5 Best Valorant Female Characters

Like every other tactical shooter out there, Valorant’s backbone lies in its ever-growing roster of agents. Some of the female agents in the game are crucial picks for any Valorant maps. If you’re part of the Valorant players who are dead set on utilizing the best female characters, keep reading as we list the best of them down below.

1. Raze

Raze Valorant in Game
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Valorant

There are plenty of agents in Valorant, but none can enter the site like Raze. Raze shines as a Duelist thanks to her explosive kit. Her Boom Bot and Paint Shells flush out enemies hiding in corners, while her Blast Pack lets her aggressively push onto sites.

Her Showstopper ultimate demands respect, forcing enemies to back off or face instant elimination. This aggressive ability set makes her a terror on offense. Being an aggressive agent can also get her killed, which counts as an Ultimate Orb count.

2. Jett

Valorant Jett Cover
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Valorant

If you want to go for an easier alternative for Raze, Jett is an ideal female character for anyone in Valorant. Her high mobility is what makes her a perfect duelist. With her dash and updraft, she can outmaneuver enemies and take aggressive angles. These skills also make her the best operator carrier in the game.

Her Cloudburst smokes to create a cover for entry frags, while her Blade Storm ultimate lets her one-shot enemies for devastating kill potential. This combination of movement, utility, and firepower makes Jett a dominant force in the hands of a skilled player.

3. Viper

Viper Valorant cover
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Valorant

Viper is the most popular agent in Valorant. Viper excels at area denial with her poisonous smokes and toxins. Her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen block enemy vision and damage them over time. Her Snakebite projectiles flush enemies out of hiding spots and can deal significant damage.

Viper’s ultimate, Viper’s Pit, turns the battlefield into a toxic zone, hindering enemy movement and health regeneration. This versatility makes Viper a great agent for both attack and defense. So, despite the nerfs in the recent patch, she is still one of the most picked agents in Valorant, thanks to her efficiency. Learn how to master Viper and get your A-game right here.

4. Killjoy

Killjoy confused Valorant
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Valorant

Speaking of popularity, who will forget the ‘wide joy’ movement? Killjoy has been the best sentinel in the whole game until Cypher got the massive buff. Despite it, on occasions, Killjoy can be a better pick in any Valorant team composition. Killjoy shines as a defender thanks to her arsenal of deployable gadgets.

Her Turret locks down areas, her Alarmbot reveals enemy pushes, and her Nanoswarm grenade slows and damages attackers. Her Lockdown Ultimate creates a massive zone that denies enemies entry or forces them to take heavy damage. This combination of intel-gathering, zone control, and damage makes Killjoy a dominant force on defense.

5. Skye

Skye Valorant with Trailblazer
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/ Valorant

It is always a debate between Reyna and Skye, thanks to both their initiation capabilities. However, Skye brings a lot to the table in Valorant. Her Guiding Light flashes can clear corners and initiate pushes. She can heal teammates with Regrowth, keeping them in the fight. On the other hand, the Trailblazer ability can scout enemy positions for safer plays.

Her Seekers ultimate reveals enemy locations, setting up easy kills or overwhelming flanks. With both info-gathering and support abilities, Skye is a great asset to any team, whether you keep her as an initiator or an entry fragger.

While there are other great female Valorant characters, these can go with any team composition or solo carry any round. So, which female Valorant character is going to be your next pick? Tell us in the comments below.

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