15 Best Knife Skins in Valorant (Ranked)

Regardless of the weapons you pack, every tactical shooter gives players a handy knife to dispatch their enemies. Valorant is no different. While most of the time, it’s all about movement, there are times when you need to show your knife off. Besides all the best Phantom and Vandal skins the game packs, it also has a variety of knives to choose from. So, if you’re out there looking for the best knife skins in Valorant, fret not, as we have you covered.

15. Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat

Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat
  • Original Price: 3550 VP
  • Melee Type: Bat

Starting our list with an unconventional knife skin. The Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat comes with inspect and swing animations. It also has a goofy audio that will give you comic relief in such a stressful game. So, if you want something weird to start off with, this is the one to pick.

14. VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia

VCT LOCK IN Misericórdia
  • Original Price: 5440 VP
  • Melee Type: Dagger

The LOCK//IN bundle was released to celebrate the esports franchise teams in Valorant. Although the colors are limited for the price, the animation and stiletto dagger style make it exceptional. While it is not the best, the simplicity makes it one of the nicest knife skins in Valorant.

13. Power Fist

Valorant melee skin power fist
  • Original Price: 5950 VP
  • Melee Type: Gauntlet

The Power Fist comes in three different variants. These knives were inspired by old arcade game machines, so they have great inspection animations. The finisher, however, is amazing on this knife skin. Those looking for a retro vibe should go for this skin without a thought.

12. Composite Knife

Composite Knife
  • Original Price: Battle Pass
  • Melee Type: Tactical Knife

The Composite Knife is simple and does not have any special animation or finisher. However, its simplicity, design, and amazing idle animation make it a great skin.

11. Champions 2023 Kunai

Champions Kunai
  • Original Price: 5350 VP
  • Melee Type: Kunai Knife

Although the Champions 2023 Vandal was average, the Kunai knife definitely made its mark. The knife’s holding style, combined with the champions’ aura effect, makes it a great knife skin. I especially loved the black gold theme that made it stand out from other selections, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

10. Blades of Primordia

Blades of Primordia
  • Original Price: 4350 VP
  • Melee Type: Dual Weild Axe

One of the latest melee skin additions in Valorant, Blades of Primordia, will make you feel extra fast when using them. On top of that, this dual-wield weapon makes you feel like hell is at your fingertips. Or perhaps is that Kratos from God of War? Choices Choices.

9. RGX 11Z Pro Firefly

RGX 11Z Pro Firefly
  • Original Price: 4350 VP
  • Melee Type: Butterfly Knife

The RGX 11Z Pro Firefly is a vibrant butterfly knife. Its multiple color schemes perfectly complement its inspection animations. Thanks to its color effects and sounds, the RGX 11Z Pro Firefly knife is one of the best butterfly knife skins in Valorant.

8. Reaver Karambit

Reaver Karambit
  • Original Price: 4350 VP
  • Melee Type: Karambit

Reaver Karambit is the best karambit in all tactical shooters. It is smooth and comes with the perfect karambit inspection animation. A signature Reaver sound effect complements this knife making it even more attractive.

7. Ignite Fan

Ignite Fan
  • Original Price: 4710 VP
  • Melee Type: Fan

From a baseball bat to a literal hand fan, Valorant packs a variety of knives. The Ignite fan itself comes in two variants, and both look equally good. The red flames give off the Dragon aura, while the purple adds a celestial touch. While I would place this knife higher, it’s availability slips it down.

6. Valorant Go! Vol. 1

Valorant Go! Vol. 1 Kunai
  • Original Price: 3550 VP
  • Melee Type: Kunai Knife

When it comes to making the perfect kunai knife, Valorant aced it with the Valorant Go! Vol. 1 knife. With an ideal inspect, equip, and holding animation, this knife delivers on its promises. There is nothing extra in this skin, which many love for all these reasons.

5. Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife

VCT 2022 Butterfly knife skin
  • Original Price: 5350 VP
  • Melee Type: Butterfly Knife

Valorant did not miss a step when it came to creating the Champions Bundle 2022. The Butterfly Knife from this bundle complimented its Phantom skin. Already perfected in all aspects, the 2022 Champions Butterfly Knife also got an aura upgrade that makes it look high quality.

4. Onimaru Kunitsuna

Oni Katana
  • Original Price: 5350 VP
  • Melee Type: Katana Sword

When Valorant announced Oni 2.0 and teased the Katana sword, the players were excited to see how it felt in the game. After using it since then, I can say that Onimary Katana is just what you wish from a sword skin. Although, sometimes, it might deceive you on the knifing range but I’ve made my peace with that.

3. Xenohunter Knife

Xenohunter knife
  • Original Price: 3550 VP
  • Melee Type: Tactical Knife

The Valorant community didn’t take this particular knife skin very seriously when it was released. The Xenohunter knife has minimal animations but still feels sturdy and solid for a tactical knife. I particularly liked the holding effect, which somehow reminded me of Kraven the Hunter from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (review).

2. Celestial Fan

Celestial Fan Valorant melee skin
  • Original Price: 3550 VP
  • Melee Type: Fan

Many fan knife skins have come and gone, but none can touch the class of the Celestial Fan in Valorant. It looks regal and packs a great equipped animation. The combined fanning animation can cool you off from all the hotness between rounds.

1. Kuronami No Yaiba

Kuronami No Yaiba
  • Original Price: 5350 VP
  • Melee Type: Tactical Knife

When Tenz says Kuronami is the best melee skin, you do not disagree with it. This knife was recently introduced and offers everything a high-quality knife skin should have. With multiple inspect animations along with a great attack and alt attack animation, this skin does not miss any part. For those reasons and more, the Yaiba is one of the best knife skins in Valorant.

That concludes our best Knife or Melee skins list for Valorant. Do you agree with the list? Which skin is your favorite in the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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