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Minecraft 1.21: Release Date, New Features, Leaks & Rumors

Minecraft 1.20 update brought various much-awaited and desired changes to our blocky worlds. From brand-new mobs such as Sniffer and camel to the ability to customize armor with armor trims, an archeology system in Minecraft, and so much more, Minecraft 1.20 is truly an amazing update. However, now that the hype has settled, the community is interested in what’s next. And that’s what we are covering here, shedding light on the release date and possible new features such as mobs and biomes coming with the Minecraft 1.21 update.

Note: The new features and release date mentioned in this article are so far just speculations. We don’t have a sufficient amount of official evidence yet, but mostly assumptions and suggestions from the community.

Minecraft 1.21 Release Date (Expected)

[UPDATE | September 13, 9:30 AM PST] – Mojang has officially announced the Minecraft Live 2023 event, along with a brand new Mob Vote. The event is set for October 15, 2023, and will finally reveal the initial details for the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. So, stay tuned for all the latest updates. Check out the teaser and all the details via the post linked above.

minecraft live 2023 - minecraft 1.21 unveil date

Before we jump to Minecraft 1.21, let’s talk about the previous update pattern for a second. Minecraft 1.17 was initially supposed to be a massive Caves & Cliffs update, but it wasn’t ready for rollout on time. Therefore, it was split into Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Part 1 and Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2. These updates were released on June 8, 2021 and November 30, 2021, respectively.

The next major update, Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update was then released on June 7, 2022. So, as you can see, Mojang had been following a bi-annual update cadence for the previous few updates. But that changed with the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update, which was released a year after the Wild Update, on June 7, 2022.

Why the delay? This was, unfortunately, a result of community disappointment as a lot of promised features were canceled or delayed. So, with the Minecraft 1.20 update, the developers decided not to overpromise and underdeliver like the previous updates. And we expect the same pattern to continue with the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. So, the Minecraft 1.21 update will likely release sometime in June 2024. Here’s a quick rundown of the recent update cycle:

Minecraft Update NameRelease Date
Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Part 1 June 8, 2021
Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2November 30, 2021
Minecraft 1.19 The Wild June 7, 2022
Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales June 7, 2023
Minecraft 1.21 Updatepossibly June, 2024

Minecraft 1.21 Name: What Is the Update Called

The last major update MC 1.20 didn’t have an official name when it was first announced back in October 2022. Minecraft 1.20 received its official name several months later. This was possibly an outcome of the community discontent mentioned in the previous section. For this reason, Mojang will possibly take its sweet time with naming the Minecraft 1.21 update and focus on the features first. However, that does not stop us from having our own ideas and speculating what the theme of the next update will be.

The End Update?

By far, one of the most asked-for updates in the history of Minecraft is the End Update. This dimension has been kind of neglected by the Mojang team so far. It’s still a plain, mostly empty dimension with a couple of mobs, a structure with the most OP loot, and the literal boss of the game. You would think it deserves a little more love and respect. Minecraft 1.21 update presents the developers with a good chance to overhaul the entire End dimension and bring it to life.

The Inventory Update?

Furthermore, a constantly reoccurring problem every Minecraft player faces is a lack of inventory space. No matter if you own a bunch of shulker boxes to help you move items around, you’ll still want more space in your default inventory. Could Minecraft 1.21 be related to this ongoing issue and could it be the one to solve it? Will we get the Inventory Update perhaps? Tell us what you think in the comments!

The Biomes Update?

Revamped Savanna Biome in Minecraft 1.21
Savanna biome concept art from Minecraft Biome Vote 2018

If you are by chance scrolling through the videos on the official Minecraft YouTube channel, you are likely to find relevant hints about the Minecraft 1.21 update. The team has been uploading videos from The Great Wild series showcasing different biomes in the game. It is not unusual for Mojang to create content hinting at the potential new features, but it could be. Will Minecraft 1.21 be a Biome Update, adding a little something to each biome? Or perhaps just certain biomes will get an upgrade like the desert, savanna, and badlands biomes.

During the Biome Vote in 2018 and in 2019, Mojang listed three biomes to be updated and the community chose one biome. However, that doesn’t mean features designed for other biomes will never be added. Just look at the meerkats, palm trees, ostriches, vultures, and so much more that could be awesome additions to Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.21: New Biomes & Mobs (Speculation)

New biomes and mobs definitely depend on the update’s theme, so let’s mention a couple of different options we speculate will be added in Minecraft 1.21.

