15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds You Should Try

Looking for some of the best Minecraft 1.21 seeds to visit the new trial chambers? The next major Minecraft update is finally here. So, we bring you some seeds you should check out after installing the Minecraft 1.21 update, which brings a lot of cool structures and features that are sure to blow your mind. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the list.

1. Trail & Trial (Java & Bedrock)

Trail ruins above a trial chamber in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: 2614453614016840431
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Taiga
  • Coordinates: X: 260 Z: 790

This seed combines two structures from this and the previous major update – trail ruins and trial chambers. You spawn in a snowy taiga biome with a couple of different trail ruins around.

However, at the coordinates above, you will find a trail ruin that is generated on top of the trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21. It’s decently large and is decorated with the surrounding lush cave details. Its trial spawners spawn Breezes, husks, and stray Minecraft mobs.

2. The Plentiful Seed (Java)

Witch hut in a village
  • Seed Code: -2905666184584101000
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Taiga
  • Coordinates for the mineshaft: X: 110 Z: -110
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X: 105 Z: 71
  • Coordinates for the taiga village: X: -464 Z: 32

The second seed on this list is only for Java players and it’s quite epic. The spawn location is pretty anticlimactic, but you can spot almost immediately two natural azalea trees, which means the lush cave is below. There is also a mineshaft nearby that looks great inside this vibrant cave.

There is a trial chamber very close by, though the mobs it spawns are rather tricky to deal with. They include spiders, cave spiders, Bogged, and the Breeze. What’s so special about this seed is the taiga village with a witch hut inside it and another trial chamber with skeletons, husks, silverfish, and Breeze below it.

3. Funny Bugrock Seed (Bedrock)

Ocean monument extends all the way to the trial chamber in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: 7865459946710379829
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 830 Z: 100

Sorry to Bedrock players, but we just couldn’t help but make the Bugrock joke for this broken seed. Your spawn point is in the normal forest biome, though if you go to the coordinates above, you’ll see the most hilarious scene ever. A plains village is generated on water and an ocean monument can be found generated right below it.

This structure extends quite far down, as it needs to touch the sea floor. Not only that, but a large trial chamber appears right next door with a mineshaft above it. Wait, we are not done with this seed just yet.

Above the village, there are two floating islands with a pillager outpost generated on top of the upper one. This seed might get patched soon, so check it out while you still can.

4. Deep Dark Chamber (Java)

Trial chamber next to an ancient city in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: -8539506224916838806
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Coordinates for the first ancient city: X: -328 Z: 8
  • Coordinates for the second ancient city: X: -1048 Z: 600
  • Coordinates for the trial chambers: X: -1049 Z: 697

If you’re looking for a special Minecraft 1.21 ancient city seed, then this one’s for you. It spawns you in quite a hostile environment surrounded by snowy and frozen biomes. If you head west, you’ll see one of the coolest (pun intended) sceneries that includes sloping mountains, ice spikes, and a huge and impressive jagged peaked mountain. So you know what that means.

Yes, there is a deep dark biome with an ancient city below. The centerpiece of this seed however is the second ancient city that is further away. Once you visit it, you will see one of the giant parts of terrain overhangs the city, which conceals the trial chamber that has sculk veins growing in some rooms.

All the coordinates are listed above, so have fun locating and merging the two abandoned buildings.

5. Pink Tree Covered Trial Chambers (Java & Bedrock)

Trial chamber below a cherry grove biome
  • Seed Code: -1122324726708008413
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: -297 Z: 217

Instead of combining two structures, this seed combines trial chambers with the gorgeous cherry grove biome. Your spawn point is in the forest biome surrounded by rivers, taiga biome, and plains biome, an old growth pine taiga biome, the cherry grove, and parts of the frozen peaks biome close by.

This is all on its own an absolutely beautiful spawn, which you’ll fall in love with. Though the cherry grove’s ultimate secret is the trial chamber that it hides below. The trial spawners in this trial chamber spawn Breezes, slimes, husks, and strays.

On Bedrock edition, there is even a village that settled above the trial chamber, which you can loot for some easy resources.

