7 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Killjoy in Valorant

Valorant’s agent number 4, Killjoy, was first introduced in the game in the August 4, 2020, update. Killjoy is a sentinel agent who comes with reliable information-gathering and defensive tools. Despite going through many nerfs, Killjoy is dominant and a popular agent for any map in the game. That is why Killjoy always stays on the top half of the Agent tier list. So, if you want to master Killjoy in Valorant, learn the best tips and tricks for her right here.

1. Information Matters More

The key to Killjoy is knowing your ability to voice queues. All Killjoy abilities make different sounds, either during activation or destruction. For this primary reason, buying abilities becomes a priority.

Peek on Information from Turret

Once the sentry gun comes into contact, it will start shooting. This will help you identify the enemy’s location. Although it is not too precise, if you detect audio properly, it can be game-changing. Similarly, your alarm bot will find and chase the enemy once they are in range. Even if the enemy destroys it, you will also get a voice queue for that. So, the next time, keep your ears open and your trigger finger ready.

2. Never Openly Plant Defenses

Now that you know information-gathering is a priority for Killjoy do not plant your utilities in the open. If the enemies destroy them, you will naturally have little to no information.

So, the next time you plant your defenses, ensure it’s in an area the enemy won’t expect. Planting an alarm bot to watch your flank can be helpful even during an attack. This will help secure the backstab.

Killjoy defensive setup in Valorant

As a Killjoy, you should always mix up your setup. If the attackers predict the utilities, they will plan around it. The more you mix things up, the harder it will be for enemies to breach your Killjoy defense. You can also switch the places you play to confuse the enemy, trying to avoid where Killjoy is playing.

3. Keep Utility HP in Mind

If you are playing Killjoy, remember that your abilities are your friends. Without them, you are just an agent with a gun. Your sentry gun or Turret comes with 100 HP, similar to an agent without armor. So try to swing when enemies are distracted at shooting it down.

Turret destroyed KJ Valorant

The Alarm bot has 50 HP, so it can die in one precise shot. Similarly, Nanoswarms are also squishy as they have only 20 HP. However, your ultimate Lockdown ability has 200 HP. So, utilize it properly.

Many enemy abilities can destroy the Lockdown, so make sure you place it in a secure place. Unlike Cypher traps, Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Nanoswarms resemble the Trademark of Chamber. Once they trigger, they do not return. So the next time you feel out of luck, remember and protect your abilities.

4. Take Back and Redeploy

The good thing about your signature ability as Killjoy is that you can redeploy the Turret after it’s destroyed. However, if you want, you can take back your Turret early and redeploy it faster for a full HP Turret.

You can also take back your Alarm bot and deploy it in a different location. Remember to always take your abilities with you once you are going for a retake at a different site. This simple trick can be valuable to help you win more rounds in Valorant as Killjoy.

5. Play Cheeky Post-plant

There are two ways you can secure the post-plant as a Killjoy. The first tip is to put your Turret before the spike’s vision and let it do the first duel. After planting, place your nanoswarms around the spike in a way the enemy cannot detect unless they come close enough.

If you have not put an alarm bot in place for detection, wait for the spike to be touched by the enemy and trigger one of the nanoswarms. After 4 seconds (Nanoswarm damage duration), trigger the other one.

Post Plant setup Killjoy

You can also play at a post-plant lineup spot and through the Nanoswarm when you hear the defuse sound. We never recommend the post-plant because it makes you vulnerable to enemy push, so it’s probably better to use the first trick.

6. Block Entry Points with Nanoswarm

Nanoswarms are not just a defensive or post-plant tool. You can combine it with Clove and their meddle or slow orb by Sage to guarantee some early kills. If you are playing alone on a site, plant the nanoswarms at the entry points.

As soon as you detect enemies entering, trigger them and peek while you see them run away from the damage of Nanoswarm. As these pesky little bots are low on HP and can be shut down by Kay/o knife or ultimate, make sure to plant them in unpredictable spots.

7. Do Not Lurk Alone

Many Killjoys get influenced by Cypher and end up lurking. Sadly, it’s not a good move. Unlike Cypher, Killjoy’s abilities have a range of work. If you are not within that range, those abilities will shut down. So, it is better to stick around your utilities and team most of the time to maximize your potential.

These were the best tips and tricks you should use as a Killjoy to improve in Valorant. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out, and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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