Meerkats, Ostriches & Vultures

As mentioned in the previous section, Minecraft has numerous half-developed or temporarily forgotten features. Those include meerkats, ostriches, and also vultures as passive or neutral mobs of the desert, savanna, and badlands biomes, respectively.

Mobs, that could be added to Minecraft 1.21, mentioned in Biome Votes
Image Courtesy: Minecraft YouTube Channel

Meerkats could be cute and friendly creatures that could help the players in some ways, like dolphins. Ostriches could have a funny head-burying animation and maybe even be saddled. Vultures would swoop down and steal the items you threw on the ground and maybe give you something in return.

The End Biome Revamp

Before Minecraft 1.16, the Nether dimension was quite unpretentious. Its terrain almost completely consisted of netherrack and the mobs roaming the land were zombified piglins with ghasts in the air. With Minecraft 1.16 update, the whole Nether got an unbelievable upgrade through new biomes, mobs, ambient music, and more.

Imagine if the End dimension got a similar revamp since it represents the “old Nether” vibes. There could be various new End biomes with some growing exotic End plants and others being home to dangerous mobs, such as a red dragon that was mentioned in Notch’s tweet a long time ago.

New Features We Expect in Minecraft 1.21

1. Long-Awaited Blocks

Recently on June 11, Minecraft art director Jappa (Jasper Boerstra) posted a tweet asking what building or decorative blocks or block sets should Mojang add to Minecraft in the Minecraft 1.21 update.

There have been plenty of amazing suggestions from the community, however, many people have agreed on one set of blocks in particular. Those are the slab, stair, and wall variants of terracotta and concrete blocks. These blocks were added way back in Minecraft 1.6 and 1.12 updates, but still don’t have variants like other blocks. With the addition of these blocks, builders will have much greater control over their builds and plenty more options as well.

2. New Precious Material

The official Minecraft 1.20 background image in the launcher seems gorgeous and quite normal at first glance, right? Well, some eagle-eyed users have pointed out one very curious detail in this artwork. It’s a white helmet and boots in item frames on the right side.

Minecraft 1.20 background image with an interesting detal

Well, it’s just iron armor, you might say, but it’s not, since that is the netherite armor texture. Could it be crafted out of new precious ore in the End dimension in the Minecraft 1.21 update, even stronger and rarer than the ancient debris in the Nether? Or is it dyed netherite armor? We don’t know for sure just yet.

3. Bundles in Minecraft

Bundles are really not a new topic at this point. They were first announced at Minecraft Live 2020 and have been a work in progress ever since with an unclear vanilla implementation date. Well, after years of development and constant changes, bundles are highly likely to arrive in Minecraft 1.21. Thanks to the leaks in a Twitter post shared by the user NikMC, we can see what bundles are going to look like and how they will function in Minecraft Bedrock.

The textures have been changed, so there will be different textures for the bundle item, opened bundle, and closed bundle with items inside. The UI has also been modified slightly. Moreover, the bundle will function pretty much as previously explained. You will be able to place a total of 64 items inside it.

Whether you will be able to take out any item you want or you will be forced to take out all the items before reaching the chosen one is still uncertain, since the development is still happening. Although this leak is related to the Bedrock edition, we expect similar if not the same bundle functionality on the Java edition as well.

4. More Wood Types

Even though Minecraft 1.20 introduced two awesome new wood sets – cherry wood and bamboo wood, you can never get enough of the new wood blocks. So, perhaps there could be fresh new default trees such as palm trees in deserts or baobab trees in the savannas, both teased in the Biome Vote 2018.

Since the Nether Update introduced two tree variants, or should we say giant mushroom variants, Minecraft 1.21 could do the same, so we can build with alien looking-like blocks.

Tree types mentioned in Biome Votes that could arrive in Minecraft 1.21
Image Courtesy: Minecraft YouTube Channel

5. Secret New Dimension

Ever since the warden and the ancient cities were added in the Minecraft 1.19 update, everyone has been asking the same question: Will there be a new dimension? At the center of each ancient city, there is a giant portal-like structure. At first glance, it reminds us of the massive “portal” made out of unmovable reinforced deepslate blocks. But where could this portal lead?

