Minecraft Bogged: Everything You Need to Know

In Short
  • Bogged is a new skeleton variant in Minecraft 1.21 that has 8 hearts of health and shoots poison arrows at the players.
  • The Bogged spawns in swamps, mangrove swamps, and in some trial chambers to pose a challenge in combat practice.
  • This skeleton mob drops bones, arrows, and bows occasionally, alongside poison arrows.

In Minecraft, we’ve got regular skeletons, wither skeletons, strays, and spider jockeys. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough as Mojang has added another new skeleton variant in the latest Minecraft 1.21 update called the Bogged. In this guide, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about the Bogged mob in Minecraft, from its properties to where it spawns and what it drops.

Who is the Bogged in Minecraft

Bogged is a skeleton mob in that attacks using a bow and poison arrows in Minecraft 1.21. It looks as if it’s covered with moss and even has mushrooms growing out of its skull. It is, without a doubt, the most detailed skeleton mob and probably the coolest appearance-wise.

Naturally spawned Bogged in a swamp biome

Minecraft Bogged Properties


Bogged has 8 hearts or 16 health points. Since it’s a hostile mob, it’s always aggressive towards the player. The Bogged is also an undead mob so it burns in the daylight, takes damage from health potions, and heals from harming potions. This mob naturally spawns with a bow with a majority of Bogged mobs being right-handed.

The Bogged takes damage from most environmental sources, including fire, lava, fall damage, and even powder snow. Unlike regular skeletons, Bogged doesn’t convert into a stray but dies from freezing damage. Also, this mob cannot swim in the water but doesn’t take drowning damage.


The damage the Bogged deals to players depends on the difficulty they are playing on. It will deal 3 points of damage (1.5 hearts) on easy, 4 points of damage (2 hearts) on normal, and 5 damage points (2.5 hearts) on hard difficulty. However, this is the raw arrow damage.

The Bogged uses poison arrows that apply the poison status effect to the target, which further decreases health points over time. The posion effect lasts for 4 seconds and deals a total of 3 points of damage or 1.5 hearts, regardless of the difficulty.

Furthermore, the Bogged fires less frequently than regular skeletons due to the cooldown between shots being longer.

Where to Find the Bogged

Bogged’s appearance actually indicates where it spawns, at least in one way. You will encounter this skeleton in the swamp and mangrove swamp Minecraft biomes. It may even blend a little too much with the surrounding terrain, so be careful while exploring these areas. Bogged doesn’t completely replace the regular skeleton spawns; other hostile mobs still spawn as usual.

Moreover, you will find the Bogged in Minecraft 1.21’s trial chambers. They are one of the ranged mobs the game assigns to the specific structure. This means you will not find Bogged in each and every trial chamber but only in some. Trial spawners with bone blocks and podzol blocks with red mushrooms on top are the ones that summon the Bogged.

Bogged mobs spawned from a trial spawner in trial chambers

Similarly to other trial spawners, except the Breeze trial spawner, three Bogged will spawn upon activation in the single-player mode. Once you do away with one Bogged, one more will spawn. A total of 6 Bogged will spawn from a single trial spawner.

It might get quite rough if you fight both the Bogged and some other mobs, so we recommend you bring a bucket of milk that’ll allow you to remove the poison effect.

How to Defeat the Bogged Skeleton Mob

Despite the Bogged being scary-looking, it’s fairly easy to take down. It’s a skeleton after all.

Not only that, but it also has 2 hearts less than a regular skeleton, so killing it will be even faster if you are carrying the right tools. While fighting the Bogged, you should keep track of their position and whether they’re firing arrows or not.

Blocking arrows with a Minecraft shield will help you a lot to avoid being inflicted with the poison effect. Moreover, since Bogged is an undead mob, the smite enchantment on a sword or an axe will deal a lot more damage to it than sharpness.

What Does the Bogged Drop in Minecraft?

After you kill a Bogged in Minecraft, you get the usual skeleton drops, including bones, arrows, XP orbs, and occasionally damaged bows. In addition, you may also get one poison arrow. This is one of the tipped arrows whose effect lasts for 5 seconds.

The number of bones and arrows can be increased with the looting enchantment. This will also increase the chances of the poison arrow dropping. Furthermore, it’s also possible to get drops from the Bogged without killing it. If you use shears on this mob, it’ll drop two mushrooms, either of the same type or one of each type.

Once you shear a Bogged, it will physically change so the mushrooms on its head disappear. Check out the tables below for more information on the chances and quantities of dropped items.

ItemDefault Quantity/ ChanceLooting ILooting IILooting III
1 Poison Arrow50%75%87.5%93.75%

That’s everything you need to know about the Bogged skeleton mob in Minecraft 1.21. Alongside the Breeze, this is quite a cool mob that makes the combat update much more interesting. So, what are your thoughts about the Bogged? Let us know in the comments below!

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