6 Best Uses of Wind Charge in Minecraft 1.21

Wind charge is a cool projectile item added in the Minecraft 1.21 update. It’s technically a weapon but can be used in several other ways as well. In this tutorial, we will be exploring the six different uses for the wind charge in Minecraft 1.21. With that said, let’s not waste any more time and blow away your friends in Minecraft servers.

1. Parkour Is Easier with Wind Charge

One of the most important wind charge uses in Minecraft 1.21 is also the one Mojang suggested in its official blog post. Yeah, it’s made for parkour (hardcore parkour!). Thanks to the wind charge, even parkour server noobs like me can become somewhat decent at it. All it takes is some practice, and you will easily be able to clear even five-block-long gaps.

Admittedly, it’s going to take some time for you to get used to the wind charge mechanics because it sometimes manages to fling you high in the air, and the rest of the time it just gives you a tiny boost. However, it doesn’t just make already existing parkour easier, it also allows for some more difficult maneuvers, which parkour fans can enjoy.

Player clearing a five block-long gap using the wind charge

2. New Minigames Ideas

Among other uses for the wind charge, we have to mention how revolutionary it is for the minigame community. Players are already so creative in making minigames for others and the wind charge will only help them come up with even better ideas.

It’s not only fun and satisfying to use the wind charge, but this weapon has properties that no other Minecraft feature has.

From Chaotic Spleef minigame variations and pushing mobs into desired locations to hitting target competitions and classic last-person standing fights, you can employ wind charge in numerous ways and create hilarious memories with your friends.

3. Play Pranks on Friends

We mentioned minigames and parkour, but we can’t forget about pranks! Oh no, no! This is one of the funniest uses of the wind charge in Minecraft 1.21. Imagine your friend standing next to a deep pit of sorts and you are too far away to give them a little push. Even though arrows would work in this scenario, using a wind charge would be much better!

They won’t expect it as you spook them with a loud BOOM and knock them into the hole. Wouldn’t that be funny?

Or perhaps you could fill somebody’s house with dispensers full of wind charges. They would have a hard time even exiting the building. So yeah, there is a whole new prank category now, thanks to the wind charge.

4. Activate Redstone Components at a Distance

Since wind charge travels at a straight line and pretty much stays in the world until it doesn’t hit anything, it’s perfect for activating redstone components. How would it do that? Well, once wind charge hits a target block, lever, or button, it’ll activate them, emitting a redstone signal.

So it would allow you to wirelessly trigger redstone switches and turn on or off Minecraft farms or other contraptions. And you thought crafter and copper bulb were the only new redstone additions in Minecraft 1.21.

Player activating a  target block from afar using the wind charge in Minecraft 1.21

5. Moving Mobs

One of the wind charge’s properties is that it creates a wind burst that will knock back entities. So, it generally lets you move them as long as you don’t hit them directly. So, in some situations, wind charge uses also include transporting mobs in Minecraft 1.21. You may want to try this method out if villagers are giving you a hard time. Though, make sure not to hit them.

Villagers getting hit and pushed by wind charge projectiles

Possibly, this mechanic could be utilized in some mob farms that cannot use water to push mobs around, like the Nether mob farms. Though frankly, this may not be the most effective way to move or kill mobs, but it’s really fun to see them fly around.

6. Transportation

You can use the wind charge to move faster in your world. It would be pretty great especially in the early game when exploring is so important. However, it might also be super dangerous, depending on whether you look where you’re going or just let the wind burst lead you.

So that’s why it can be a difficult challenge if you’re up for it. This may not be an overly practical use, but if you do have plenty of wind charges, why not give it a shot?

So that’s all the fun and practical uses wind charge has in Minecraft’s new major update, apart from straight-up dealing damage to something. This is probably one of the most exciting additions to the game in a while, so check it out if you haven’t already.

So, what is your favorite use of the wind charge? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Treasures says:

    As a satisfied reader of the article on beebom.com about the 6 Best Uses of Wind Charge in Minecraft 1.21, I must say I’m blown away (pun intended) by the creativity Mojang has brought into the game! From making parkour more manageable (finally, I can leap across those gaps!) to playing hilarious pranks on my friends (watch out for those wind charges!), Minecraft has become even more entertaining. The idea of using wind charges to activate Redstone components at a distance is mind-blowing (quite literally), and let’s not forget the sheer joy of watching mobs getting tossed around like leaves in the wind! Overall, it’s an electrifying addition to Minecraft

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