Nether portal lit behind the giant warden-like structure in the ancient city

There were plenty of Ancient City portal speculations about this mysterious build which could be finally solved in Minecraft 1.21. However, Mojang has announced they will not add any new dimensions until they’re satisfied with the ones already in the game. So, the End Update seems a lot more reasonable.

6. More Ambient Features

Ambience implies features that are immersive and will make Minecraft feel more alive. They have, kind of, been lacking in the game so far. The ambient music is present in a couple of locations, like the Nether or underwater in the Overworld, but that is not enough.

Minecraft is a big game with lots of unique biomes deserving their own mark on the players. Mojang developers have been teasing updates to the ambience through the “Soothing Scenes” series on their official YouTube channel. It’s likely that we are going to receive some much-needed ambience improvements in the future Minecraft 1.21. update.

Minecraft 1.21: Java & Bedrock Parity

Although Minecraft is one game, it has two different versions – Java and Bedrock Edition. The developers at the Mojang Studios have been trying to bring parity to their feature set for the past couple of years. Their efforts were rather successful as more and more exclusive to one edition features lost that title. However, there are still some distinguishable features that should be fixed in the Minecraft 1.21 update.

Hardcore Mode

After a lot of waiting, Bedrock players, at last, got Spectator Mode with the Minecraft 1.20 update. This is an amazing addition for creative players and is a welcome addition. However, the highly requested and wanted Hardcore Mode has still not been added to Bedrock Edition.

Hardcore Mode is a variant of the regular Survival Mode, but more dangerous and painful, as you lose your entire world after death. It, therefore, presents a great challenge for everyone ready to take it up. Since the last major update introduced Spectator Mode, we think Minecraft 1.21 should do the same with Hardcore Mode.

These are mere speculations at the moment, along with some feature requests from the community, but we should get official information from Mojang in the coming months. What features do you want to see in Minecraft 1.21? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minecraft 1.21 announced yet?

No, it hasn’t been announced yet. Though, we’ll keep you up to date with everything you need to know, so stay tuned!


  1. The Minecraft 1.21 Forests and Fossils Update would focus primarily upon expanding forests and archaeology. Forests are some of the most common biomes in the game, and as a result, most of players time will be spent in some sort of forest biome.1.21 End Update will released on October 23rd 2024 and revamped mostly features of the Endhe. 1.30 “Galilean Update” is the successor of the two most recent updates 1.29 “Independence Update” and 1.28 “Circuitry Update”. It is the 3rd celestial update after 1.24 and 1.27. This update adds 6 reasonable dimensions (Jupiter Float, Ganymede, Callisto, Io, Europa, Rings). in case people want to know.

  2. I really really want the 1.21 to be a safari update, you could add otters which could be tamed and maybe used to help fish, also lions because they could drop a claw and lions mane which could be crafted to make like a fur armor, then a vulture and that could be used to swoop down and catch fish but could not be tamed, and finally we could have the mob vote winner [whatever that is]. you could also add a ostrich witch I know everyone wants to add that.then for a block we could add maybe a fur block, hardened sand, and also you guys make the last one. and also if you add it pleaseeeeee ad sword, pickaxe, axe and all the others armor trims it would be a real game changer. credit to skip the tutorial for suggesting some of these mob ideas and please I beg you Mojang do this update I really want it.

  3. Something that would be fun was if there was more technonogy in the game. It could make it more fun and intresting

  4. I really feel that they should add a new ore into the end lets go with AAB maybe you could use crying obsidian shards which could be crafted from a combo of crying and regular obsidian. Then craft the Crying Obsidian Shards with like quartz, maybe purpur, and diamond to make a raw AAB ore to then smelt it into AAB ingots then make armor regularly then it would be simple and weaker than netherite but it gives off buffs like permanent strength, speed, fire resistance, and absorption. Anouther thing I really would like to add is a Master Enderpearl that works like armor or tools were it looses durability then breaks eventually.

    Also I am not crazy about the ostrich’s but if we got them we should be able to ride them and I feel like the should be able to carry storage like the donkey. Which I am a huge fan of but really don’t like the actually donkey because of its slowness. I also really in the future would like to see monkeys which would be neutral and through bananas when provoked which would be a lot like snowballs but give slowness. While gorillas would simply just attack, and you could even feed. this maybe has room for them too be tamable…..

