Valorant Breeze Map Guide: Layout, Callouts, Tips & Tricks, and More

In Short
  • Breeze is a three-lane map in Valorant that is heavily favored toward the attacker side and contains unique gimmicks over on the A site.
  • Jett, Viper, and Yoru are the ideal agents for this map while Sova or Cypher can help you gather info.
  • Knowing important callouts like pyramids, sniper's nest, and halls can help you while playing Breeze.

Breeze is one of the most hated maps in Valorant. Despite being such a huge map, it only has two sites to play through. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to master. Furthermore, Breeze also underwent multiple changes, making it hard to adapt to. Thankfully, we have learned just enough about Breeze to help you out. So keep reading as I walk you through the ultimate Breeze map guide in Valorant. So, with that, let’s begin!

Valorant Breeze Release Date and Location

Breeze was first introduced on April 27th, 2021. According to the Valorant lore, this map is located in the Bermuda Triangle. The map got contact updates throughout its journey in the game and returned with Sunset on the 7.04 update.

Valorant Breeze overview

Breeze has its fair share of gimmicks. However, most of them are on the A site of the map, which makes B’s site simple and easy to understand. The A site contains two huge pyramids, a couple of zip lines, a mechanical hall door, and a one-way vent.

Breeze is mostly hated because of the long angles on the map, and one side is heavily gimmicky, making it even more difficult. Strategically, the map is the attackers’ den, but it is all about who wins the aim fights in long range.

Breeze Minimap Layout Overview

Although Breeze seems like a typical three-lane map, it is full of entry points and long angles. It is also considered the biggest map on Valorant. The A site is slightly closer to both attackers and defenders. On the other hand, the B site is relatively far from the attacker spawn.

The mid area is mostly composed of two halves as it connects both spawn through a hall and an empty pillar area. Although attackers can reach A site through the halls, A Main and Mid doors, B site has only two entrances through B main and mid.

Breeze minimap overview Valorant

Breeze is mostly about flat ground and long-range fights. Despite that, there are close angles and elevated areas located all over the map. These high grounds are also perfect for defending sniping.

Taking heavy control over the vast open areas is a major battle for Breeze. It is a mixed bag of gimmicks and tactics. As such, getting better in Breeze is mostly about having a good spotting game. Having said that, I can understand why nobody likes this map.

Valorant Map Breeze: Callouts

Let us look at the common and important callouts in the Breeze map in Valorant. Make sure to memorize these so you can have the best play possible:

Breeze A Callouts

The entrance of A callouts are:

  • Halls
  • Ascender/ Zip
  • Caves
Breeze A entrance

A site on Breeze is huge, and here are the important callouts for this location:

  • Pyramids
  • Orange
  • Bridge
  • Stairs
  • Underhalls
A site Breeze

Breeze Mid Callouts

Mid area in Breeze is divided by a pillar in the middle. Here are the callouts for the attacker’s view:

  • Chute/ Vent
  • Pillar
  • Mid Peek
Breeze mid attack

The other half of Breeze mid-callouts are:

  • Mid cubby
  • Sniper’s Nest
  • Mid Doors
Breeze Mid defence

Breeze B Callouts

The B site on Breeze is simple, and the callouts for the front side are:

  • B Planks
  • Default
  • B Wall
  • Arches
B site Breeze

Callouts from B’s backside are:

  • B Back
  • B Platform
  • B Back Pillar
  • Window
B backsite callouts Breeze

Best Agents for Breeze Map in Valorant

Breeze is a map where not every agent can shine. However, there are still some good options. Let’s start with controllers, as they play a huge role in such a big map. Agents like Viper and Harbor are the only options in Breeze, as they cover enough ground with their walls. These agents can also provide plant and defuse security.

For duelists, Jett and Yoru are the perfect agents for this map. However, Jett is easier to learn, while Yoru can be a high-risk with a high-reward agent. Alternatively, Chamber can become the duelist in disguise, as he can utilize his sniping abilities on this map. However, Cypher is a must if you feel like running one sentinel in the team composition.

Last but definitely not the least is picking the right initiator for Breeze. A Sova or Skye is ideal for gathering information. However, if you have solid controllers like Harbor, Gekko can be a defining factor in putting the spike into its right place almost every round. So, here is a quick rundown of the best agents on Breeze:

  • Jett
  • Yoru
  • Viper
  • Harbor
  • Cypher
  • Sova
  • Gekko
  • Skye

Best Breeze Map Tactics and Strategies

Besides Breeze’s best tactics and strategies, players will also need a lot of 1v1 duel capability. That is why it is always good to have good aim training before jumping onto this map. Outside of this common guide, here are some other tips and tricks you will need to master the Breeze map in Valorant:

1. Viper-Harbor: Double Trouble

The best way to dominate Breeze is by playing double controller. As it is a big map, controlling most of the site can be a huge advantage. Viper and Harbor can be dominant both in attack and defense on this map. However, Viper can also lurk during the attack, while Harbor must stick to his team.

Harbor Viper combo in Breeze Valorant

Viper is more defensively apt for Breeze. Her AOE damage, along with her vision control, makes her a solo defender of any site on Breeze. On the other hand, Harbor can also delay push, but his key feature is the armor smoke, which can impact the retake scenario.

2. Take Mid and Halls Control

In the defensive half, you can get some rounds if you take mid and hall control. The mid and hall both allow attackers a quick passage to A site. This can make it hard for any solo anchor on-site to deal with it. That’s why it’s important to keep an aggressive engagement on mid through the sniper’s nest or double doors.

You can push in early on the halls and backstab opponents on A-main. If you think you can get in trouble, you can always use the vent to escape quickly. However, playing a Yoru in the halls is the ideal strategy. Yoru will get you that escape route and flashes to fight multiple opponents.

3. Utilize the Operator

Big maps need bigger guns. This is exactly why you need to whip out the best guns in Valorant for Breeze. You can use any sniper to gain a long-distance advantage over the enemies. If you use an operator, use it as a Jett or Chamber. Otherwise, your investment can fall into the wrong hands.

Jett operator in Breeze Valorant

The ideal way to use the sniper is after reading enemy movements. Once you know which site or location the enemy agents are playing at, you will have easy peeks into their deaths. Just make sure to have a short or frenzy for some backup.

4. Pre-Plan Site Execution

While aiming is the best ingredient for Breeze, you must cut off your thinking time while doing it. That is why pre-planning is a must for Breeze. You can use the best Valorant map planner tools to plan how you want to execute your attacks. Remember that Breeze is all about winning maximum rounds on the attack, so capitalizing on that can get you to victory faster.

That was our complete guide to the Breeze map in Valorant. What do you think about the map’s impact on competitive games? Do you think it should be in the rotation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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