Valorant Astra: 8 Best Tips & Tricks

When it comes to unique controllers, Astra is almost at the top of the list. This Valorant agent debuted in Episode 2 Act 2 and immediately won hearts with her unique playstyle. However, multiple nerfs and patches have made her less effective than she was. To master Astra in Valorant, learn the best tips and tricks from our guide right here!

1. Communicate with Teammates

Some controllers, such as Omen and Clove, can self-sustain in Valorant. But that is not the case with Astra. She requires more communication with the team to use her abilities in the right spot at the right time.

Astra is a great leadership agent. That is why it is better to play her if you are your team’s IGL (in-game leader). This helps you call the shots your team can follow for the perfect execution of plans. So always remember, communication is key within the team!

2. Stall the Plant and Defuse

Astra can pull enemies using the Gravity Well. This can be useful for delaying the plant or defuse. Whenever you get the audio cue for a defuse or plant, use it immediately to stall the enemy. You can also watch the enemy for a few free kills. If enemies do not leave the pull, you will have an advantage against them in an aim battle.

Pull to stall enemy defuse or plant as Astra

You can also put the stars early if you can predict the plant spot. This will help you adjust the timing and possibly snatch rounds from enemies. If you can master the pull, winning rounds will be much easier post-plant.

3. Use Utility Before Engaging

Unlike any other agents in the game, controllers require you to use abilities before engaging in fights. If you are playing Astra, put your stars before the round starts and use your abilities as time passes.

If you die early in the round, your team will have to play without the crucial supportive abilities you could provide as a controller. So, if you really want to be of use to your fellow mates, use your utilities before you engage!

4. Try Combination Kills

Astra is one of the few agents with two crowd-control abilities. You can use her pull and stun with AOE damage skills to make great combination kills. You can also put stars to pull or stun before the round starts, which can be a great early advantage.

Astra Combination kills with other Valorant agents

Some of the best allies you can combine your abilities with are Sova, Raze, Viper, Brimstone, and Killjoy. Ensure you do not use this play every round and waste your utility early in the game.

5. Use Your Ultimate Wisely

Astra’s Cosmic Divide is one of the strongest ultimate abilities in Valorant. It cuts the entire map in two halves. You can utilize this for attack as well as for defense. It blocks enemy fire but cannot block abilities.

Cosmic Divide while attack

In attacking half, you can use the wall to cut down the enemy’s vision and enter the site aggressively to take control. While on the defense, you can cover the spike perfectly and defuse it by staying hidden. The wall blocks all bullets, so getting shot through will not be a concern.

6. Stick to the Team While Using Abilities

Veteran Astra fans will know she goes into the Astral Form while she places the stars or casts the ultimate. However, the downside here is that she cannot defend herself, which leaves her open to enemy fire.

This makes it all the more important to stay with your teammates. While you cast abilities, your teammates can protect your vulnerable body. You can also find cover and hide behind it. And as a last measure, you should also cancel Astral Form if you hear enemy footsteps.

7. Fake Smokes Can Deceive Enemies

Astra is the only Valorant who can create fake smoke. The smoke can deceive enemies into deciding whether the site is being pushed or not. Using these to peek at an angle can also catch an enemy off-guard.

Fake Smoke to Kill enemies

You can also use this handy utility to cross places like Icebox mid and Ascent mid during rotation. Once you take the stars back, you can use them again after a while. So, make sure to utilize this skill whenever you feel like it.

8. Utilise Global Presence

One of the best ways to master Astra is to master the global presence. You can put stars or use abilities on any place from anywhere on the map. This helps you support teammates on other sites even without being around.

Astra Global Presence

This is helpful mostly on the defensive half, as you can hold one site and contribute to others even without being there. Astra is also a great retake agent, who can keep delaying opponents from other sites thanks to her global presence.

These are all the best tips and tricks that will help you master Astra in Valorant. Once you master her, shift your attention to the best Phantom skins and create the perfect kit. Have you tried her in the games yet? Use these tips and share your experience in the comments below.

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