Valorant Fade Guide: Abilities, Tips & Tricks, and More

Valorant’s Fade, a mysterious initiator, uses nightmares to outplay and overpower foes. By revealing, tracking, and weakening enemies, Fade has become a key agent for many teams. This Valorant guide equips you with everything you need to master Fade, from her abilities to expert tips & tricks and advanced strategies. Dive in, whether you’re a Fade veteran or a curious newcomer.

Valorant Fade: Abilities Explained

Fade has the ability kit of a proper initiator. She can gather information at will. However, due to a lack of damaging skills, she can often falter in terms of clearing corners. Overall if a team needs an information agent, Fade’s abilities are ideal. Here is everything you need to know about all Fade abilities in Valorant.

Prowler (C)

Fade Prowler

Fade throws a Prowler orb that explodes upon impact. These Prowlers actively seek out enemies, near-sighting them when detected. This ability is great for gathering information and disrupting enemy positioning. You can easily move around the Prowler as you want.

Seize (Q)

Fade Seize

Seize is a devastating concussive blast that propels a blinding wave of energy in a straight line. This ability deals damage to enemies caught in its path and temporarily hinders their vision, creating a window of opportunity for Fade and her team to push onto a site or eliminate disoriented opponents.

Haunt (E)

Fade Haunt

Fade activates Haunt, equipping a nightmarish entity that she can throw. Upon landing, it reveals the location of enemies within its line of sight and marks them. This ability provides valuable intel and sets up follow-up abilities. It is similar to how Sova’s recon works.

Nightfall (X – Ultimate)

Fade Ultimate

Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, sends out a wave of nightmares that deafens enemies caught within. Survivors are marked with a Terror Trail for easy tracking. This ability also applies Decay, a lingering damage-over-time effect. Nightfall is great for mass-clearing sites and gathering crucial information about enemy positions.

How to Play Fade in Valorant: Best Tips & Tricks

Knowing abilities Fade is halfway to mastering her. Learn all the strategy guides, tips & tricks below and implement these strategies to dominate any Valorant match as a champion Fade player.

1. Combo Seize with Damaging AOE

Just like Clove, Fade also has her own decaying ability. Seize not only latches enemies to a specific point, it also decays them for a brief duration. You can easily combine this with any damaging AOE abilities to guarantee kills. Abilities like Raze’s Paint Shell, Sova’s Shock Bolt, or Gekko’s Moshpit can be an ideal combination if you can time it right.

2. Throw Haunt in Higher Grounds

Fade Haunt on High Ground guide

Haunt is Fade’s signature for a reason. It detects the enemy in an instant and can be a great tool to deny the enemy access to areas you want. However, enemies can destroy the Haunt easily with one tap of their weapons. That is why, we suggest you throw it on a higher ground. This will make enemies shoot the Haunt at a higher level than their original crosshair placement. You can utilize this time to catch them off-guard. Moreover, if the Haunt is at a higher ground, it will cover more area and scan hidden enemies as well.

3. Practice Crosshair Placement

Since Fade’s abilities rely heavily on targeting enemies, precise crosshair placement is crucial for maximizing their effectiveness. When throwing Prowler orbs, aim for tight corners or common hiding spots where enemies might lurk.

For Haunt, anticipate enemy positions and pre-aim your crosshair at those locations to instantly fire upon revealed targets. By keeping your crosshair focused on key areas, you’ll be ready to capitalize on any intel or vulnerability Fade’s abilities provide.

4. Control Prowler to Scan More Corners

Control the Prowler

Use Prowlers to check corners and common hiding spots strategically. Don’t just throw them straight ahead; try wiggling them side-to-side to peek around corners without fully exposing yourself. This technique helps you gather intel and potentially catch enemies off guard. Additionally, use Prowlers to create distractions. Throw them into smoke or onto unsuspecting enemies to force them to reveal their position by shooting and trying to destroy them.

5. Time Nightfall Strategically

Don’t waste Nightfall in situations where your team can easily secure a site or retake control. Instead, save it for crucial moments where it can significantly impact the round’s outcome. Utilize Nightfall during retakes to disrupt enemies holding down the site, making them vulnerable and easier to eliminate.

Nightfall also shines during coordinated site pushes. By deploying Nightfall just before your team enters a site, you can deafen and damage enemies within, hindering their ability to react and defend effectively. This creates a prime opportunity for your team to take control of the site and plant the spike.

6. Use Utilities Before Taking Fights

As Fade, prioritizing ability usage over aim duels is crucial. Prowler and Haunt provide vital information about enemy positions, giving you a tactical advantage before engaging. Seize can create space and disrupt enemy setups. Nightfall excels at clearing sites and gathering information. By effectively utilizing your abilities, you increase your chances of winning gunfights and controlling map areas, making you a more impactful agent.

That is how you can easily master Fade using our Valorant guide. Have you tried Fade yet? While she is great, in a lot of situations Gekko can be the better initiator.

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