Top 10 Beautiful Paintings in Minecraft

Paintings in Minecraft are a great way to decorate your base, make secret entrances, and add life to the best adventure maps. But choosing the right option can be a bit overwhelming, thanks to the huge variety of artworks in-game. Lucky for you, we have listed some of the most beautiful paintings in Minecraft, narrowing down your options to choose from. You just have to pick one and start decorating. In case you are not familiar with paintings, you can use our guide to learn how to make a painting in Minecraft. It hardly takes a few minutes. Having said that, it’s time for us to explore some cool paintings in Minecraft.

Beautiful Paintings in Minecraft (2022)

Art is highly subjective. That’s why our list of cool Minecraft paintings isn’t ranked. You can use the table below to freely explore the best Minecraft art pieces and their original non-pixelated versions.

1. Creebet

  • Size: 2×1 blocks
Creebet in Minecraft

To kick off this list, there is no better choice than the iconic Creebet. It’s one of the oldest paintings in Minecraft and features a creeper looking at you through an open window. Behind the creeper are mountains and an ocean. However, you can’t make them out clearly due to the pixelation.

2. Kong

  • Size: 4×3 blocks
Kong - Beautiful Paintings in Minecraft

Maybe as a tribute to the original pixelated Nintendo 64 games or out of love for video games, Minecraft includes a painting inspired by the retro Donkey Kong video game series. The painting reflects the screenshot of the level 100m from the game, with Kong clearly visible in the painting. If you are a 90’s kid, this is a must-have for your collection of beautiful Minecraft paintings.

3. Wither

  • Size: 2×2 blocks
Wither Painting in Minecraft

Most Minecraft paintings are based on the artworks of Kristoffer Zetterstrand, but not the Wither. This painting directly pays homage to the boss mob Wither from Minecraft itself. It shows us the method of spawning a Wither in Minecraft. You can easily identify the structure made of soul soil blocks with Wither skeleton skulls on top.

4. Pigscene

  • Size: 4×4 blocks
Pigscene - Beautiful Paintings in Minecraft

If you want a unique and cool Minecraft painting, it has to be the Pigscene. The painting in-game displays a girl pointing toward a pig on a canvas. The original one includes RGB (red, green, and blue) blocks, as shown above. The pig looks like the pig mob in Minecraft. So, if you ever thought your pig farm doesn’t feel creative, this artwork can make it look better.

5. Aztec2

  • Size: 1×1 blocks
Aztec2 in Minecraft

Many non-Minecrafters assume Minecraft to be disconnected from the world of gun-based video games. But if you look at its artwork, the team behind Minecraft is definitely into FPS shooters. What we are talking about is the painting called Aztec2, which gives us a screenshot of the de-Aztec map of the Counter-Strike video game series.

6. Kebab

  • Size: 1×1 blocks
Kebab – Cool Artwork

Our next entry to the list of the most beautiful Minecraft paintings is for all the foodies. This painting, as the name reveals, literally only features a kebab. If you want to know, the kebab’s real name is “Kebab med tre pepperoni,” and accurately enough, the kebab in the painting has three green chili peppers.

7. Skull on Fire

  • Size: 4×4 blocks
Skull on Fire

This painting uses Minecraft as its base, and the background is based on it. And for the foreground, the artist offers us a 3D skull burning with pixelated fire. Contrary to your expectations, the fire doesn’t look like the one you find in-game. However, the painting still fits well into most builds.

8. Bust

  • Size: 2×2 blocks
Bust - Cool Paintings in Minecraft

If you ever plan to create a castle in Minecraft, you must hang this painting in there. The “Bust” painting features Marcus Aurelius, the stoic philosopher and a Roman emperor but in the form of a bust. The term bust is used to describe a stone statue that only covers the upper part of a person’s torso. In Minecraft’s beautiful painting, Marcus’s bust is surrounded by pixelated fire.

9. The Void

  • Size: 2×2 blocks
The Void Artwork

In the seemingly endless world of Minecraft, the ultimate endpoint is its void. Here, you can’t survive even if you are in the creative game mode. This painting pays tribute to the void by featuring an angel-like figure praying to it and has a pixelated fire burning within it.

10. Pointer

  • Size: 4×4 blocks
Pointer – Cool Paintings in Minecraft

Last but not least, this cool Minecraft painting pays tribute to the game International Karate +. It features the main character in a fighting pose, seemingly against a large hand trying to touch it. The painting feels like a homage to the connection between video games and gamers. But many people also interpret it as the artist’s version of the famous “The Creation of Adam” painting.

Make Cool Minecraft Paintings for Your Base

With that, you have learned about all the best Minecraft paintings to choose from. But if having them in-game doesn’t feel enough, you can probably also find a few beautiful paintings of Minecraft in our list of best Minecraft toys. Every item in that list offers us a chance to bring the blocky world of Minecraft to real life. On the other hand, if you want to customize your game, the best Minecraft mods can change your game the way you want. They add such powerful features to the game that even the best Minecraft commands feel useless.

Lastly, if you are an artist yourself, you can create some great paintings for Minecraft using these best brushes in Procreate. Once your work is ready, it only takes a few minutes to make a texture pack for Minecraft to bring your cool creation into the game. Having said that, which is your favorite Minecraft painting? Tell us in the comments!

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