  5. They need to add some use for copper maybe with some of the new biomes we could add a boss that has something to do with copper. But if not then please add a mini boss to the end, and maybe even some day the nether will have its own mini boss to. Maybe…… lava monsters? Just a thought!

  6. what would be cool is if you added flickering light blocks more variants of frogs fog more hostile mobs dead rotting trees.

  7. Can we see the red dragon? it seems to be a mob that everybody wants because you can ride it when the egg hatches.

    1. great idea kid and also add new end ores those exotic plants and just add every beauty full end update thing you said

  8. Please add emerald , Redstone , lapis tools and add nitrite horse armor and horse armor trims and for elytras and sheilds add the trims Please 🙏 and Please add the aether portal in Java and bedrock edition 🙏

    1. Aarav I like your comment but what would emerald , Redstone , lapis tools do in the first place sure it would be nice to have tools like that and the shields we can make banners and put them on our shields since July 22nd, 2011 when the aether mod made people hoping that Mojang would add the aether portal so people could go to more than just the Neather and end but we all know Mojang will never add the aether to Minecraft. I’m hoping that Mojang will add piliger villages to minecraft and yearly updates like gorilla tags monthly update and I want Mojang to add minecraft computers to play minecraft in minecraft and Mojang can you please add minecraft to the qust 2 plz

  9. Maybe that should add a space update so there are stars and some shine brighter and all are in different positions each night but will repeat here and there, also there could be a telescope to see the stars. And there could better telescopes by adding 1 glass to see farther.

  10. Man all I want is a end update inventory update parity and quality of life update and then a sculk dimension update

  11. Mojang should consider making the community by adding biomes in the end due to the fact that once you have reached a certain limit, the end dimension becomes most utterly useless because there would be no action or thing to look for. Enderite may or may not be a good idea because we go netherite and this would dissuade players from getting the netherite in the first place. It could have other functionality such as repairing tools / armour by a certain degree of durability or perhaps have elytra upgrades. This would be a huge update if Mojang decided to make this 1.21 but for now, we are stuck with 1.20 and mapacks – actually go check those out.

    1. Yeah!!! More hostile mobs, or just revamp all of the mobs and make their Ai completely different to change the game. Have like eclipses that could buff or spawn new mons

  12. everyone thinks the deep dark will have dimension but what if instead I didn’t take them to a deep dark dimension and I took them to THE PAST DIMENSION because of all of the old structures I think I would be pretty cool for 1.21

  13. That’s was so cool 😀 I’m So happy With that but,What about the ambient and Water Physics,java lefthand,Glow items Glow in Dark when it’s in The Hand,change the Sound of Rain and the last is add the Bundles… In 1.17 Mojang said they will add the Bundles but it didn’t add in the game and until now

  14. We should have emerald armor and tools. We need more enchants and more weapons as well as ENDERITE ORE which I would have waited for. Also add more trims

  15. They should add a Chinese village in the cherry blossom biome and they should add the debug stick invisible item frame.

  16. I think mojang should add swamp villages and rainforest villages, the houses of these villages can be elevated like the roads of some places in Southeast Asia

  17. They should add custom capes and skin crossover like if I have a custom skin on mobile it should show up on ps Xbox switch or laptop

  18. I think extra inventory space could make things too easy. An important part of survival mode is doing what you can to survive, especially while traveling, by smartly managing your inventory and planning ahead. The challenge is part of the fun.

    1. I think it would be cool for them to add a space update so there are stars that shine brighter than the others and maybe add a telescope so you could see the stars.

  19. something that I would love to see in 1.21 would be more mob variants. we know what it’s like to have the same mob look different with rabbits, horses, cats, parrots, etc. but what if it were that way with more mobs. like, differently colored cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. though, when speaking about mob varieties, the most obviously wanted one would be wolves. wolves are essentially the players best friend- well, I should say the wolf is the players best friend, since there’s only one variants. I’m not saying to add dog breeds. honestly, I like that it’s wolves rather than dog breeds. it’s much easier to retexture a current model than have to make a whole new model and texture it. that’s why I want different wolf types. maybe even wolves that have the coloration of some dog breeds, but not the same body shape. I’d say to keep the original wolf model, but add different textures to the wolf dependant on the area it was born in (similar to frogs) or where they spawn (or just what wolves were bred)
    speaking of wolves, I’d say also add stuff like wolf armor or chests to pit on your wolf. in single player, the wolf is usually your only companion (and loyal, at that) so why not add it some more functionality other than attack and give it some protection. we don’t want to lose your furry friend. I have more ideas, but I would be writing an entire essay.

