Valorant Mystbloom Bundle Released: Skins, Variants and Prices

In Short
  • Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 update is coming on April 30, 2024, with the all-new Mystbloom bundle.
  • The update will also add the Episode 8 Act 3 battle pass with new Outlaw skin, Wingman spray, and other cosmetics.
  • Competitive rank resets and a new Premier season is also beginning, so there are no significant changes in the Valorant agent or map patch notes.

Valorant’s competitive ranks reset with every act, and with it, a premier season starts. However, that is not the only reason to celebrate. The new act brings various content, including fresh bundles and a Battle Pass. This time around, Valorant is bringing the Mystbloom Bundle, a pink-colored skinline, in the all-new Episode 8 Act 3. Let’s check out all the Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 patch notes right here with the sweet skin bundle!

Valorant Mystbloom Bundle Weapon Skins and Price

The Mystbloom bundle has been inspired by the Spring Festival in Japan. As such, the weapons in your hand bloom with every kill you get. The inspect animation creates a zenlike experience that transfers the power of spirituality through you. The bundle’s music and sound effects teleport you to another dimension altogether.

Furthermore, the Mystbloom Kunai comes with a looping inspect animation. Using its finisher will spawn an ethereal garden around the player! The Mystbloom weapons in Valorant have been inspired by the four seasons of nature. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These come bundled with your weapon when you unlock new variants with radianite points.

The Spring variant showers your screen and enemies with a lotus-pink garden. With a level upgrade, you get the Autumn variant, a light blue color representing the ethereal side of the bundle. The Level 3 upgrade adds a fiery red Summer variant that showcases power and energy. The upgrade ends with Level 4 and the Winter variant with an icey dark blue destined to send a chilling touch through enemy heads.

The Valorant Mystbloom bundle costs 8,700 VP and releases on April 30, 2024, with the Episode 8 Act 3 update. The skins are arriving for five different weapons:

  • Phantom
  • Sherrif
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Mystbloom Kunai

It will also include a gun buddy that changes its state during the game’s course. Additionally, you will get a player card and a spray in the bundle.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 Battle Pass

Along with the bundle, Act 3 comes with a brand new Battle Pass. The battle pass will include free items such as:

  • Comet Ghost
  • While It’s Hot Card
  • Maybe Next Time Spray
  • Tacti Kappa Gun Buddy
  • Epilogue: Mini Mecha Gun Buddy

However, if you buy the battle pass for 1000 VP, you will get many more weapon skins and other rewards. Here are the rewards for paid battle pass in Valorant Episode 8 Act 3:

  • Comet Vandal
  • Tacti-Series Guardian
  • Cloudweaver Outlaw
  • Comet Sword
  • On the Edge Card
  • A Charming Outlaw Card
  • Wingman Wiggle Spray
  • Go Team Go Spray
  • Sleepy Bruno Gun Buddy

Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 Patch Notes

Besides the new Mystbloom bundle and battle pass, Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 will not have any significant agent, map, or other changes. Before the act update arrived, we already saw a new Valorant patch note where the Omen Ultimate was buffed. Omen can now interact with doors or other objects while using his ultimate.

This update also brings new changes to Valorant’s Premier mode. Premier Playoffs teams will now earn a promotion each time they win. This means that in the next stage, the promoted team will play in a division one higher than the previous Stage. A new division, the Invite division, will be added in Episode 9, Act 1.

According to this new rank-up system, the playoff winners and the team placing in the top 32 of the Contender Division standings will gain a new rank after the playoff tournaments finish. On top of that, the top 2 Contenders from each zone get promoted to the Challengers League! A true path to being pro.

That is everything coming in the Valorant Episode 8 Act 3. The night market also ends with this update as we wait for another one in a few months. Are you excited about the Mystbloom bundle? Share your thoughts on the bundle and the new battle pass in the comments below.

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