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15 Ways to Free Memory When Your iPhone Storage is Full

15 Ways to Free Memory When Your iPhone Storage is Full

Every year a new iPhone launches and every year we hope that Apple replaces the 16 GB version with the 32 GB version as the base model. Sadly, that hasn't...
map of the internet

See Map of the Internet via an App

If you ever wondered how the internet would look like physically then here is an amazing app which provides stunning 3D visualization of the...
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Tracking iPhone is Beneficial When You Know How to Do it

If your kids or employees have iPhone(s), you need to be on your toes. With so many features and security settings, they can hide...
How to Control Your iPhone With Head Movements

How to Control Your iPhone With Head Movements

iPhones are nifty little devices with the looks and the horsepower to feel and perform like a brilliant piece of technology. The UI is streamlined and consistent...

Quixey, Search Engine For Apps Across Different Platforms

If you are a kind of person who love searching for relevant apps on different operating systems or web platforms, then you might use...
12 Best Pregnancy Apps When You Are Trying or Expecting

The 12 Best Pregnancy Apps When You’re Trying or Expecting

Pregnancy—whether you're trying for it or in the middle of it—is an exhausting time of life. Not only do you face increased physical demands...
top 10 awesome travel apps for ipad

Top 10 Travel Apps for iPad

While Android is surely catching up, it still cannot beat the iPad, when it comes to tablet optimised apps. The iPad boasts of a...

How to Get Refunds for Paid Apps from App Store

It's not an uncommon occurrence, at least not with me, that you purchase an app from the App Store, only to find out that it...
30 iPhone Apps to Make Your Commuting Fun

30 iPhone Apps to Make Your Commuting Fun

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to work from home, and we have discussed 16 iOS tools to help those telecommuters work better....

10 Best GPS and Navigation Apps for iPhone

We all use our iPhones for a variety of tasks, everyday. One of these tasks is getting directions to places that we'd like to...

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (Guide)

So you've decided to make the switch from an iPhone to an Android device, and for the most part, it all looks good. However,...

15 Cool 3D Touch Tricks You Should Use in iOS 10

3D Touch is one of the defining features of the newer generation of iPhones. The pressure sensitive input method on iPhone 6s and above...

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Productive