Valorant Abyss Map Guide: Layout, Callouts, Tips & Tricks, and More

In Short
  • Abyss is the classic three-lane layout map in Valorant that brings the no-boundary style for the first time.
  • Jett, Omen, and Breach are the ideal agents for this map while Sova can sit on both A and B sites with an Odin in hand.
  • Knowing important callouts like library, danger, and bridge can help you while playing Abyss in Valorant.

Valorant has already become a constant when it comes to different and fresh content with every act. With the patch 8.11, Valorant is introducing the Abyss map. However, to dominate any map you will need to know it inside out. To help you with just that, we decided to create a dedicated guide for the upcoming Abyss map on Valorant. So with that, let’s begin unraveling it all below!

Valorant Abyss Minimap Layout Overview

Abyss is a simple three-lane map when it comes to the layout. The attacker spawn connects A lobby to A main that extends to A site to the defender spawn. Defender side spawn has the secret location behind the A site that floats in the air.

The mid area of the Abyss is a huge and most crucial part of the map. It is divided into two lanes by a huge void in the middle. Mid bottom connects the area to the B main while Mid catwalk leads to the breakable vent that takes to A tower which extends to A site.

Valorant Abyss minimap layout full overview guide

The Mid library connects the mid area to the B site from the back area which can be a crucial chokepoint to hold for lurks and mid-rush. This link area also connects it to the defender spawn and B tower. B main also has one entry through the main but attackers can take the off route of B danger that floats on the backside of Abyss B site.

Overall, Abyss might seem simple in terms of layout but the design can trick new players in the initial stages. Read all the areas properly before jumping into a standard game. As you can fall off the map at any time, remembering Abyss is more important than all other Valorant maps.

Valorant Abyss Map: Callouts

Callouts are a vital aspect of Valorant regardless of any map. Let us have a look at the common and important callouts in the Abyss map in Valorant.

Abyss A Site Callouts

A site on Abyss is simple and there is only one initial entry through the main, here are the callouts:

  • A Tower
  • Ascender
  • A Back Site
  • A Bridge
Abyss A Callouts

Abyss B Site Callouts

Similar to A site, B is also small and simple. Despite that, the site can be a little more tricky to execute thanks to the spammable walls and the B danger. Here are the callouts for the Valorant Abyss B site:

  • B Tower
  • B Link
  • B Main
  • B Under
  • B Danger
Abyss B callouts

Abyss Mid Callouts

As mentioned above, mid is a crucial part of the Abyss map. This is where most of the fights and taking control of the map will happen. However, the callouts are pretty open as the area is built in a tunnel vision.

  • Mid Library
  • Mid Catwalk
  • A Vents
Abyss Mid callouts

Best Agents for the Valorant Abyss Map

Abyss is a map full of verticality and small corners. The best way to dominate such angles is to have the most agile agents on your team. Some of the best agents for Abyss on Valorant can be Jett and Raze. Be sure to check out our entire roster linked above to get the full agent ticket.

Valorant Abyss: Best Tips and Tricks

Abyss is the first Valorant map where you can fall off the edge and die. There is a ton of vertical scaling and close corners that can challenge both attackers and defenders. However, the attack seems more easy if the agent composition is better. Whether you are new or played a couple of games, here are the best tips, tricks, and strategies you must apply in your next Valorant Abyss game:

1. Communicate with Teammates

This one might sound like a broken record, but communication on the Abyss map is more important than on any other map in Valorant. This starts from the simple fact that you can die from falling off. This means agents who can use abilities to push players can become brutal especially if it’s teammates. So, be careful with the skills like Blast Pack, Rolling Thunder, or Gravity Well. Moreover, being a Breach map, using proper comms to use utilities before a peek can be fruitful here.

2. Utilize the Death Drops

The Death Drop locations are one of the key features of Valorant Abyss. Although it is a risky place to play, if you can master these areas, you can easily outplay opponents. The best way to utilize the drops is by using them for fast rotations. If you can time your crouch and jump, you can do it without making any noise. Yoru’s teleport and Gekko’s Wingman can also go over the drops without falling down. Use this advantage to flash peek as Yoru or plant the Valorant spike as Gekko.

3. Spam the Walls

Speaking of utilizing map advantage, the walls of Abyss are made out of plastic. This helps you spam the soul out of your enemies when they don’t know where the bullet barrage is coming from. The best way to make the most out of it is by having a Sova or Fade in your team. As you can generate a shootout almost anywhere, you can play post-plant or even deny the plant by spamming the important areas.

4. Control mid with Operator

Mid is a crucial part of the Abyss map in Valorant. If you lose control of the mid-early in the round, attackers can easily rotate to any site they want. This is why having an Operator main planted in mid can be a huge advantage.

Abyss Mid Operator area

As the library and catwalk areas both are made in a tunnel-vision format, shooting with a sniper will be way easier. As such, Jett is the perfect agent for controlling mid in Abyss.

5. Use Stun and Flash Frequently

While using abilities in any map is important, maps where Operators are strong become more vital. To counter-play opponents’ aggression or Operators, you must use stun, flash, and other abilities before you peek forward. Breach and Omen can be perfect to put aggression with their flashes while Breach alone can put pressure on enemies constantly due to the short and close corners of the map.

6. Push Enemies out of Bounds

The fact that Abyss has no boundaries makes the map one of the most outplay-centric maps. You use little tricks like Astra pull, Cypher trips, or Breach knockback to hurl enemies down to the underworld. These little tricks can help you win games in the Abyss map in Valorant. Although these plays won’t work every time, trying them can be fun and give solid results. Just make sure you do not end up knocking your allies out too!

Valorant Abyss Map Release Date and Location

The Abyss map will be released with the 8.11 patch update. Abyss, the 11th map of Valorant is coming to the game on June 11th, 2024. The no-boundary gimmick is the first in Valorant as any other map would not let players jump out before. Abyss, based on Valorant lore, is based in Norway, Alpha Earth.

Valorant Abyss map overview guide
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Although Abyss seems like a simple three-lane map, it is gimmick-heavy. The map not only features the no-boundary setup like the Counter-Strike Vertigo, but it also has the famous mini-breakable doors from Lotus and the ziplines.

Along with the known gimmicks, the walls of the maps are also paper-thin. This makes almost every wall on the map wall-bangable. Apart from these, the sites have single entry through A main and B main and the mid connects the site through multiple entries.

So if you’re someone excited for this release, follow our Valorant Abyss map guide now and dominate your lobbies. So, what do you think about the Abyss map coming to Valorantr? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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