Minecraft Snapshot 24w13a Adds Ominous Trial and Ominous Vault

Skeleton with chainmail armor, an ominous trial spawner and ominous trial key and an enchanted mace in item frames
In Short
  • Bad Omen status effect is now only obtainable when you drink the ominous bottle dropped by raid captains in Minecraft 24w13a snapshot.
  • You can then start a raid or get close to a trial spawner to turn it into an ominous trial spawner that is more challenging.
  • This spawner can drop an ominous trial key, which can open an ominous vault.

This snapshot is probably one of the biggest game-changers ahead of the release of the Minecraft 1.21 update later this year. It adds a harder difficulty to trial chambers and modifies an old feature. So, let’s check out all the changes and additions in the Minecraft 24w13a snapshot right now.

Bad Omen Effect Expanded

Get ready, as this news is huge. Bad Omen status effect can now only be obtained when drinking an ominous bottle. This is an item dropped by a raid captain or found in the trial chamber vaults. So, you will no longer get the Bad Omen just by killing a captain. Why is Bad Omen important though? Well, it lets you do two things:

  • Activate a raid by walking into a village;
  • Or increase the difficulty of trial spawners.

Raids in Minecraft are a well-known feature, so the question is how exactly do trial spawners get harder? Well, once you enter a trial chamber with Bad Omen and get close to a trial spawner, you’ll automatically get the Trial Omen effect and all trial spawners will become ominous trial spawners. They will therefore spawn mobs with gear more frequently, as well as projectiles and potions above you. Yup, that’s scary.

Active ominous trial spawners and ominous bottle

When you defeat the enemies, the ominous trial spawner will reward you and that reward might be an ominous trial key. This is a scary-looking item that can unlock the ominous vaults. These vaults generate naturally in trail chambers and differ from normal vaults because of the appearance and also the loot they give you. You will usually get rarer and more valuable loot, like the new banner patterns, armor trims and heavy core.

Ominous vault, ominous trial key and rare loot in the Minecraft snapshot 24w13a

Mace Enchantments

Mace also received new cool enchantments which include:

  • Density (levels 1-5)
  • Breach (levels 1-4)
  • Wind burst (levels 1-3)

These enchantments increase the mace’s damage when falling, allows the mace to penetrate armor and also makes it possible to launch yourself in the air every time you hit the target.

And that’s the major news from Minecraft Snapshot 24w13a. So, if you thought trial chambers are not that difficult, now you can enjoy the extreme mode, thanks to the ominous trials. Moreover, it was confirmed that these are the last set of new MC 1.21 features, so the release date announcement is fast-approaching. What is your opinion on these new combat challenges? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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