Valorant Weapon Tier List: Best Guns (April 2024)

You don’t need us to tell you, but we’ll say it anyway. Weapons are the core of any tactical FPS. And while all agents in Valorant matter, too, they need their fair share of guns to win engagements. As such, it’s very important to know the best weapons in the game. To make things easier for all of us, we decided to sit down and rank all the Valorant weapons in a handy tier list. So, let’s stop wasting time, and let’s begin!

Note: The weapon tier list is updated till patch 8.07. Outlaw along with other major or minor changes have been considered before ranking these Valorant weapons.

Valorant Weapon Tier List

S-Tier Weapons: Best

This is the highest tier of weapons in the game. These guns are the best regardless of which game mode or maps you are playing. The S-tier weapons are all about accuracy and consistent damage. Let us see why these weapons belong in this overpowered category.

1. Phantom

Valorant Phantom best weapon
  • Creds: 2900
  • Magazine Size: 30/90

Phantom is the best AR in Valorant for multiple reasons. The recoil control in Phantom is extremely smooth and accurate. Phantom is perfect for shooting through smokes and aiming disciplined multi-frags. Especially after the magazine-size nerf on Vandal, Phantom can stay on the undisputed throne. For these reasons and more, I recommend this weapon the first.

2. Vandal

Valorant Vandal best pro weapon
  • Creds: 2900
  • Magazine Size: 25/75

Vandal is the best gun on the professional Valorant level. The gun is all about tapping heads instead of spraying. Vandal has a slower fire rate (9.75 rounds/sec, 585 RPM), which might be problematic for close-range fights. However, unlike Phantom, Vandal can kill any enemy from any range if it hits one tap on the head.

3. Operator

Operator best Valorant sniper weapon
  • Creds: 4700
  • Magazine Size: 5/10

The Operator is the perfect example of a high-risk, high-reward scenario in Valorant. The gun has the highest damage in Valorant. Although you can only shoot one bullet at a time, once you master it, nothing can stop you. Just make sure you are using Jett or Chamber to carry it for the best effect.

A-Tier Weapons: Good

The A-tier weapons are good, but not on every map on Valorant. However, if you can find the right timing and situation to use them, they can change the course of a round. Here are the A-tier weapons in Valorant:

1. Judge

Judge best Valorant shotgun weapon
  • Creds: 1850
  • Magazine Size: 5/15

When it comes to talking about the Judge, many say it deserves to be in the S-tier. However, with the recent nerfs, it has become more situational than ever before. However, when agents like Raze, Yoru, or Jett push with the Judge, expect some chaos. So, even though I won’t place Judge at the top, it still comes pretty close.

2. Outlaw

Valorant Outlaw
  • Creds: 2400
  • Magazine Size: 2/10

When Outlaw was first teased, it felt like a combination of a sniper and a shotgun. Although slightly like that, this gun is all about high-rank gameplay. If you utilize its true strength, no armor or half-armored, enemies will regret not buying a full one against you. However, the low magazine size is a huge downside of this weapon, so time your shots.

3. Odin

Odin best Valorant machine gun weapon
  • Creds: 3200
  • Magazine Size: 100/200

The infamous Odin is all about exploiting the plastic walls of Valorant maps. In maps like Ascent or Lotus, Odin can create havoc on the defensive half. However, it is a pretty expensive purchase. So, in case your spam operation fails, you will have to take an economic hit.

4. Classic

Classic best sidearm weapon in Valorant
  • Creds: Free
  • Magazine Size: 12/36

Classic is the free gun you get every round. Although it does not deal with huge damage from a long-range, burst fire is an underrated aspect of this weapon. Even in economy rounds, you can shock enemies with other weapons using just a Classic. The bonus part is that you will not lose creds for using this gun.

B-Tier Weapons: Best Situational

In Valorant, not every round goes as planned. So, you always try to do something different to change a round or two and bring momentum back. Although the B-tier weapons are all about individual brilliance, sometimes they can get you huge rounds. Let us have a look at the B-tier Valorant weapons in our tier list:

1. Stinger

Stinger best Valorant smg weapon
  • Creds: 1100
  • Magazine Size: 20/60

Stinger is a solid eco-round gun with the fastest fire rate in the game. The gun also got a huge alt-fire accuracy buff recently through an update. Unfortunately, Stinger cannot be above B-tier due to its cost increase.