6. Ocean Monument Near Spawn (Bedrock)

Ocean monument near spawn
  • Seed Code: -4504155221468820465
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates for the ocean monument: X: -376 Z: 40
  • Coordinates for the which hut: X: -360 Z: -488
  • Coordinates for the trial chambers: X: -313 Z: -489

This incredible seed is exclusive to the Bedrock edition and spawns you at the edge of a landmass with water surrounding you. To the west is an ocean biome with a deep ocean biome in the middle that happens to include an ocean monument.

Up north is a swamp biome with a witch hut and a ruined Nether portal nearby. Almost right below the witch hut is a trial chamber structure with Breeze, spider, and Bogged trial spawners. It even has some parts of the mineshaft that intersect with it.

7. Perfect Meadow for Building (Bedrock)

Meadow with a village on top in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: -5141000884917439951
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the first village: X: -232 Z: 56
  • Coordinates for the trial chambers: X: -359 Z: -295

This seed takes a much calmer approach than some others. You spawn in a plains biome near the coast of a massive landmass. Right next to you is a meadow biome with a village on top, which you can reach quickly and ensure your survival pretty much indefinitely.

The meadow biome continues further and covers quite a large area. There are lots of imperfections in the terrain so a bunch of terraforming is needed. However, once you’re ready to take a break from building and go and do something fun and challenging, you can visit the trial chambers we left the coordinates for above. It has another village on top of it, so you’re free to transform it the way you want.

The meadow is present in the Java edition too, but the villages don’t generate in the same locations.

8. Five Trial Chambers in one Jungle (Java & Bedrock)

Large jungle biome in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: 6676701515241786056
  • Spawn Biome: Sparse Jungle
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X: -775 Z: 249
  • Coordinates for the second trial chambers: X: -375 Z: 231
  • Coordinates for the third trial chambers: X: 215 Z: 247
  • Coordinates for the fourth trial chambers: X: 183 Z: 569
  • Coordinates for the fifth trial chambers: X: 615 Z: 183

The Jungle biome is one of the most diverse and unique biomes in Minecraft. It’s also fairly dense, though its sparse jungle counterpart is far easier to explore. This seed spawns you in a sparse jungle separated by the river from the rest of the massive jungle system.

Here you’ll find not one, not two, but five different trial chambers. Three of them are located in the jungle biome, one in the bamboo jungle, and the final one in the sparse jungle. They are also not even that far from the spawn, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get the heavy core and make the mace.

9. T-Shape Trial Chamber Trail (Java)

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds You Should Try
  • Seed Code: -7833842402223417925
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates for the first trial chamber south from spawn: X: 7 Z: 345
  • Coordinates for the first village south from spawn: X: 64 Z: 656
  • Coordinates for the second trial chamber south from spawn: X: 7 Z: 855
  • Coordinates for the third trial chamber south from spawn: X: -9 Z: 1193

This seed is fairly special as many of its important features are literally in a straight line from the spawn. You spawn on a hill and will find a pillager outpost dangerously close down the slope. If you continue going south, you’ll stumble upon the first trial chamber, which is underwater.

A little more south and you’ll find an island with a small village and villagers that need rescuing. Go south even more to find two more trial chambers that are almost in a perfect straight line from the spawn. North of the starting point, you’ll come across a small icy mountain and a massive beautiful mountain range.

Both of them have a different ancient city below them. Not only that, but from the spawn to the west there are alternating trial chambers and villages in, again, almost the perfect line! The same repeats on the east as well. How cool is that?

This seed will not only give you lots of different resources from the start but also make it pretty easy to obtain lots of ominous bottles for your ominous trial adventures.

10. Deserted Island Challenge (Java & Bedrock)

Sparse jungle island
  • Seed Code: 3923077579758873989
  • Spawn Biome: Sparse Jungle
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X: 73 Z: 265
  • Coordinates for the second trial chambers: X: 23 Z: 743
  • Coordinates for the third trial chambers: X: -279 Z: 167

If you ever played Skyblock and liked it, well, this Minecraft 1.21 seed may be the perfect challenge you were looking for. It spawns you on a small island that is mostly covered with the sparse jungle biome.

You’ll be rather limited with your resources but have just enough to survive. Other landmasses are pretty close, but you can choose to stick to your island for the ultimate challenge. There are a lot of different trial chambers under the ocean your island is in spreading to the north and south.