    1. Wolf armor is a great idea!!!
      And they should add in more to the ocean like sharks and squid would be cool.
      And more food like tacos!

      1. Good idea neocodemus wolf armor sounds pretty cool and I would have a idea of how to get mojang would add wolf caves and maybe even some other dogs and sadly they said they WONT BE ADDING SHARKS

      2. I have lost too many wolves to creepers (RIP Alphas 1-5, J-Dog, Wolfe, Dog!, Buddy 1-3, etc.). I think the idea of pet armor is incredible. I do not want to loose another IGESA (In Game Emotional Support Dog) To darn creepers.

  20. End Update:
    If you are planning on adding Thalasium ores, maybe to actually get the ingots, you need to craft the ore you get with ghast tears and/or lots of amethyst and/or lots of quartz (quartz and amethyst both need more use tbh), to get the raw thallasium, THEN smelt it in a furnace! Because wouldn’t it be OP? Better than netherite? Also you wouldn’t find a lot of that ore out in the open! It would be kinda rare!

    Also, I’ve heard something about radium getting added as an ore! Maybe it can only be mined in the end! Or the nether and the end! Or whichever 1 or 2 of the 3 dimensions, or all! Anyways, I heard it can be used as fuel, but making things cook/smelt faster, like 4x faster! And yeah, when you mine it, you get radium dust, green dust, which you craft into a radium block! If you place it down, it’s radioactive ☢️, so you take damage when near it! You can also make it explode with radioactive particles or rings (you take damage in and maybe can sample) if you surround a block with a dust from each side, or surround a dust with a block from each side!

    Now, looking at Eyecraftmc’s “What if Minecraft 1.20 is The End Update?” video, there definitely should be end biomes. You’re probably saying: “Oh there’s technically 3 end biomes!” Yeah no they’re all the same. I mean real end biomes.

    First, the Amber Lands. It would be a pretty flat terrain, doesn’t go up and down a lot, not many hills, orange grass on/combined with the end stone. And 2 types of shrubs. A tall thin one, probably each one being either 2 or 3 block tall, and just maybe dropping a weird item that idk what it would do. Maybe a kind of sprout? Idk. And then there’s be a square shaped one, that would only drop a certain part if mined or right-clicked with an axe, or a certain other part if sheared. And maybe those are just small chances if axed or sheared. But guaranteed nothing drops if mined with anything other than that. You could use the 2 parts to craft a unique weapon maybe! For example, a weird spear, that has only 30 durability, does only like 2 hearts, but has twice the range of a sword. So you could reach from like 8 blocks away! Also, have shrubs that when mined, get you amber mushrooms, then you craft them with warped fungus and crimson fungus to make an OP (or maybe just mid) stew.

    Second, the Chorus Forest. Remake the textures of the current chorus fruit trees, or don’t, but have it so that those chorus fruit trees/stems are only found in this Chorus Forest biome. Y’know, to make that food a little harder to find in the end. And then don’t have trees, but special leaves on the ground, so when you bone meal them, an interesting type of food or tool or ingredient will grow on them. And then you can collect it either by mining it, or shearing it, your choice!

    Third, the Aurora Hills. This biome could be a little bit, but still significantly rarer than the other biomes. It would have lots of hills, almost contsant hill change, but not too steep! Basically around a 45 degree angle. 📐. Anyways, it would have some sort of turf (just for looks) and have the Aurora crystals! And just like in the video, their color would depend on where they are exactly! Wouldn’t make a difference when mining the block, but would sure look beautiful! Anyways, you can get them with probably an iron pickaxe or better, and you’d craft them with another rare type of ore in the end (or a new material only capable of being found in chests in very specific structures. Ooh! Or maybe you actually make it with echo shards?), and get these powerful one-use stars ✨ 🌟 that would invert one hit of damage to heal as much as it was supposed to damage or something like that. Or, with two of those stars, you craft it into a sword that does at most a decent amount of damage, but take away 1 or 2 hunger bars each time you hit your enemy (for full charge hits only!)! Something creative like that! Maybe the star could be called Valtor or something. And yeah, like I said, either it itself gets used as a damage invert, and/or you craft 2 of em with a stick (or a diamond) to make a Valtor Sword! Maybe it’ll only have 100 durability, or maybe 1,000+! Anyways, yeah! Ik that would be OP, but it’s also rare since I said at the beginning of this paragraph that this aurora biome would be significantly rarer than the others! Maybe like others are 20% and this one’s 10-15%!

