All Minecraft Armor Trim Locations: Where to Find Them?

If you want to wear armor and still look different from other players, armor trims are for you. They are items that allow you to customize your armor by applying cool designs to it. There are over 100 designs and almost limitless combinations for you to choose from. This guide will teach you how to find all the armor trims in Minecraft in no time. So, let’s get started!

Editor’s Note: updated on June 13, 2024, to include new armor trims added in the Minecraft 1.21 update

Location of All Armor Trims in Minecraft

  • Flow Armor Trim – Trial Chambers (NEW!)
  • Bolt Armor Trim – Trial Chambers (NEW!)
  • Sentry Armor Trim – Pillager Outpost
  • Dune Armor Trim – Desert Pyramid
  • Coast Armor Trim – Shipwreck
  • Wild Armor Trim – Jungle Temple
  • Tide Armor Trim – Ocean Monument
  • Ward Armor Trim – Ancient City
  • Vex Armor Trim – Woodland Mansion
  • Rib Armor Trim – Nether Fortress
  • Snout Armor Trim – Bastion Remnant
  • Eye Armor Trim – Stronghold
  • Spire Armor Trim – End City
  • Silence Armor Trim – Ancient City
  • Wayfinder Armor Trim – Trail Ruins
  • Raiser Armor Trim – Trail Ruins
  • Shaper Armor Trim – Trail Ruins
  • Host Armor Trim – Trail Ruins

Finding most armor trims comes down to exploring their dedicated structures and looting the chests in these locations or brushing suspicious gravel in the trail ruins. But some of them are rarer than others and one even requires you to kill a powerful mob. So, let’s go over each armor trim location to figure out how to obtain them properly.

1. Flow Armor Trim

Flow armor trim on gold armor and a trial chamber room

The Flow armor trim can only be found in the newly added trial chambers in the latest Minecraft 1.21 update. It is one of the many loot items you get from the ominous vault.

In order to get this armor trim, you first need to get the ominous trial key, which requires you to trigger and complete ominous trials. We have all the guides you’ll need for the job, so get the Bad Omen effect and get started with this adventure.

There is a 22.5% chance of the Flow Armor Trim appearing. This armor design is my new personal favorite. The pattern is full of spirals and twisting lines that immediately remind you of the Breeze and its wind powers.

2. Bolt Armor Trim

Bolt armor trim on gold armor and a trial chamber room in Minecraft

The Bolt armor trim is obtainable through the vault block. You will need to obtain the trial key first and then you can unlock the vault to possibly get the Bolt trim. There is a 5.4% chance of it being dropped.

It is different from most other trims because some of its design’s parts only include one standalone pixel. The rest of the pattern includes straight lines and geometrical shapes.

3. Sentry Armor Trim

Sentry armor trim on gold armor and a pillager outpost

To find the Sentry armor trim, you have to loot the chest at the top of the pillager outposts in the Overworld dimension. It adds a simple stripe to your helmet.

The chestplate has a pattern almost representing a target or even a flower in the center with four squares and also stripes on the shoulders. The leggings get a similar four-square pattern and the boots get a stripe.

4. Dune Armor Trim

Dune armor trim on an armor stand and the desert pyramid in Minecraft

The location of the Dune armor trim is the chest of the hidden underground room of desert temples. If you are not careful enough, you might have to dodge TNT while collecting them. However, since the temple has 4 chests, you can get multiple templates in one go.

Talking about the design, chestplate with this trim has a square in the center and an outline around it in front, and on the back, there is a circle around a short horizontal line. The rest of the armor has curvy lines as a trim.

5. Coast Armor Trim

Coast armor trim on gold armor and a shipwreck

Coast armor trims spawn inside the chest of shipwrecks in the Overworld, which are not that hard to find. Unfortunately, the problem with shipwrecks is that you get anywhere between 0 to 3 chests in each of them.

As you might expect, the higher the number of chests, the rarer is shipwreck’s spawning. Moreover, as per our testing, all three chests have similar chances of spawning the armor trim. So, you might have to grind extra hard before encountering the right shipwreck.

Though, looking at the design, this armor trim is worth more than the effort to find it. You’ll get a sleek strip design on the armor with a downward curve in the middle of every other stripe.

6. Wild Armor Trim

Wild armor trim on gold armor and a jungle temple

Hidden behind boobie traps and darkness, Wild armor trim spawns inside the chests of jungle temples in the Overworld. It adds spikes on the chestplate and straight ones on the leggings.

7. Tide Armor Trim

Tide armor trim on gold armor and an ocean monument in Minecraft

Tide armor trim is the only smithing template that requires you to kill a mob to get it. You have to find and kill an Elder Guardian to make them drop it, which happens half of the time. Moreover, since this mob exclusively spawns inside ocean monuments in Minecraft, you have to be prepared while hunting for this armor trim.

As for the pattern, you get an expressive design with a face-like helmet, two lines joining into an emblem in the chest plate, and a joint curve in the leggings. The emblem design also shows up on the back of your helmet.

8. Ward Armor Trim

Ward armor trim on gold armor and an ancient city

As the name suggests, the location of the Ward armor trim is the chests at the home of the Warden, the ancient city. This makes it one of the riskiest smithing templates to get. Though, thanks to the huge amount of chests in the structure, you can expect to find them relatively quickly.

9. Vex Armor Trim

Vex armor trim on gold armor and a woodland mansion

Vex armor trim spawns inside the chests of woodland mansion, which are home to various powerful illagers. However, keep in mind that this structure is fairly rare so make sure to check every single chest to find all Vex armor trims in Minecraft. Thankfully, they are pretty common.

