Valorant’s Vertigo-like Abyss Map Is Equal Parts Fun and Disappointing

In Short
  • Valorant's latest Abyss map has broken the mold by offering a unique no-boundary experience for the first time!
  • The community is divided on the Abyss map where some find it exciting, and others a challenge to master.
  • Along with a lot of gimmicks on Abyss, we also see tons of glitches that have the Valorant community talking.

No matter if it’s a new agent or map, Valorant players are infamous for having a mixed reaction about it all. And while players can avoid an agent they don’t like, Valorant maps march to their own drum. The latest kid on the Valorant map block is Abyss, a Norwegian scenario that will not change the meta but brings a lot of chaos and unpredictability. But what makes the Abyss map in Valorant different from others? And how has the community responded to it all? Let’s break it down.

Too Many Gimmicks Makes a Map Fun Dull?

Although the Abyss map in Valorant is a three-lane setup, there is nothing traditional about it. The map brings tons of vertical aspects into the game but the key features are the gimmicks. A typical Valorant map usually comes with multiple gimmicks. This can be seen in previous maps like Bind with teleports and Fracture with a lot of zips and automated doors.

The primary gimmick of Abyss is the no-boundary formula. This makes the map absolutely haunted for many players. Unlike the “Vertigo” in Counter-Strike, the death drops are available in the middle of the map in Abyss.

Valorant Abyss guide cover
The void calls but will you answer?

It basically means that a player will need to stay alert all the time! But wait there’s more. Elements like ascendar zips and breakable doors are significantly game-changing in Abyss along with the plastic walls.

Yes, the plastic walls are a part of the map to make life miserable for players who do not like the spam culture. @ThinkingManValo on X posted a hilarious clip where he says how every wall on the map is vulnerable and does not provide cover. We don’t need to tell you that this opens up some interesting opportunities!

In my 1000+ hours of Valorant experience, this was the first time I was scared for my life. Whether I was prepping to plant the spike or holding for post-plant, bullets were flying everywhere. That would have been fine but then I realized I couldn’t run around lest I fall map the map and die.

Ideally, I like to have fun in gimmick maps but it felt too much for such a small ground. While I did have a little fun, I was too busy worried for my safety. Even the sites have such small entry points, that it makes you play around the death drops. Scary, isn’t it?

Valorant Abyss: The Skill Gap Issue

While you can deal with the nuances that come with the map, the skill gap is another issue altogether. The map is full of situations where seasoned Valorant gamers can outplay less skilled ones.

Since the launch of Abyss in Valorant, players have already shared many clips of them outwiting their enemies with different tactics and strategies. However, it all started with the Masters Shanghai showcase where Mixwell showed the outplay possibilities first on Abyss.

Not only that, the community continued to share more experiences where players have been outplaying their opponents. Whether it’s throwing people off the map using blast packs, blocking players from landing on the ground from the air, or Astra gravity pulls, it has been chaotic in Abyss for the initial round of plays.

The outplay part of the map seems fun for a nerdy Valorant player like me. Being a Sova and Omen main, I utilized almost every corner of the map to make my enemies suffer. However, I do empathize with new Valorant players. I think it’s best the Abyss map in Valoran is played unrated before it comes on the competitive queue.

Abyss Has Abysmal Glitches

Video games and glitches are a tale as old as time and Valorant is no different. I’ll be the first to say that the initial glitches on the Abyss map in Valorant are kinda fun. However, these same glitches can be detrimental to the game’s competitiveness in the long run.

One of the most common glitches right now is the scaling issues when using smokes as any controller except for Viper and Harbor. On the smoking state, the boundaries of the map are not aligned which can ruin a smoke once done.

Other issues in the Abyss map include Omen teleporting to impossible territories and Phoenix jumping into the Abyss and still killing opponents from below.

Luckily, Riot Games already said that Abyss will go into the competitive pool after two weeks. This means we will see the glitches gone by the time the competitive run for this map starts. Until that happens, however, this is where we stand.

Valorant Abyss Verdict: Fun Map with Difficult Grounds

Anything in life takes time to be fully accepted. The majority of the Valorant community are slowly starting to like Abyss but it’s a slippery slope. Pro players like TenZ and Ethos along with many others have said it is a hard map with a lot of easy retake options. What I feel is that the map won’t shift the retake meta from Valorant just now.

Sure there are certain agents you should play on Abyss. But the endless possibilities of many other Valorant agents performing remain wide open. Furthermore, as the map comes with tons of outcomes, it is important to know about it before it arrives on the competitive scene. If you’re someone who wants to perfect their game, check out the Valorant Abyss map guide to do so.

With the arrival of Abyss and the Haven map returning, Valorant seems to be staying in the old retake meta. Do you feel Abyss is a fun map while being difficult on competitive grounds? Let us know in the comments below!

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