How to Fix the VAN 84 Error in Valorant

In Short
  • The VAN 84 error in Valorant usually occurs due to server-side issues with the Riot client or internet problems on the user's end.
  • To fix the Valorant VAN 84 error, try resetting your network, restart Vanguard and your computer, or connect to a different server.
  • If these methods don't work, the best solution is to wait for Riot Games to fix the server-related issues on their end.

If you are a regular Valorant player, you must be familiar with common Valorant or Vanguard error codes. The VAN 84 error often occurs and locks players out of the Riot client. So, if you are trying to figure out what is the VAN 84 error in Valorant and how to fix it, you are at the right place.

What Causes the Valorant VAN 84 Error?

Valorant Van 84 Error message

Before we move to the fixes, we must know why the VAN 84 error occurs. Valorant has two major types of errors – VAL and VAN. VAL defines errors in the game and game-related servers. On the other hand, VAN represents Vanguard or Riot Client-related issues.

In this case, VAN 84 happens due to congestion in the Riot Client server. On the server side, technical glitches or temporary overloads can disrupt communication between your game client and the Valorant servers, leading to this error.

But what happens if the error shows up? The VAN 84 error abruptly disconnects players from ongoing matches and prevents them from joining new ones. This unexpected disruption not only hinders gameplay but also leads to frustration and potential loss of match progress, Valorant ranks, or competitive standing.

A lot of times, players cannot even enter the Riot Client, which makes it impossible to play the game. Let us discuss the possible fixes below.

How to Fix Valorant VAN 84 Error

While the best way is to wait for a possible update from Riot Games, there are some things you can check out in the meantime.

1. Restart your Internet

VAN 84 errors in Valorant typically stem from internet connectivity issues. Begin by checking your home network, router, and ISP connection.

For your home network, try a simple power cycle. Turn off your router and modem for 30 seconds, then power them back on in sequence (router last). This can clear up temporary network glitches. If that doesn’t work, experiment with using a different ethernet port. In some cases, a loose cable or a faulty port can disrupt the connection.

Still no luck? Contacting your ISP might be necessary. They can diagnose problems on their end and potentially fix the issue. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, explore other potential causes like the Riot client or game server problems.

2. Disable IPv6 on Your PC

IPv6 is often enabled by default on Windows PCs. Disabling it might resolve the VAN 84 error in Valorant. If your network doesn’t allow this, proceed to alternative solutions. Remember, disabling IPv6 could impact other network functions. Check our guide to disable IPv6 in Windows and see if this fixes the error.

3. Connect to a Different Server

In case you can enter the game but while starting the matchmaking the error appears, try switching the server. If you cannot enter the game at all, log in with your different server account (if you have one). A lot of times, the VAN 84 error is region-locked and can be fixed by changing servers. Make sure you select a working server from the servers option.

Change server in Valorant for Van 84 error

4. Restart Vanguard and PC

If the methods above do not work, it might mean the VAN 84 error can’t be fixed by you. However, when the game is nearing an update or just got an update, the Vanguard can act up.

You can force close Vanguard from the system tray and restart your PC to check if the error still persists. If you want to clean up and reinstall the game, follow our guide to uninstalling Valorant in 3 steps first. A clean install can fix any issue related to your Riot client.

5. Contact Support

While these are the common solutions to solve even the most critical errors in Valorant, fixes might not work all the time. That is why, you can submit a ticket to Riot support and mention the Valorant VAN 84 error there. Follow the process below step-by-step to learn how to submit a ticket:

  • Go to the Riot support website here.
  • Select the SUBMIT A TICKET option.
  • Choose the Riot Vanguard Issue or VAN Error Message from the dropdown.
  • Mention the error in the subject, description box, attach a screenshot, and click SUBMIT.
Select Van error in Ticket

That was everything about the Valorant VAN 84 error and all the ways to fix it. Did you manage to get your game working again? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Toni says:

    Hey, to fix Van 84 error (at least in my case) you need to check “vgc” in windows services. As far as I was able to see, the service itself is set to manual and by default it’s not running, but in theory it should start as soon as you launch lol or valorant to be able to play the game, if it’s still not running, you can start the process yourself manually, than launch lol/valorant.
    Hope this helps.

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