8 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Sage in Valorant

Sage is the perfect example of support in Valorant. She was the 7th agent in the game and has been there from the oldest beta phase. Sage comes with many defensive skills that can make enemies’ lives hard. However, Sage is not just your healer, so knowing her strengths is essential. To be more versatile with this handy agent in Valorant, we noted the best tips and tricks for Sage in Valorant. So, with that, let’s begin!

1. Time and Place for Defensive Barriers

One of the main reasons to pick Sage in a team is to block enemy entry in certain locations. So, when you are in defense, putting a proper barrier in important places can delay or ruin the enemy’s strategy. Spots like Split Mid and Icebox Kitchen are a few of the best locations for the defensive Barrier of Sage.

Sage wall to block enemy push

During the attack, you can put a flank wall in place. However, in case you try to rotate, the wall can backfire. So, it is better to use the wall somewhere else while on attack. If you anticipate enemy push and put the wall accordingly, it can keep them away until the cavalry arrives.

2. Wall Before Defuse or Plant

That takes us to how to utilize the barrier while on the attack. You can create a wall for protection before you sit for the plant. This will help you plant safely and give you enough time to regroup with the team. You can also keep the wall for enemy CT locations to delay their retake into the site.

Sage wall before plant in Valorant

If you are on the retake team, you can utilize the Sage barrier to defuse the spike easily. You can put your wall in front of the spike and initiate the defuse. This trick can come in handy mostly in the save rounds. It will also protect you from close-range post-plant utilities.

3. Don’t Self-Heal Until Emergency

Sage is designed as a full support. As such, her healing ability is also designed accordingly. However, unlike Skye, Sage can heal herself in situations. Although the self-heal will get you a 30 HP replenishment, it is still better than nothing.

Despite having the ability to self-heal, you should use it only if it is an emergency. Remember that you can heal a teammate up to 100 HP. That means using it on yourself can be a waste of signature in most cases. Well, unless you are a battle Sage.

4. Aggressive Wall Peeks

You should know that Sage’s walls are not just for defense. Valorant is a game where players usually aim forward on head level. As a Sage, you can exploit it by climbing to higher ground and wall-boosting yourself for aggressive peeks. Using this tip, you can create a lot of trick shots as Sage in Valorant.

Aggressive peek from Wall

This helps you get surprise kills as the enemy team will not expect you in an off angle. You can also combine this trick with Raze, Jett, or Omen, as they can already climb higher grounds with their abilities. Just ensure you do not use this trick constantly and get caught easily.

5. Protect the Body

Resurrection or revive is Sage’s ultimate ability, and it uses up eight ultimate orbs. Therefore, it is important to utilize the ability at the right moment. Unfortunately, when you revive a teammate, the dead body goes through an animation. That puts the teammate in a vulnerable position.

Resurrection animation

That is why it is essential to protect the body till revival is complete. So, do not leave your fallen teammate hanging after reviving them. You can also block the body using a wall before using the ultimate. Stick around and conquer together. Unless of course, you want to bait your teammate and use them for some kills.

6. Staying Alive Is Key

Do remember that all of Sage’s abilities or ultimate will be useless if you are dead. Furthermore, your team will have no wall or barrier for defusing or planting if you’re not there.

Sage healing Viper

This is why, as a Sage, staying behind and utilizing all your abilities is a must. As a fully supportive agent, staying behind and baiting your teammates and supporting them is okay.

7. Defensive Slow Orbs to Delay Push

Slow Orbs can be really annoying for your enemies if you use them in the right locations. The best use case for them is defensive. When you predict or locate enemies pushing in site, you can throw the orbs at the entry point to hold them off. Having two orbs helps you hold them long enough for your teammates to join you in the party.

8. Combine Slow Orbs with AOE Damage

This Sage trick is for those wanting to make more out of their Slow Orb. I have some teammates who deal tons of AOE damage. Agents like Raze, Gekko, or Viper are ideal for this. Now, throw the Slow Orb and the AOE ability at a predicted location where enemies will definitely push. You will get a handful of kills if you execute this play properly.

Slow orb Meddle Paint Shell Combo

Having a Clove Meddle in the mix can be huge too. As Meddle decays enemy HP, slowing them will prevent them from running away while being vulnerable.

These were the best tips and tricks you should use as a Sage to improve in Valorant. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out, and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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