As for the design, you get angry vex eyebrows on top of helmets and a long horizontal line on the chest plate, which is identical to the Evoker’s rob.

10. Rib Armor Trim

Rib armor trim on gold armor and a Nether fortress

To get the Rib armor trim, you need to make a Nether portal in Minecraft and travel to the Nether dimension. There, explore the halls of Nether fortress to find the chest with a smithing template.

While relatively calm in most biomes, this structure is home to wither skeletons, which are also the inspiration for this trim. Once used, you get skeleton-like ribs throughout the armor in a wrapped form. This design is unique in comparison to other armor trims.

11. Snout Armor Trim

Snout armor trim on gold armor and a bastion in Minecraft

If the term “snout” reminds you of pigs and their noses, then you can already guess where to find this armor trim. It spawns in the house of piglins – the bastion remnant in various chests across the structure. Staying true to its name, you get a template with two nostrils on top of it.

However, the design of the trim doesn’t reflect a pig head. Instead, you get a clean pattern with a small box in the middle with a straight line on its top and a curved one beneath it.

12. Eye Armor Trim

Eye armor trim on gold armor and a stronghold

With an eye of ender shape on the chest plate, eyebrows on the helmet, and cool geometric patterns on the rest of the armor, the Eye armor trim is one of the most well-designed smithing templates.

You can find it within the chests of the stronghold in the Overworld dimension. This turns it into a late-game item, though you might get it earlier by exploring these speedrun seeds of Minecraft.

13. Spire Armor Trim

Spire armor trim on gold armor and an end city

The true end-game template is the Spire armor trim, which spawns inside the end cities in the Minecraft world. It adds a clean stripe to your helmet while giving your feet and arms a checkered pattern.

Meanwhile, your chest plate gets a curved line, the reflection of which appears in your leggings.

14. Silence Armor Trim

Silence armor trim on gold armor and an ancient city

The Silence armor trim looks far more different than any other smithing template. Its appearance is extremely detailed, thanks to the size and depth of the lines on the armor and different shades of the colors.

Since this armor trim is so stylish it is heavily protected. You can find it only in the chests in the ancient city, though the chance of you finding it is quite low.

15. Wayfinder Armor Trim

Wayfinder armor trim on gold armor and trail ruins

You can obtain the Wayfinder armor trims only in the trail ruins structure in Minecraft. It is one of the treasures that have been left by ancient civilizations and can be dug out of the suspicious gravel blocks using the brush.

The player with this trim looks as if they have goggles on to help them find the way in a sand storm perhaps (pun intended). The rest of the armor pieces are covered with zig-zag stripes.

16. Raiser Armor Trim

Raiser armor trim on gold armor and trail ruins in Minecraft

This particular armor trim is another one from the set found only by brushing suspicious gravel blocks in the trail ruins in Minecraft. While wearing armor with this template you can look really grumpy with those raised eyebrows, but also rather fancy with the one-pixel diagonal lines across the chest piece and boots.

17. Shaper Armor Trim

Shaper armor trim on gold armor and trail ruins

As the name implies, the Shaper armor trim includes the lines that kind of follow the shape of the armor piece. That is best noticeable on the sleeves of the chestplate, where the lines go against the edges of the armor. You may find this smithing template by excavating the suspicious gravel blocks in the trail ruins structures.

18. Host Armor Trim

Host armor trim on gold armor and trail ruins in Minecraft

The Host armor trim is possibly one of the plainest armor trim designs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bad or ugly, it only shows that even though it’s fairly simple, perhaps in combination with other armor trims, it can be a perfect match. You can also find this armor trim by brushing the suspicious gravel in the trail ruins.

Apply Smithing Templates in Minecraft: How to Trim Armor

Now that you know how to find armor trims, let’s learn how to use them. You will need a smithing table, a piece of armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, or boots), armor trim, and a coloring material of your choice. The coloring material changes the color of the patterns that appear on your armor and is consumed in the process. The coloring materials include:

  • Iron (gray color)
  • Copper (orange color)
  • Gold (yellow color)
  • Lapis (blue color)
  • Emerald (green color)
  • Diamond (cyan color)
  • Netherite (black color)
  • Redstone (red color)
  • Amethyst (purple color)
  • Quartz (white color)

You can even use the material the armor is made of, but the result might be a bit different than your expectations. For example, trimming a gold armor with gold as material results in a darker shade of gold in the trimmed areas.

Before you apply an armor trim, keep in mind that they will be consumed and are one-use. So, if it was difficult to secure it, like the Silence trim, you should first duplicate it. Our guide about how to make smithing templates will teach you how to duplicate them, so you don’t have to find them all over again.

After you duplicate the trim, follow the steps below to customize your armor with armor trims:

  • Place the smithing table in your world and interact with it.
  • Place the armor trim in the far left slot of the UI.
  • Add a piece of armor in the center slot.
  • Put the coloring material in the right slot.
  • You’ll see a piece of armor with a trim appear in the result slot on the right.
Applying an armor trim to armor in Minecraft

Now, click on the armor on the right to craft it and bring it to your inventory. This will consume the armor trim and the coloring material. Moreover, you cannot remove nor replace the armor trim so choose wisely before regretting your decision.

If you wish for a truly custom armor, you can use the armor trims with leather armor, which can be colored using dyes in Minecraft. That’s all for this guide. Now you know where to find and use all 18 armor trims in Minecraft. So, which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Which armor trim is the rarest?

Silence armor trim is the rarest because it spawns only in ancient cities but also because the chances of you finding it are far lower than all other trims.

Are armor trims reusable?

Once you use an armor trim to apply a design to your armor, it is used up, so it’s not reusable. But if you duplicated the armor before trimming, you can infinitely use it as long as you keep duplicating it.

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