15 Best Cherry Blossom Seeds in Minecraft

Pink petals are falling and the air is sweeter than ever before. It’s finally cherry blossom season in Korea, Japan, and well, even Minecraft. Yeah, Minecraft 1.20 brought a new Cherry Grove biome to the game, featuring beautiful cherry blossom trees, a welcoming environment, and so much more. But, much like other mountain biomes, it’s not easy to find. So, let’s check out some of the best Cherry Blossom biome seeds in Minecraft so you can venture into the pink biome right away.

Note: Before we move to the list, remember that all the seeds in our list work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. However, the structures are not going to be in the same location on both editions.

1. Calm Start

Cherry grove biome in Minecraft

Opening with a small bang, our first seed spawns you inside a calm cherry grove biome. It has an oval-like shape and is not huge, nor small. You will find plenty of cave openings where you can get iron and other materials. There are plains and forest biomes surrounding the pink forest and providing you with other passive mobs. Most other biomes are not overly far away, so you can get most of the wood types in the game rather quickly. Though, when you get an elytra in Minecraft, only sky is the limit.

  • Seed Code: -7601484423674584936
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: Spawn

2. Pink Cherry Grove Range

What makes cherry blossoms great in the real world is seeing them polishing the mountain range, adding a range of colors to their usual duotone theme. Now, you can experience the same in Minecraft with this seed, which creates a perfect mountain peak. It starts with open grass fields and has ice and snow at the top.

The Pink Range

But what makes it truly special is the long cherry forest that generates in the middle of the mountain. In a way, it acts as the perfect bridge between the cold and the greenery. If you have the best Minecraft shaders installed, the scene is going to turn out to be a great wallpaper.

  • Seed Code: 767
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: X: -70 Z:-270

3. A Cherry Blossom Top

This Minecraft seed takes the relationship between Cherry Grove and the mountains to a whole other level by generating a huge cherry forest on top of a hill. It is located right next to a water body and has a mountain-like terrain with dirt and stone on the side and grass towards the bottom. Not to forget, if you play Minecraft with your friends, this spot is also tactical and reliable for a base. The height of the mountain will give you a spot to overlook your surroundings and the cave openings will offer you all the resources you need.

A Cherry Blossom Mountain Cherry Grove Seeds in Minecraft

Not to forget, the trees, plants, and Minecraft mobs in the area are there to take care of the food requirements. Moreover, deepslate layers below your spawn point and also north of it are infested with sculk blocks, that developed into a deep dark biome. Mountain range at the coordinates listed below sits above 4 different ancient cities on the Bedrock edition and even 5 ancient cities on the Java edition. And even more lurk underneath surrounding area.

  • Seed Code: 2231
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates for the Cherry Grove: Spawn
  • Coordinates for the Ancient City Mountain Range: X: 250 Z: -1,025

4. A Forest of the Frozen Cherry Grove

A major priority of progressing in the game is creating a Minecraft house. It’s a base that you can come back to after every great adventure, and it also serves as a reliable location to store your resources. Keeping that in mind, we have this gorgeous seed that spawns you in the perfect spot to create a new base. You have a beautiful Cherry Grove forest on one side and a dark but welcoming forest on the other. And to finish the scenery, you get a large snowy mountain on the back.

Frozen Cherries

You can get lava from a nearby lava pool, ores from a large ravine in the forest, and all the building blocks from an array of trees and the mountain itself. Then, once you are done, there is a river and an ocean right next to the spawn point. You only need a Minecraft boat to explore the rest of the world of this amazing seed.

  • Seed Code: 11017
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: Spawn

5. Village in the Cherry Grove

Even though we have dozens of Minecraft biomes in the game, when it comes to the villages, only very few of them get lucky. While Cherry Grove might not be one of the lucky biomes to have an exclusive village, this Minecraft seed is definitely rooting for it. Here, you spawn in a plains village, parts of which are merged into the nearby pink biome. Surprisingly, one of the villagers has even moved to the higher part of the mountain to get closer to the snow.

