5 Agents You Should Play on Valorant Abyss Map

Valorant has always prided itself on having one of the best agents and maps out there. The newest Valorant Abyss only serves to amp things up and even changes the meta. However, just like in other scenarios, having the perfect agent for Valorant maps is crucial. If you’re someone looking for the best agents to play on Valorant Abyss, you’re in luck. Well, we decided to sit down and create a list of the best agents to play on the Valorant Abyss map. So with that, let’s begin!

1. Jett

Before we talk about anyone else, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We all know that there’s no Valorant map where Jett doesn’t shine. But what makes her exceptional in Abyss? Well, the first thing that comes in her favor is her agility. Jett can hover around the map vertically using her abilities flawlessly. Furthermore, her passive can help her use the danger drop locations to her advantage.

Valorant Abyss Jett

While Raze can also use her abilities to utilize the vertical aspect of Abyss, one thing that keeps Jett ahead is the use of Operator. As the mid area in Abyss is crucial, OP users can take advantage of the tunnel vision and win duels in mid. We don’t need to tell you that this will give your team a solid advantage in the game.

2. Breach

It has been a long time since Breach saw the light of day in any of my map favorites. Being one of the most underrated Valorant agents, he has often been ignored. However, Valorant Abyss’s tall walls and vertical dynamics can revive Breach’s reputation as one of the best Valorant agents. This is because Breach thrives on maps with tall walls and congested chokepoints. It helps the concuss and flashes to assist teammates to get easy frags.

Breach is one of the best agents in Valorant Abyss

Moreover, the post-plant capabilities for Breach are exceptional on this map. Throwing the aftershock at the right moment can easily win you rounds. If you time your rolling thunder ultimate right then you can literally knock enemies into the Abyss.

3. Omen

When it comes to flex picks, Omen has been superior to any agents from any role. However, with no bounds involved, Omen mains can take up the flex some steps higher. Despite some glitches on the smokes scaling, Omen is a must in a map where you need to outplay opponents using movements making him perfect for Abyss.

Valorant Abyss Omen

If you are playing a double controller composition, use Omen as the frontline where your goal is entering sites or catching enemies off-guard. Given the sites are tiny, paranoia can catch almost everyone on a site. Moreover, you can save yourself from falling if you time your teleports right.

4. Sova

There is no denying the fact that to win a game you win it by all means. That is where Sova comes in the Valorant Abyss map. As the map is full of plastic walls, Sova can destroy enemies using Ares, Odin, Sheriff, or a Guardian at any time. Even Vandal can penetrate some walls in this map which makes Sova the perfect annoying pick.

Valorant Abyss Sova

Alongside utilizing the wall bang, Sova can also be the perfect intel guy on Abyss. Riot made Abyss a bit close-knit to all the areas which helps agents like Sova to scout as many ground as possible using the drone. So, clock your Odin and get ready to destroy the lobby.

5. Harbor

As the smoke scaling is a bit tricky in the Abyss map on Valorant, Harbor is one of the best controller agents in this Valorant map. With Harbor, all you need to focus is on cutting off the enemy vision with a wall and cascade. As all of the Abyss walls are tall, it helps you eliminate the high-ground advantages from the enemies.

Harbor is one of the best controller agents in Valorant Abyss

Another important reason for the Harbor pick is the amount of wall bang spots on the map. This allows defenders to spam the plant locations when a plant is happening. Thanks to Harbor’s Cove, this spam method will be denied as it will protect the planter for a brief duration. Moreover, Harbor can utilize the ultimate on any location on the map as the areas are small and there is little to no room to hide from the concuss.

Situational Picks for Valorant Abyss

In case you are unfamiliar with our list of the best agents for Abyss on Valorant, here are some of the situational agents that can work on Abyss. Raze is a great duelist for a map where verticality is involved but it will take a lot of mastering the angles and blast packs.

If you can play Yoru, you can easily outplay enemies by tricking them with teleports and flashes. Astra smokes can be hard on the map due to the scalability but her pull and concuss can do extremely well in post-plant situations.

We hope you find our list of the best agents for the Abyss map on Valorant useful. Which agent are you going to pick first? Share your experience in the comments below.

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