15 Best Operator Skins in Valorant (Ranked)

The Operator is hands down one of the best ways to win long-range engagements in Valorant. However, parading your precious Operator around in stock skins might not be appealing to you. For players looking to lock down long-range battles in style, many skins for the gun exist. So keep reading as we share our list of the best Operator skins in Valorant.

Note: This ranked Operator skin tier list is in a descending order based on the price, quality, and overall feel of the skin in the game.

15. Glitchpop Operator

Glitchpop Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Blue, Red, Gold

If you know my take on Glitchpop from our best Phantom skins list of Valorant, you will know it is one of my favorite skin lines. However, this Operator skin is the least attractive among all weapons from this bundle. It feels a bit extra as a sniper and sometimes might distract you after shooting enemies. Despite that, Glitchpop art is still one of the finest you can find in Valorant.

14. Spline Operator

Valorant Spline Operator
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: Green, Red, Blue

Spline could be in the top ten if it had some sound effects and a finisher. Despite that, I am starting to like its simplicity and design. It would be appropriate if Spline Operator was considered Deluxe or Select edition and cost less than 1775 VP. These things take away some plus points from this otherwise clean skin.

13. Minima Operator

Minima Operator
  • Original Price: 1275
  • Rarity: Deluxe
  • Variants: None

Once, I debated and said Minima skin lines are basically standard or default gun skins. However, Minima’s minimal design adds to Operator skins. It looks different but not too chaotic for an Operator. The perfect balance is there for players to consider getting their hands on this skin.

12. Sentinels of Light

Sentinels of Light Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Pink, Red/Green, Blue/Purple

The Sentinels of Light Operator is one of the best skins in Valorant in terms of bullet effects and finishers. However, the sound can be too loud and distracting if you are trying to avoid getting ambushed after a kill. Nonetheless, the skin is fancy and perfect if you feel like showing off to your friends.

11. Prelude to Chaos Operator

Prelude to Chaos Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Green, White, Blue

If you are looking for an Operator skin that causes chaos, then this one is for you. The Prelude to Chaos skin packs a lot of intense elements. Everything, from reloading to inspection to kills, is loud and heavily animated, making it all amazing. Do try not to get distracted while using this skin. Otherwise, it will suit you if you love gimmicky and overdone cosmetics.

10. Origin Operator

Origin Valorant Operator
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: Green, Red, White

Although Origin is not the most favorite Operator in Valorant, the inspect animation ensures I can keep it on this list. However, the best part of Origin Operator skin is its metallic bullet sound. So, whenever you are shooting, it will feel like you are shooting actual bullets from a sniper. A loud sniper, I mean!

9. Valiant Hero Operator

Valiant Hero Operator
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: Sunset, Dusk, Night

Valiant Hero Operator is one of the interesting ones on this list. The Stick, aka Monkey King Bar, works as the muzzle, which looks amazing when the gun spews out bullets. This Operator’s design and color scheme are among the best in all of Valorant skins, making me want to get it right now!

8. Reaver Operator

Reaver Operator
  • Original Price: 1775
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: Red, Black, White

While Reaver had one of the best Vandal skins in Valorant, the Operator missed just a bit. Although there is nothing wrong with this skin, it did pack an ADS bug. Even though the bug was fixed, the Reaver is not as preferable. Nonetheless, holding the gun in your virtual hands feels satisfactory, making it an amazing Operator skin.

7. Ion Operator

Ion Operator
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: None

The pure white color with the sci-fi looks makes Ion one of the best skins in all of Valorant. Besides packing good animation and reload effects, this particular Operator skin looks deadly. However, the skin also packs a few downsides, including lackluster sound effects and a lack of color variants.

6. Infantry Operator Valorant

Valorant operator Infantry
  • Original Price: 875 VP
  • Rarity: Select
  • Variants: None

The Infantry Operator’s Kar98k-like design reminds me of my good old Call of Duty days. The skin is cheap, and the nostalgic design will appeal to any tactical shooter gamer. Sadly, there are no sound effects or animations in this skin, making it a difficult choice for gamers.

5. RGX 11Z Pro Operator

RGX 11Z Pro Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Red, Blue, Yellow

While the RGX 11Z Pro is a great bundle in Valorant, this Operator is the strongest from this bundle. Despite the knife from this bundle being one of the best knife skins in Valorant, the Operator is slightly superior.

The transparent effects suit the weapon, along with its color scheme. Even when you reload or clock in after a shot, the RGB-like color effects keep you busy. So get this Operator skin right now!

4. Forsaken Operator

Valorant Forsaken Operator
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium
  • Variants: Gold

Valorant has many flashy and fancy skins, but sometimes less is more. That is the case with the Forsaken Operator skin. This is one of the skins you don’t need much from. The sound and effects are perfect and the color variants are also enough for its design.

3. Imperium Operator

Imperium Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Ruby, Pearl, Obsidian

I have been using Imperium Operator ever since it was revealed, and I am in love with it. Besides looking so classy, the skin packs amazing sound effects and a beautiful design. The finisher complements the skin perfectly. If only the scoped view were less distracting, it would have gone to my top two list!

2. Elderflame Operator

Elderflame Operator
  • Original Price: 2475 VP
  • Rarity: Ultra
  • Variants: Red, Blue, Dark

I’ll admit that I was quite torn when deciding where to place this skin. While a part of me wanted to have this as the top choice, the colors on the other variants are not as good as the default ones in this Operator.

This, combined with the higher pricing, made me bump it down to the second position. Despite that, no one can deny that shooting with Elderflame Operator feels like you are breathing fire.

1. Araxys Operator

Araxys Operator
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive
  • Variants: Purple, Black, Silver

And with that, we come to my top choice. The Araxys, by far, is the best Operator skin in Valorant. From the gun-equip sound and animations to the smooth scoping style, everything is perfect in this skin! The gun also has the best variants you can unlock. This operator skin also has a great finisher effect, making you crave those final blows. So get this amazing Operator skin right now!

That concludes our best Operator skins list for Valorant. Do you agree with the list? Which skin is your favorite in the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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