    Fourth, the Painted Mountains! Honestly, not much to say about these ones but that they could appear in big chunks, where it’s half regular end stone, and half some weird black colored block that could be used as fuel, or a third stone, like cobblestone and blackstone! Or something else! You can be creative with it! For example, tiny fractions of an item you get by brushing it!

    Fifth, the Icy Points! They are like massive snowflakes that you’d kinda have to parcour on, half the blocks would be fine, and the other half, when you’re stand on them, you freeze quickly! And can take freezing heart damage much faster than being in powdered snow! They’d be floating in the air, with you jumping from one giant snowflake to the next giant snowflake, and there’s just void beneath you.

    Sixth, the Shadow Forest. A black, spooky, forest, with certain blocks on the ground giving you blindness when you walk on them. With a new hostile mob, that’s exactly the size and shape of you, but completely black, with particle effects around it. Walks very slowly, but if they hit you, they do 5 hearts, and give you blindness for 10 seconds. Probably would have around the same health as a zombie.

    Anyways, 3 things for whatever you do when you update the end:

    1. Don’t put more trees with more wood in. Believe me, we don’t need more wood, especially with Mangrove in 1.19, and the Cherry and Bamboo wood in 1.20!
    2. When you spawn in the end, it would be cool if you changed it so that, you’d be in the middle of the end, and you have to travel like 500 blocks to get to the Ender dragon fight. Ik your thinking: “Well, they won’t know which way!” But they’ll check their coords and they’ll know it’s always at X=0 and Z=0! And yeah, you could make it so that they’re not y’know 10,000 blocks away, but maybe 500 or 1,000 blocks, it would be a cool build up, and then, you see the central place with the Ender Dragon fight. Maybe you still have to bridge to it, maybe there’s still a huge void gap between the outer end biomes and the boss fight, or maybe there’s not!
    3. We’re gonna want that starry sky, that’s so cool and space like, and kinda changes color as well as its look for some of the biomes, kind of like how in the Nether when you go in the Soul Sand Biome, the sky turns blue, and gets kinda foggy. Or how there’s smoke in the air when in the Basalt biome in the Nether.

    Oh yeah! The one structure where it looks like writing of ancient languages. There are 8 pedestals in a circle around an empty portal like set of Roman temple blocks. Maybe there are different variants of them, they look the same, but the item you have to put in the pedestals changes. For example, in one of them, you have to make eight full durability iron pickaxes and place them on the pedestals, one on each, then the portal will activate and the 8 iron pickaxes will get consumed. Here are my ideas for different variants. 8 Iron pickaxes, 8 honeycomb, 8 crying obsidian, 8 amethyst shards, or 8 or those weird spears I was talking about earlier. And also, the portal and pedestals are either unbreakable, like bedrock, or very tough to mine, and you won’t get it even with Silk Touch, like reinforced deepslate.

    Anyways, yeah, the portal, will take you to this cool snow dimension! Maybe you need it after killing the Ender dragon! Perhaps you go in the snow dimension, and use the Ender dragon egg to put on a pedestal and then the portal for back to the Overworld aka to beat the game would fill. But you’d have the one last challenge to find that one pedestal in the snow dimension.

    Also, I saw in that mod, some weird cactuses that grow sideways or any way really. And they’re very long, that would be a cool thing to add.

    You see how much more important so many items would be in Minecraft if you add stuff like this? Your inventory would be crowded and packed to the brim! And then imagine if you could upgrade your inventory! This would be an update to a whole nother level!

    Congrats, you made it to the end of my list! These are just my suggestions, but yeah, I really want an end update SO BAD, also inventory update would be pretty nice as well!

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