2. Ghost

  • Creds: 500
  • Magazine Size: 15/45

If you are new to Valorant and want to have a better understanding of aim and recoil, Ghost is the first sidearm you should buy. It has a great balance of accuracy and damage. If you are not crisp on the headshots, Ghost will still bring you enough value.

3. Guardian

Guardian Valorant
  • Creds: 2250
  • Magazine Size: 12/36

Guardian is another gun that requires individual brilliance. It is a gun with great accuracy and is easy to master. However, the headshot gives you more value compared to the body shots. So, if you fail to tap the head or shoot multiple bullets on the body, it can be a differentiator in the matchup.

4. Sheriff

  • Creds: 800
  • Magazine Size: 6/24

The Sheriff is a sidearm with the highest headshot damage. It is one of the few guns that can kill from headshots at any distance. The Sheriff also deals massive wallbang damage. Unfortunately, it is a very volatile gun with high recoil. As such, you cannot keep shooting if you have already missed a bullet. So if you do decide to buy the Sherrif in Valorant, bring patience along.

C-Tier Weapons: Useful

C-tier weapons are decent if used properly. If in the right hands, these weapons can get you a couple of kills. However, the damage and difficulty of these weapons keep them away from higher tiers. Here are all the C-tier Valorant weapons in our tier list:

1. Ares

Valorant Ares best cheap spam weapon
  • Creds: 1600
  • Magazine Size: 50/100

Ares is basically the poor man’s Odin in Valorant. With less fire rate and damage, it can be good for bonus-round defense. While Ares used to be a strong gun when the wind-up speed was good, it has since fallen out of favor and is only mostly used in Spike Rush.

2. Bulldog

Bulldog Valorant
  • Creds: 2050
  • Magazine Size: 24/72

Bulldog is not the best option when it comes to eco-rounds. However, players who have a freaky aim can destroy lobbies with this gun. Bulldog is a strong gun in good hands because of its alt-fire burst. The burst damage melts enemies easily with only two bullets on the body, even if the enemy has full armor.

3. Marshal

  • Creds: 950
  • Magazine Size: 5/15

Before Outlaw, Marshal was the cheap alternative for Operator. It has great reload and clocking speed. However, if you miss a headshot with Marshal, you deal 101 damage, which is insufficient if the opponent has armor. This can punish the Marshal users quite a lot. So be careful if using this weapon.

4. Spectre

  • Creds: 1600
  • Magazine Size: 30/90

Valorant is a precision-based shooting game. That is why an SMG like the Spectre does not go well. Before Nerf, Spectre had great accuracy, which was reduced significantly as it became the worst SMG in the game. Now, Spectre can be of good value if you can get closer to the enemy. Spectre also does not let opponents know the bullet traces, so it is a good feature to utilize in different situations.

D-Tier Weapons: Worst

The D-tier weapons are all about not being useful in most cases in Valorant. These weapons are only for close-range combat and even sometimes deceive you against better long-range weapons, too. You can use these weapons occasionally but never trust their accuracy. Here are the worst weapons in Valorant:

1. Bucky

Valorant Bucky
  • Creds: 850
  • Magazine Size: 5/10

Bucky is the only shotgun in Valorant that comes with an alt-fire action. It lets you shoot further at the expense of some damage. However, the bullet spread is so poor in Bucky that it could not go above the D-tier in our list.

2. Shorty

  • Creds: 300
  • Magazine Size: 2/6

Shorty deals devastating damage, but the distance needs to be very close. Moreover, the gun has very limited bullets. So, only use Shorty as your sidearm if you use Operator or you play Viper. It is also good with Yoru players if you can utilize your abilities.

3. Frenzy

  • Creds: 450
  • Magazine Size: 13/39

Frenzy is a decent gun in some scenarios. This gun is horrible at long range with bad accuracy and damage. The best way to use it is by either camping for the enemy or pushing with your team in a five-stack Frenzy.

4. Melee (Knife)

Knife Valorant
  • Creds: Free
  • Magazine Size: N/A

The best use case for a knife or melee in Valorant is when it is equipped and when you run faster. Outside of that, killing an enemy with a knife can trigger their mental state. But that is about it. There is nothing else you can do when you bring a knife to a gunfight.

That concludes our Valorant tier list for all weapons in Episode 8, Act 2. Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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