How to Make a Crafter in Minecraft 1.21

In Short
  • To make a crafter in Minecraft 1.21, you'll need five iron ingots, two crafting tables, two redstone dust and one dropper.
  • You may disable and enable cells in the crafter. Also, it only activates when it receives redstone power.
  • Place a container block in front of it to funnel items inside easily.

Besides the adventurous trial chambers, Minecraft 1.21 also brings the unbelievable, superior, and magical crafter that undoubtedly revolutionizes vanilla Minecraft forever. So, in this guide, we will discuss this game-changing block, right from how to make a crafter and use it in Minecraft.

Resources You Need to Make a Crafter

The crafting recipe for the crafter is pretty heavy on resources. Those include:

How to Craft a Minecraft Crafter

After you acquire these resources, follow the steps below explaining how to make a crafter. Your first crafter will have to be crafted using the crafting table.

  • The first step is to place a crafting table. Then, right-click on it to open the crafting table UI.
  • Place 5 iron ingots in the shape of a helmet. So, place three ingots in the topmost row and two in the left and right cells of the center row.
  • After that, place the crafting table in the center of the 3×3 grid.
  • Next, place the dropper right below the crafting table in the middle cell of the bottom row.
  • At last, fill the two remaining two slots in the bottom row with redstone dust.
Fill the remaining slots with redstone dust

And voila! Your crafter is now ready. The crafter can be broken with a stone pickaxe or higher.

How to Use a Crafter in Minecraft

Now, let’s go over the process of using a crafter block. Follow the steps below to auto-craft bamboo blocks and then cherry wood blocks in the game.

Input and Output Explained

  • Select the crafter on your hotbar and right-click to place it in your world (image 1).
  • Place a hopper above the crafter so it’s facing into it.
  • Place another hopper diagonally downwards from the crafter and connect it to a chest.
  • Alternatively, you can place a chest right in front of the crafter as all items will automatically end up in it. This is the case for all the container blocks (image 2).
  • Crafter block in Minecraft
  • Place a hopper above the crafter in Minecraft and a hopper diagonally downwards from the crafter, that's also facing into a chest
  • For the first recipe, we need bamboo. So, place as much of it in the hopper above the crafter. You can get as much bamboo as you want if you set up a bamboo farm in Minecraft.
  • As you will notice, items from the hopper will start filling the crafter in a specific order, from top left to bottom right. Only one item can be placed in a slot per cycle. This means the crafter prioritizes a whole 3×3 grid, instead of one single slot.
  • Furthermore, if there are fewer items in one of the slots than in the others, the crafter will first fill them up but in the same top left to bottom right order.
Items filling the crafter's grid

Activating the Crafter

Next, let’s create a simple activation system. You can place a button on the crafter itself by right-clicking and sneaking. Every time you press the button, the crafter will make and shoot out an item, which will be picked up by the hopper. You will see a particle cloud every time the crafting is completed.

Place a button on the Minecraft crafter and activate it

You can also use a lever instead of a button. When you turn it on, the crafter will function and shoot out a crafted item. However, the crafter won’t work constantly when the lever is on (more on this below). Instead, you’ll need to keep flicking the lever on and off and as soon as it gets powered, the crafter will get activated.

How to Set up an Auto Crafter in Minecraft

Make a Redstone Repeater Clock

Since no player wants to stand next to a crafter at all times and keep flicking a switch, we will be making a simple redstone clock to, as you might have guessed, automate the process. It will automatically trigger the crafter with every redstone signal, crafting the item without any interference. Here’s how to go about it:

  • First, two blocks away from the crafter place five redstone repeaters in a row facing in the same direction (image 1).
  • Then, place five more redstone repeaters next to the first five, but they all should be facing the opposite direction (image 2).
  • After that, simply connect both sides with a couple of pieces of redstone dust, as shown in the diagram below (image 3).
  • Place five repeaters facing the same direction, two blocks away from the crafter
  • Place another five repeaters next to the initial ones that all face the opposite direction
  • Connect both sides of the repeaters with redstone dust
  • We should then set the repeater delay to allow the crafter to get filled up. Set the delay to four ticks for every single repeater by right-clicking them three times.
  • And the final step is to place one more redstone dust connecting the clock and the crafter block.
  • Now, add a lever to the redstone dust lines on one of the sides. You’ll need to activate it and then immediately deactivate it. This will send out a pulse that will circle back and forth.
Add a lever and quickly activate and deactivate it to start the pulse in the clock, that's going to every now and then trigger the crafter in Minecraft

So, there you have it. A very simple crafter setup that automatically creates blocks of bamboo. Let’s now see what this would look like if you want to make cherry wood blocks.