Cherry Village

Now, all you need to do is transform the regular plains village with the new cherry wood in Minecraft. The result will be a village that the game has never seen before. Furthermore, while you are at it, we suggest you also explore some of these top Minecraft house ideas to give the villagers a long-due housing upgrade. Though, despite the surface calmness, underground is far more dangerous, thanks to the massive deep dark biome.

  • Seed Code: 5305304 (Java)
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the Village: Spawn

6. The 50-50 World

There are a bunch of great things about this Minecraft seed, and the half-pink-half-green forest is just the beginning. For starters, you have to deal with a lava pool as soon as you spawn otherwise forest fire will burn almost all of the wood in the area. Fortunately, there’s a beautiful river circling the hill, which might come in handy.

The 50-50 World Cherry Grove Seeds in Minecraft

Though, you don’t have to rely on that, as right next to the cherry trees is a beautiful waterfall that leads to a huge dripstone cave opening. So, you get all the best basic friendly resources in the game while also being part of unique picturesque view.

  • Seed Code: 842595
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: Spawn

7. Cherry Nation

While some people want resourceful spawn points, others want iconic scenes and the rest of the seeds on our list provide more than those demands. However, this Minecraft seed is made for people who only want to experience Cherry Grove in all its glory. It spawns you in one of the largest forests of cherry blossom trees to ever exist in the game.

Cherry Nation

Whether you want to make a castle out of maroon wood or just a huge pastel pink base, you can find all the cherry wood you need. Not to forget, whether you need a bit of contrast, there are plains and snowy slopes around to balance it all out.

  • Seed Code: 69101
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: Spawn

8. Cherry Ice Pit

Cherry Pit

If we were to create a list of the most peaceful seeds of Minecraft, this one would definitely be a top contender. It spawns you close to a small circular snowy mountain range, which is home to a Cherry grove biome in itself. Furthermore, there are also a bunch of randomly generated cherry trees leading you to this beautiful place.

  • Seed Code: 77858
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the Cherry Grove Valley: X: 110 Z: 220

9. Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract Cherry Grove Seeds in Minecraft

There’s no doubt about how cheerful and welcoming this new Cherry Grove biome is. However, all the other biomes in the game don’t share the same vibes as the pink mountain. This seed allows you to experience the best of both worlds at the spawn point. On one hand, you get the beautiful cherry trees with a hint of snow next to them. On the other, there is a savanna wasteland with a massive exposed dripstone cave.

  • Seed Code: 144150
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna Plateau
  • Coordinates: X: 30 Z: 0

10. Pillagers on Top of the World

If you don’t like pillagers, then this seed may not be for you, since they’ve claimed one of the prettiest locations to settle down. Once you spawn in this seed’s world, you’ll be greeted by a big birch forest, where you can get started. Moreover, just south-west, you’ll see a massive meadow biome, that generated a very silly-looking village on the cliffside. However, if you head to the coordinates listed below, you’ll find a pillager outpost on the flattish terrain of the snowy slopes biome, overlooking the gorgeous cherry grove.

Pillager outpost naturally generated on top of a snowy mountain overlooking a cherry grove biome

If you’re a fan of pillagers, you could turn them passive, by blocking their shots with a shield. Once their crossbow breaks, they’ll just walk around not hurting you anymore. So, building a pillager base of sorts with barracks and prisons filled with villagers could be a great inspiration for you. Just don’t forget to name all the pillagers you’d like to keep using a name tag. Also, there is an ancient city right underneath the outpost, so that could bring even more storytelling elements to this world. This seed doesn’t spawn you directly in a cherry grove biome, like most other ones on this list do, but it’ still a pretty amazing seed you should check out.

  • Seed Code: -2519444364407281220
  • Spawn Biome: Birch Forest
  • Coordinates for the Pillager Outpost: X: -690 Z: 210

11. Pink Savanna Village

This Minecraft seed is unique and special. It spawns you near a savanna village with an ironsmith villager and a bunch of speedrunning-friendly resources. But instead of being a generally good village, this spot features a set of houses scattered over a mountain. Some are next to the ice, and others are finding a home near the cherry wood.

