Valorant’s New Evori Dreamwings Skin Bundle Makes My Heart Explode

Evori Dreamwings Bundle cover
Image Courtesy: Riot Games
In Short
  • Prepare for overload! Valorant Evori Dreamwings bundle features 5 adorable companions, Evori, Lunari, Solari, Terrari, and Amari, to accompany you in style.
  • The bundle boasts 4 color variants (Green, Pink, Lavender, Orange) to match your taste.
  • The Evori Dreamwings bundle arrives with Episode 9 Act 1 on June 27, 2024.

I cannot deny adorable stuff makes me feel warm and fuzzy. While I mostly look for it in real life, I was surprised to find it in Valorant too! It seems Riot Games had people like us in mind when they created their new skin bundle Evori Dreamwings. With Episode 9 Act 1 starting, Valorant is releasing this adorable new skin bundle to charm all of us. And guess what? It’s working!

Evori Dreamwings: Friendship Meets Firepower

As soon as I saw the first trailer, the Evori Dreamwings skin line reminded me of the League of Legends skins of Star Guardians. However, the eye candy for me was the adorable-looking familiars on my gun. With each spray, inspection, and other animations they react.

Moreover, the familiars are more than just animating creatures. They reflect players’ emotions and act like the players. Jumping, helping you reload, or even helping you focus when aiming down sights are part of their pet perks.

This definitely feels like you have your pet on top of the gun or melee, whenever you buy a weapon. “There weren’t always Familiars on these weapons! When we were first concepting this skinline, it was beautiful but there were no little creatures along with you on your journey,” said Laura Baltzer, the Product Manager at Riot Games. She further mentioned that:

“It’s hard to imagine the skin without them now as they’ve become so much a part of what makes this skinline special.”

The familiars are magical and it made me feel the same adorable way just like how I felt about the skin line of Star Guardian in League of Legends. But in this case, the cuteness comes closer as you look at your gun and realize you are not alone in all these shooting adventures.

Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle Weapon Skins and Price

Evori Dreamwings bundle is all about magic and friendly companions bringing cute transformations. With every bullet you shoot, the companions show their reactions. The inspect animation summons an adorable companion to keep your motivations high. Sound effects and the finisher animation bring a celestial summoning of the cute creatures together.

The Evori’s Spellcaster Wand comes with a flutter animation. Evori is the companion if you use the wand who will keep fluttering around and make sure the magic is felt. The companions come in two sizes. They appear in their big form when you reload or inspect a weapon. However, they also accompany you in smaller sizes when you are using the gun. Well, they will either jump with you, aim with you, or sleep if you go idle.

Five companions come in the Evori Dreamwings bundle in Valorant. Evori, the Butterfly symbolizes transformation and growth while staying on your melee weapon. The other companions who appear on your Vandal, Odin, and Spectre are Lunari the Cat, Solari the Mouse, Terrari the Rabbit, and Amari the Bear.

Each one of them symbolizes unique traits such as the moon and the night, stars and fireworks, diamonds and nature, and love and hearts. Don’t worry, you can also customize them with 4 color options: Green, Pink, Lavender, or Orange.

The Valorant Evori Dreamwings bundle costs 9,900 VP and releases on June 27, 2024, in the Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 update. The skins are arriving for five different weapons:

  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Vandal
  • Odin
  • Melee (Wand)

The bundle will also see a reactive gun buddy, five animated player cards, and five titles matching player cards. With such a heart-melting bundle coming in Valorant, it seems my wallet is about to be empty for some virtual companions. And, that feels absolutely worth it for the cute buddies being around all the time. Another one in my Valorant bundles list?

What do you think about the Evori Dreamwings bundle in Valorant? Are you getting the bundle? Tell us in the comments below.

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