Auto Crafting Cherry Wood

One of the highlights of the crafter block in Minecraft 1.21 is that you can disable the slots in the crafting area to trigger specific recipes that don’t require you to use the whole space. And we have demonstrated the same with this cherry wood block crafting recipe.

  • First, open the crafter’s UI and click on the five slots to toggle them to be disabled. The four remaining slots should be in a 2 x 2 configuration in any corner that you want (image 1).
  • Then, fill the hopper above the crafter with cherry logs. You can also go ahead and remove four repeaters altogether since it’s much faster for the crafter to get filled up. The remaining repeaters should all be set to a 4-tick delay, as we did with the bamboo blocks. However, if you want to be efficient, you can also set the delay of two repeaters to 1 and the cherry wood will be crafted instantly.
  • After you connect the clock and the crafter, the cherry wood will be produced and end up in the chest (image 2).
  • Toggle five slots of the crafter so that the remaining ones create a 2x2 grid
  • Working automatic crafter set-up in Minecraft

Things to Know When Using a Crafter

The crafter is a highly advanced redstone block, but regardless of that, the way you use it is intuitive and can be learned with no issues. With that said, let’s see all the features and properties of the new crafter block.

1. Manual Crafting NOT Supported

As you will realize, you cannot manually craft items in the crafter. Even though its UI looks similar to the crafting table’s, you can only place the ingredients inside it, but not take out the resulting item yourself. So yeah, the crafting table still has a place in your Minecraft base.

2. Container Block

Unlike the crafting table, the crafter is a container block. This means you can place the items inside it and close the crafting UI completely. The items will stay in this block, thus, allowing you to craft whenever you want. This means other players on Minecraft servers can see the items you put in the crafter and perhaps help out with the recipe.

3. Toggling the Slots

To make the usage of crafter simple and better, Mojang has implemented a straightforward way of programming this block. By clicking on a slot of the crafter, you can toggle it between disabled and enabled state. When a slot is enabled, the items can be placed into it and vice versa.

This will allow you to set up an auto-crafting station that crafts only the specific item, even if it’s a bit more complex.

Toggling the slots of the crafter in Minecraft 1.21

4. Powered by One Pulse

In order to craft anything in the crafter, you’ll need to provide it with a redstone signal. The crafter will only execute a crafting action if it has received power, meaning from a single pulse. This means that the crafter will not work it’s continuously powered as if you placed a redstone block attached to it. In this sense, it works similarly to a dispenser in Minecraft.

A small redstone clock behind the crafter in Minecraft 1.21

If you place a redstone block attached to a dispenser, it triggers just once even though it’s powered by the block continuously. So, to make the crafter craft anything, you need to preferably hook it up to a clock. This way, it will every once in a while receive the power and spit out an item.

Also, every time the crafter receives a redstone signal, redstone lamps on its texture will light up, regardless of whether it crafted something or not. If it succeeds in crafting an item, its red grid on the top will light up as well.

5. Shooting out Items

While we are on the topic of spitting out items, the crafter’s rotation is also important. This block can be placed in different ways, allowing the front side (which looks like a face) to appear in all directions. But why is that important?

Well, the crafter will spit out items only through the front side. When that happens, you’ll see the “mouth” of the face open and the item(s) will get shot out.

Crafter spitting out items

If the recipe produces more than one item, all of them get spat out at once. Moreover, some smoke particles will appear in the direction the items flew and the lever on the side texture will flip. If you are looking for more uses of the crafter, follow the linked guide.

So, there you have it. If you reached the end of this guide, you have learned how to make and use the crafter block in Minecraft 1.21. So, what are your thoughts on the crafter? How much do you use it in your Minecraft world? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • NetheriteKitten says:

    What if, for example you craft a dispenser? You add in seven cobble, a redstone, and a bow to the hopper, but how does the crafter know what order to place them in? It could place them with the redstone in the middle, the bow on top, and the cobble surrounding it. That was what I wanted from this article.

    • KingWither says:

      It fills the slots from top left to bottom right. You simply place the items in the hopper in the order you want them put in the slots of the crafter. At least, that is how I understand it.

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