Pink Savanna Village

Though what makes this entire scenario truly special is how colorfully contrasting Cherry Grove and the savanna are. It almost feels wrong to see them spawning together. But it also reflects the range of natural environments Minecraft can present you.

  • Seed Code: 11032889
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna Plateau
  • Coordinates: Spawn

12. Canyon with Tall Cherry Grove and Meadow Cliffs

Cherry groves and meadows are fairly similar biomes, since they both generate at high altitudes. So, when they generate one next to each other, a valley of sorts usually occurs in between them. Though, in this seed, that’s not quite the case, because that space is actually filled with a river biome. Therefore, you’ll find fairly tall and steep cliffsides around the river creating a canyon-like scenery.

Canyon cutting through tall terrain of a cherry grove and meadow biomes

Even though most of the river is bordered with plains and forest biomes and that the river stops pretty abruptly, it could be improved with player-made buildings on the sides and clever terraforming. Furthermore, as you can see from the screenshot above, cherry grove sits above a massive dripstone cave, that is actually completely exposed in some places. So, you should probably light it up a bit first using some of the game’s light source blocks before rowing through the dangerous canyon.

  • Seed Code: 8907269963032727430
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the Canyon: X: -110 Z: 120

13. White Mountain with Pink Icing

Is there anything more ideal than a beautiful cherry grove forest and a breathtaking mountain covered with snow in the background? It is true with this Minecraft seed, which is definitely worth checking out. There is even a village next to this magical scenery, so I guess the villagers love it too!

Furthermore, a giant crack goes right through the cherry grove biome and creates a spikey ravine with dripstone caves on either side. Not only that, but the mountain itself is so massive it generates a snowy valley surrounded by high peaks.

Mountain range surrounded by cherry blossom trees and a village on one side

Though remember that you get a peculiar and difficult spawn point with this seed. Occasionally, you will spawn in the ravine itself and you had better know parkour, because you are going to need to get out of there, or you could alternatively swim up the waterfall. Other times you may spawn on the edge of the mountain, but getting out of there won’t be easy either.

  • Seed Code: 65434346551264
  • Spawn Biome: Frozen Peaks
  • Coordinates for the Mountain: X: -70 Z: -50

14. Plains Valley with Cherry Blossoms Around

Plains valley surrounded by cherry grove hills - minecraft 1.20 seed

If you’re not impressed by the beauty of the cherry blossom trees, this Minecraft 1.20 seed will make you fall in love with them. Your spawn point is in a cherry grove biome with a circular plains biome in the center. You could make any house builds in the valley, either on the cliffs or on top of the cherry grove hills. Just remember that you will always have a stunning pink cherry forest in the backdrop. There could be a ton of terraforming opportunities as well, and of course, a waterfall to enhance the view.

  • Seed Code: 454655646551226
  • Spawn Biome: Cherry Grove
  • Coordinates: X: 10 Z: -60

15. Minecraft 1.20 Panorama Seed

Cherry grove biome, Minecraft 1.20 panorama seed

With the release of the Minecraft 1.20 update, the game’s main menu now includes an awesome panorama in the background showing you, in this case, a cherry grove biome. That seed has been discovered, and it’s this one. At the coordinates below, you can experience the lovely panorama background in-game. Not to mention, the scenery is rather stunning with the plains biome valley spreading between two cherry grove hills.

  • Seed Code: 8554477380691140270
  • Spawn Biome: Bamboo Jungle
  • Coordinates: X=1,839 Y=128 Z=6,312

This is one of the most popular seeds in our best Minecraft 1.20 seeds guide, which you can load up to find even more awesome biomes and mobs like camels, sniffers, and much more. If you’re a Bedrock Edition player, don’t forget to look at the best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock seeds.

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