiver, and walk slowly while it stands on top of a block that’s not lava. You’ll get the most out of this mob if you do go over lava with it.
Strider shivering and being very slow on dry land
  • To get off of a strider, get close to a safe solid block or stand on top of a platform and press the crouch button. You’ll get ejected on a safe block. After you’re done riding a strider, make sure to place it in an enclosed area. These mobs tend to wander off quickly and far.
Player getting off of a strider in Minecraft

Why Is Riding a Strider Useful?

Riding a strider may seem like a very dangerous activity. You’re usually completely surrounded by lava and only have a warped fungus on a stick as a steering wheel. But you’d be surprised how calm and safe it is to ride a strider.

There are no mobs around, apart from an occasional ghast or a skeleton on the edge of terrain. So besides lava, there is not much to worry about. Though if you make fire resistance potions, lava won’t be a threat either.

Moreover, lava seas usually connect spread-out areas. So if you travel on top of it, you’ll explore the Nether quite easily and quickly. There is no crazy terrain nor obstructions in the way, but just plain and flat lava sea. Riding a strider is similar to rowing a boat across an ocean in the Overworld.

So, that’s how you can ride a strider in Minecraft and why it’s a good idea. No matter whether you’re simply interested in only getting Minecraft advancements with the strider or you’ve never ridden a strider before, we hope this guide helped you. If it did, don’t forget to share it with your friends. So, are you a fan of the strider? Tell us in the comments below!

Can you tame a strider?

No, you cannot tame a strider in Minecraft. Unlike horses, you don’t need to tame a strider before riding it. You may just hop on top of it and ride.

What does a strider do?

Apart from the ability to ride a strider and getting two advancements, you may also kill this mob and get string if you really need it.

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