8 Best Trial Chambers Seeds in Minecraft 1.21

Trial chambers are a brand new structure introduced in the Minecraft 1.21 update, and it’s loaded with exciting and difficult challenges. Not only can you have fun fighting mobs repeatedly but also get some of the best loot in the game. Here are the best trial chambers seeds you must check out in Minecraft 1.21.

1. Mineshaft Above a Trial Chamber (Java)

Mineshaft Above a Trial Chamber in Minecraft 1.21
  • Seed Code: 695073197
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates for the trial chamber: X:263 Z:135

We are starting this list with an incredible trial chamber seed. It spawns you at the edge of a forest biome with plenty of resources. The closest trial chamber is only about 300 blocks away. Once you get there, dig down to find a massive trial chamber with Breeze, husk, slime, and trial spawners in Minecraft 1.21.

Not only that, there is a massive mineshaft above one part of the chamber with plenty of regular spawners for you to take advantage of. Some parts of the chamber even make up the floor of the mineshaft, which makes it pretty cool to explore the mineshaft first.

2. Trial Chamber, Stronghold, and Village Stack (Bedrock)

Trial chamber next to a lava cave in Minecraft 1.21
  • Seed Code: 2601298616215396535
  • Spawn Biome: Beach
  • Coordinates: X: 1750 Z: 150

This seed is exclusively listed for Bedrock players, and it spawns you inside the beach biome. Once you’re ready for a challenge, head east to find a savanna village with a pillager outpost right next to it. Just below the village, there is a stronghold for you to loot.

But that’s not all. If you dig down even further, you will find a large trial chamber with mostly stray trial spawners. Right next to that structure, there is a massive dripstone cave filled with lava, which is one of the coolest caves I’ve ever seen. Also fun fact, there is a different trial chamber right below the spawn location you can loot as well.

3. Trial Chamber Next to Ancient City (Bedrock)

Trial Chamber Next to an Ancient City
  • Seed Code: 4012088974005424937
  • Spawn Biome: Desert
  • Coordinates for the trial chamber: X: 340 Z: 820
  • Coordinates for the ancient city: X: 480 Z: 820

Even though trial chambers and ancient cities are both underground structures, you’d be surprised to find out how rare it is for them to generate close to each other. This is a lucky seed which makes this a reality. Head to the coordinates of the structure above and once you’re done exploring it, just walk toward the other structure.

The ancient city is further down than the trial chamber, so you might need to do some digging up or down depending on which one you explored first. Just like that, you’ve found the spot where the two buildings meet, so you have an amazing opportunity to rebuild them the way you want and create a cohesive structure.

4. Massive Trial Chambers Near Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Massive Trial Chambers
  • Seed Code: 8974066726762945084
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna
  • Coordinates: X: 39 Z: 87

This seed brings us to the savanna biome, which features a massive trial chamber underneath it in Minecraft 1.21. Collect resources, gear up, and travel to the coordinates listed above, which are only about 100 blocks further away from the spawn point.

Here, you’ll find an incredibly huge trial chamber with lots of different room types, trial spawners, and vaults. The mobs include the Breeze, zombie, skeleton, and silverfish.

5. Stronghold Library in Trial Chamber (Java)

Stronghold Library in a Trial Chamber
  • Seed Code: 2895849693574331500
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 1643 Z: -1603

This is possibly one of the best seeds you will come across in Minecraft 1.21. It combines two very special and important structures — trial chambers and strongholds — together. At the coordinates above, you’ll find that a stronghold intersected with a trial chamber so that the stronghold library fits inside the corridor.

Furthermore, while exploring the trial chamber, you’ll find that some areas are quite hard to access due to the stronghold merging into the new structure. So, instead of exploring and looting only one structure, you can check out both at once. Here’s a little hint before you go in; the trial chambers in this seed will spawn the following mobs – Breezes, husks, strays, and spiders.

6. Lush Trial Chambers (Java & Bedrock)

Lush Trial Chambers
  • Seed Code: -1449152180364425485
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X:-1417 Z: 103
  • Coordinates for the second trial chambers: X: -953 Z: 327
  • Coordinates for the third trial chambers: X: -441 Z: 793

Unlike the previous seed, this one is rather bright, warm, and gorgeous. You spawn in a simple plains biome with plenty of resources nearby. Once you’re ready to get some amazing loot, head either west or south.

You’ll find a massive lush cave system that even continues in several different trial chambers. They will have random bits of glow berries growing on the ceiling, as well as clay, vines, grass, and spore blossoms. We’ve added the coordinates of three different trial chambers for you to choose from.

7. Four Trial Chambers Near Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Four trial chambers around the spawn
  • Seed Code: 144919489830835999
  • Spawn Biome: Bamboo Jungle
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X: -231 Z: 119
  • Coordinates for the second trial chambers: X: 231 Z: 71
  • Coordinates for the third trial chambers: X: 263 Z: -217
  • Coordinates for the fourth trial chambers: X: -233 Z: -281

This seed will provide the most diverse experience with trial chambers you could ever ask for. Your spawn point is in an interesting bamboo forest where pandas roam around. The best fact about this spawn is that you’ll come across a different trial chamber in four directions from it.

Not only that, but they are also close to the starting point so you won’t have to travel for too long. These four unique structures will provide almost every single room and mob you could find. So, if you want to quickly learn what trial chambers are all about, make sure to check out this seed.

8. Venomous Mushroom Island Trial Chambers (Java & Bedrock)

Trial Chambers Under a Mushroom Island in Minecraft 1.21
  • Seed Code: -5592633653095784779
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 1961 Z: 295

Last but not least, we are bringing you a seed that works for both Java and Bedrock editions, and it’s very special. You will find a small and lonely mushroom island at the coordinates above. But, what’s cool about this island is the trial chambers located right below it.

That’s right, you can freely and safely dig down to it and then start exploring and looting the vaults. However, the major problem you’ll have is the mobs this chamber spawns. Unfortunately yes, those are the venomous cave spiders and the Bogged skeletons.

So, if you decide to try out this difficult Minecraft 1.21 trial chamber seed, make sure to breed cows and bring milk and the best food items Minecraft can provide.

Those are some of the best trial chamber seeds we could find in time for the Minecraft 1.21 release. Which seed is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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