Valorant Wishlist: 8 Features Riot Should Add ASAP

In Short
  • Valorant has been a great tactical FPS for the last four years but is not flawless.
  • The game should add a replay system, a better shop, an honor system, and a better statistics page.
  • Valorant should add a community maps option with agent-specific skins for the community.

When Riot Games announced its FPS game, Project A, in October 2019, we were all very excited. After all these years with League of Legends and the other card games, the FPS genre was about to get something fresh. And that it did. Since its release on June 2, 2020, Valorant has dominated the FPS scene through its constant updates. And while everything is mostly hunky dory in the land of Clove, there are still some things that I feel are missing from Valorant. What are they, you ask? Well, keep reading as I tell you about what Valorant needs ASAP.

1. Map and Agent Veto

Valorant has a pick-and-ban option for maps in LAN or custom games. As someone who constantly gets the worst random maps in my rank games, I would love it if Riot brought this map veto system to rank games, too.

Map Veto in CS2
Map Veto in CS2

Another cool and challenging feature would be an Agent Veto system. Let’s be honest, Valorant has its fair share of overpowered agents that can result in one-sided affairs. That is why an agent pick-and-ban system would make things more challenging and fun. This would force players to switch strategies or counter-strat their opponents. Systems like these are already present in games like Rainbow Six Siege, making me feel even more confident.

2. Map Rotation

If I sit down and think, the temporary map rotations in Valorant are a bit too much. Oftentimes, the maps we love aren’t even in rotation, which is annoying. Instead of putting the maps out of rotation for a long time, Riot can easily keep them in other game modes. This will let players enjoy their favorite maps till they get reworked or come with changes.

Valorant Maps List you can play
All Valorant Maps

The current Valorant maps list has a variety of maps, and there is no map selection option to match the queue. So, it is better to keep the pool higher except for the competitive queue, which is more for the professionals and sweats.

3. Replay System

A game built around competition with no replay or download system is disappointing. Valorant players know this full well and have been asking for a replay feature for a long time now. While it was already promised back in 2020, we still have to see it make its debut.

Cypher Cam with Gun
A Cypher cam with a gun is more likely than a Replay System

However, Riot has always acknowledged this and promised that a replay system is in the works. In a recent interview, Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer and Dev Team Lead of Valorant, guaranteed that the Valorant replay system is in the works and will be in the client soon. Hopefully, the four-year wait does not turn into a five. We shall find out. Up until it’s here, though, this point stays here.

4. Honor System

We all know the toxicity of competitive PVP games. Sadly, Valorant is no exception to grifers and tryhards that kill their own teammates. Besides asking your teammates to stop, there isn’t any sustainable way to fix this. For that and more, I think Riot needs to add an honor system in the game. Since LOL already has a system like that in place, I don’t think it would be difficult to implement.

Honor system in League of Legends
Honor system in League of Legends

With a system like this, players could commend or make a negative remark on specific teammates. Riot can then verify that and possibly queue players with similar behavior scores. @TheValTimes on X (formerly Twitter) has already spoken about a possible Honor system in Valorant in an X post. Although it is just a possible rumor, I wouldn’t be shocked if Riot is already working on it.

5. Overhauled Shop

Returning Valorant players might have noticed that the game’s shop has limited items. I don’t know about you, but I find that extremely annoying. Having to get a specific skin from a bundle but not seeing it ruins my day. Unfortunately, unlike any other game, like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, or Apex Legends, there is no way to get old skins until they appear on your shop randomly.

Yoru giving credits to Sage
Even Yoru cannot spend his credits

However, that’s not the only reason I feel the shop needs an overhaul. Valorant’s shop sadly also lacks exclusive or ultra-edition skins that appear in the Night market. I think Riot should make the skin refresh timer faster or introduce a new currency similar to Kingdom Credits for purchasing specific old skins.

6. Agent Cosmetics

When one of my friends recently joined me for a game of Valorant, he was shocked that the agents in Valorant do not have their skins. This led me to think about it, and I ended up agreeing with him. Many people will argue about visibility or collision size issues that occur after equipping a skin.

Valorant agents with agent specific skins should be added
Jett, Killjoy, and Raze have different cosmetics outside the game

However, almost every shooter game has agent-specific skins and cosmetics. Games like Apex Legends and even Counter-Strike recently added agent-specific skins. So, I think it is high time Riot also introduced agent skins in Valorant. Riot can also include the community in designing agent skins through their socials for more excitement.

7. Community Maps

Speaking of community, community creation maps are a popular part of many multiplayer games. These maps gamers create dedicated maps and enjoy them all together. Besides the shared chaos, this is the best way to enable the community in a fun and exciting way.

The best example of community maps is Counter-Strike. Over the years, CS has dominated the tactical shooter space thanks to its community creation feature. While I understand why Riot would be skeptical of adding a common feature in lieu of its safety protocols, I feel a balanced approach can help the community enjoy the game while also keeping it safe.

8. Detailed Player Stats

While agent-specific cosmetics or community maps can be a bit tricky to introduce in the game, a common thing to track players should exist. Ever since Valorant started, every player has relied on multiple Valorant tracker apps or websites to check detailed statistics of their match history.

Riot should introduce this within the game so that players don’t have to rely on third-party websites where they need to connect their Valorant ID. Valorant already has the game’s Esports schedule and match info, so I expect the detailed statistics to come soon. Statistics like agent history, map pick, win rate, etc., can help out players in the long run if they are available within the game.

That concludes my list of things Valorant should add to the game. What features or additions do you think Riot should come up with? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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