7 Most Underrated Valorant Agents

Every new act that Riot Games adds sees the players receiving a brand new agent. While trying out the newest agents like Clove is always fun, there are some agents sitting on the sidelines. These troopers, while less popular, are underrated and deserve more love. These agents can provide a lot of value and can be a great addition to multiple team compositions, but they still get ignored. Knowing this, I decided to sit down and create a list of the most underrated agents in Valorant. So, with that, let’s begin.

1. Deadlock

Deadlock is one of the most underrated agents in Valorant

When Deadlock was first introduced, she looked too good for Valorant itself. However, then reality came crashing down as the perfect maps for her, like Fracture and Pearl, were removed. While this agent does pack room for improvement, Deadlock, nonetheless, can be a great sentinel to your team.

Combining her with Sova on Ascent or using her as a B-site sentinel on Lotus is a great strategy you should try. Riot should definitely bring her back to the meta by slightly changing some of her abilities or just adding the above maps in the rotation again. On that note, there are a lot of things Valorant needs ASAP.

2. Gekko

Gekko is still underrated agent in Valorant

It took almost a year for Gekko to finally gain the respect he deserved. While professional teams are using Gekko more in their team compositions, it is about time the rank lobbies also started capitalizing on him. This, for me, makes Gekko an underrated agent in Valorant.

The Wingman itself makes Gekko a great agent on any map on Valorant. No matter whether you are attacking or defending, having an additional utility to do the spike job is a great plus. Despite that, Gekko is not as famous as Skye or Sova. I sure hope that changes!

3. Clove

Valorant Clove is still underrated agent

It might be a little early to talk about Clove, as they just joined the Valorant agent’s list. Professional players have already commented on Clove’s abilities and how it can start brewing a new Valroant meta.

Despite that, not many Valorant lobbies adapted to their move set. In the first week of VCT stage 1, we did not see them in action either. Although it is just a matter of time before Clove debuts in the pro stage, they are still in the underrated section due to being so good yet not getting picked enough.

4. Harbor

Valorant Harbor

It is a shame when Valroant players play Viper so much yet avoid Harbor. Harbor is one of the ideal replacements for Viper on any map. Sometimes, picking both agents can actually complement each other in maps like Breeze or Lotus. Harbor is the only agent that creates an armored smoke that helps plant or defuse the spike easily.

On top of that, Harbor can unsettle enemies using his Ultimate, while his other abilities take away vision advantage from enemies. The only downside for Harbor is that he does not have any damaging utility, which should not be an issue for a controller agent.

5. Kay/o

Kayo Valorant agent 17

Ever since Kay/o joined the game, he has remained underutilized. His appearances come during VCT-level tournaments, as rank lobbies still haven’t found the right method to use his madness.

An ideal Kay/o composition can be a counter-strategy to any enemy team. The ability to shut down enemy abilities multiple times in a round makes Kay/o a great agent. His flashes can also assist teammates for easy kills. However, it is his zero/point that can change the course of a round, and it deserves a lot of praise. Do give this handy agent a try the next time you’re in a lobby.

6. Phoenix

Valorant duelist Phoenix

Phoenix will always be one of the most underrated agents in Valorant. Despite being better than a lot of duelists, this guy is heavily underappreciated. A lot of players devalue him for being a free agent, even though he is ideal for almost every map in the game.

Phoenix comes with two flashes and a wall for entry into the site. Along with it, Phoenix boasts a fireball, which, in the ultimate, creates a destructible clone. The wall and fireball also heal Phoenix, which is a great advantage.

7. Breach

Breach is the most underrated agent in Valorant

While Kay/o seems like a self-sustained initiator mostly, Breach is a perfect supportive agent. He can slow enemies, blindsight them, or even deal damage to corners and chokepoints. Despite having such a crucial ability kit, Breach is not used enough by Valorant players.

One of the main reasons Breach was not picked was his stun or slowing range. That is why Fracture or Pearl not being in the rotation has hurt his chances. Although that might be the case, Breach can be great in Valorant maps like Bind or Split in this retake meta.

That wraps up our list of the most underrated agents in Valorant. Do you find yourself agreeing with my choices? Which agent do you think deserves more praise? Tell us in the comments below.

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