So, if you consider yourself a great Minecraft player and are looking for an extreme seed, you should try and beat the game and obtain the mace without ever stepping outside this island. Good luck!

11. Ominous Spawn (Java)

Trial chamber below a woodland mansion in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: 522350
  • Spawn Biome: Beach
  • Coordinates: X: 90 Z: 145

Woodland mansions are fairly rare structures and finding one close to spawn is usually extremely lucky. Well, this seed makes fun of that fact as there is a woodland mansion right next to spawn. Yes, it is pretty scary. Though it is a source of totems of undying, useful loot, powerful vindicators, and the entire structure can be turned into a base.

Apart from those, this mansion has one more secret feature and it’s the trial chamber right below it. It is of medium size and contains some pretty cool rooms, which are all decorated with glow berries and other greenery from the surrounding lush cave. The mobs you will be fighting here are Breezes, strays, zombies, and baby zombies.

12. Trial Chamber and Stronghold Merging (Java)

Trial chamber and a stronghold merging
  • Seed Code: -6630645416986905469
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 1396 Z: -1004

The special feature of this seed will become apparent only later in the game if you’re playing in the survival mode. The closest stronghold and the one that eyes of ender will lead you to has settled in a location whose coordinates we listed above.

However, a trial chamber has also appeared in the same location, so the two structures meet in the center and create quite a funny and broken appearance. Exploring these two structures has been made a lot more difficult due to this merging, at least only in the center portion. Even though this terrain generation really has no advantages, it’s pretty cool to see.

13. Village & Trial Chamber Triangle (Bedrock)

Three villages around spawn in this Minecraft 1.21 seed
  • Seed Code: -6849711121275647141
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna
  • Coordinates for the savanna village: X: 184 Z: 88
  • Coordinates for the desert village: X: 88 Z: -232
  • Coordinates for the plains village: X: -408 Z: -200

If you’re a fan of villagers like me, you are going to love this seed. It spawns you in a savanna biome that includes a decently sized village only a little east of your location. North of your spawn is a huge desert biome with lots of desert villages, out of which the closest one is only a couple hundred blocks away.

This village also comes with a camel, so you can have fun riding it around. And finally, west of your spawn is the plains village that also has a pretty convenient trial chamber underneath ready for you to explore and loot it.

14. Trial Chambers atop an Ancient City (Bedrock)

Trial chamber above an ancient city
  • Seed Code: 8567091683392887992
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna
  • Coordinates for the ancient city: X: -312 Z: 136
  • Coordinates for the trial chambers: X: -343 Z: 185

Since we already have an ancient city seed for the Java edition, we also found one for the Bedrock edition. The ancient city is quite a scary and incredible structure, which is also the case for the trial chambers.

Rarely do these two beasts come close to each other so you can enjoy their features at the same spot. This seed spawns you in a savanna biome with an amazing look at the savanna plateau hills. Stony peaks biome is to the west of your location and has an ancient city below the southern end.

Just above one part of this abandoned place is a trial chamber. It would be very cool for them to have merged, but the generation doesn’t really allow that to happen, so this is an amazing sight and opportunity as well.

Also, you’ll find some sculk veins growing in the trial chamber, so you can feel an ominous presence of the Warden while exploring it.

15. Magnificent Mountain Range at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Stony mountain range at spawn
  • Seed Code: 857281509133460435
  • Spawn Biome: Stony Peaks

The last seed on this list is ironically not related to the trial chambers but brings a jaw-dropping scenery at spawn. You are located in a stony peaks biome which is completely covered with ores. Beside it, there are other snowy and tall biomes, like the jagged peaks and snowy slopes. The terrain creates all these variations in height, valleys, spikey peaks, and even a crater.

An opening to a giant dripstone cave is embedded in the terrain here and gives you plenty of lore opportunities for this magical fantasy world. Not only that, but there are multiple ancient cities below this system of mountains, with one being directly under the spawn point on Bedrock edition.

And with that said, those were some of the best seeds for the newest Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials update. We made sure to include seeds that mostly provide lots of cool sights and opportunities with the trial chambers, which this update is all about. So, out of all of them which one would you say is your favorite? Leave your comment below!

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