7 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Neon in Valorant

For a long time, Valorant players called the game a slow-paced battle. Riot took that feedback and amped it ten times over with the introduction of Neon. The game’s 19th agent packs a fantastic pace and speed and can push into sites in the blink of an eye. While she brings in a lot of speed, the typical Valorant meta requires more of a slow approach, which brings her down as a duelist. Despite being low in the agent tier list, Neon can be a master of entry in Valorant if you apply the right tips and tricks. To get help with just that, keep reading.

1. Use That Speed to Peek

Unlike any other agent in the game, Neon can use her speed to jump-peek to spot enemies. Learning jump-peek becomes an integral part of your game if you are in a higher-rank lobby. So, if you are playing Neon, activate the High Gear ability before you attempt it.

Neon Jump peek

Peeking while in High Gear will make it harder for the enemies to catch you during the jump-peek. You can also use the ability to swing peek against slow-reflex enemies and catch them off guard. While a bit of a risk maneuver, this tactic usually pays off.

2. Dodge and Deny Common Kills

Speaking of swinging, if you want to swing efficiently, never forget to use the High Gear slide. This fast slide ability is a unique kit that can be valuable for aggressive peekers who want to push in early. If you know common enemy spots, run at them and slide to dodge their bullets.

Dodging bullets in Valorant using Neon slide

This trick is also great against OP users. As the operator takes a windup time after shooting one bullet, you can dodge the first bullet by sliding away from it and killing the carrier. However, you should watch your energy bar as it may run out before you can slide.

3. Don’t Miss The Walls

Neon has one of the game’s best walls, extending into eternity. It might sound exaggerated, but shooting the Fast Lane toward a space will stretch to the endpoint. So, utilize it whenever you need to block enemy vision.

Remember that the wall will end if it hits any object on the map. In that case, aim toward the location you want to create a wall. As there are two walls in one go, one will go in that location even if the other one gets obstructed.

4. Stun Before You Push

Unlike Jett or Raze, Neon has the advantage of pushing in a site. Before you push into enemy locations, shoot your Relay Bolt and stun them for easy kills. Remember that the bolts will bounce once to create a secondary stun impact.

Neon enter site after stun

Using guns like the Judge or Phantom is ideal for most cases as you will go closer to enemies. If you are in an economic crunch, go with the Stinger or Spectre. As a Neon, using close combat weapons can benefit you more in these stun pushes.

5. Rotate Faster

As Neon, you will be the fastest on the map. So, use this to your advantage to rotate faster than any other agent. On the attacking side, you can rotate fast and plant the spike while enemies take time to get back to you. You can use the time advantage and position yourself for a clutch situation, too.

As a defender, this is where Neon goes hard. She can easily flank opponents by reaching backlines faster or cutting enemy rotations. If you have a read on enemy push, use High Gear and position yourself for a flank watch.

6. Pick the Right Track

Before you pick Neon, you should know this agent is not everyone’s cup of tea. Similar to Yoru, Neon also goes well in more open maps. That is one of the reasons why Neon is only selected in specific maps in Pro or ranked games. So, if you want to show your spark, pick Neon in maps like Breeze or Lotus.

Neon best maps in Valorant

As other big Valorant maps like Fracture or Haven are not in the rotation, it might be hard for you to play Neon every time. You can try Judge Carnage in maps like Bind and Sunset. However, as mentioned before, big maps are ideal for Neon to capitalize on her speed.

7. Use Overdrive as an Advantage

While Neon’s ultimate is a bit annoying for enemies, that should not bother you at all. Overdrive gives you the right to run and gun everyone in the game. The high fire rate laser cuts through enemies like butter.

Using Overdrive to sweep enemies

Just keep the High Gear bar in check while using it. However, if you get a kill, the High Gear bar will recharge immediately. Also, remember that Overdrive beam damage keeps falling off over time. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing ability to use to wreak havoc on the enemy team.

These were the best tips and tricks you should use as a Neon to improve in Valorant. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out, and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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