20 Best iPhone Games with Controller Support

Most iPhone games make really impressive use of the touchscreen, and with iPhones getting bigger, there’s a lot of control that can be put right at your fingertips. However, nothing can match the experience of gaming with a controller — the haptic feedback, physical buttons, and joystick, controller games are just sometimes better. So, if you’re looking to use your Xbox or PlayStation controller with iPhone for some smartphone games, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 20 best iOS games with controller support.

We have included games from all the popular genres out there. Whether you’re into racing games, shooter games, casual arcade games, or PvP games, you’ll find something to suit your fancy. You can use the table of contents below to jump ahead to any game that intrigues you.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Whether you have a penchant for sniper vs sniper battles or love to go your all out in a deathmatch, Call of Duty: Mobile should appeal to your taste. COD promises to deliver console-quality HD gaming with fully customizable controls. And I must that it’s able to live up to the billing to a great extent.

You can choose to play the vintage multilayer maps or squad up with friends to battle in a 100-person battle royale survival map. Along the way, you will unlock a ton of goodies including famous characters, stunning outfits, pieces of gear, and a variety of weapons that you can unleash in exciting PvP multiplayer modes like frontline, Free For All, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, and Domination. Give COD a shot and you will most likely come out impressed with it. Overall, it’s one of the best multiplayer games on the iPhone with controller support.

Unlock and earn famous characters, weapons, and outfitsProgress tracking needs improvement
Delivers console quality HD gaming
Stunning 3D graphics
100-person battle royale survival map

Install: (free, COD points’ extra small pack is available for $0.99)

2. Minecraft

Ranked as the number one game in the simulation category, Minecraft is what you should pick to explore infinite worlds and build amazing castles. Probably the best part about this game is the “Creative mode” which is designed to get the most out of you as a creator. With unlimited resources, Minecraft ensures you have everything at your disposal to make amazing mansions.

There is a survival mode where you can craft mighty weapons and go your all out to fend off dangerous mobs. To make gaming more thrilling, Minecraft also lets you tweak the gameplay, summon mobs at will, and even change the time of day. However, what I love the most in this game is the marketplace where exploring the latest community creations is fun. Not to mention, you can get texture packs, cool skins, and unique maps from your favorite creators.

Explore amazing worldsNA
Creative mode with a ton of resources
Thrilling survivor mode
Tweak the gameplay to your liking

Install: ($6.99)

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

If a top-notch iPhone car racing game with controller support is what you are hunting for, Asphalt 9: Legends is the one you should check out. Boasting a pretty solid roster of hypercars from famous manufacturers including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors, and more, the game has got enough variety to keep you hooked for hours. Even better, Asphalt 9 comes with a super handy car editor to let you fully customize your car.

You can kickstart your race in a single-player career mode and showcase your racing skill in more than 900 events. And if high-octane racing is your thing, there is also an online multiplayer mode where you can race against up to 7 rivals from around the world. Beyond gaming, Asphalt also allows you to create a community of like-minded racers with the Club feature.

Breathtaking 80 tracksCollect more than 60-speed machines
Customize your car with a car editor
Single-player career mode and online multiplayer mode
Collect more than 150-speed machines

Install: (free, starter pack is available for $0.99)

4. Dead Trigger 2

For the folks who like to take on zombie games, Dead Trigger 2 should be a preferred choice. In this zombie apocalypse FPS shooter, you need to fight for your survival against all odds. It’s all about building a safe hideout and giving your utmost in nerve-wracking war scenarios.

You can unlock 10 different regions and showcase your shooting prowess in more than 30 battlefields. Each battlefield comes with some twists that test your skill to the hilt. With over 600 gameplay war scenarios and more than 70 types of gun weapons, Dead Trigger has got everything covered to deliver hours of high-octane shooting.

Intense zombie shootingDoesn’t offer many opportunities to purchase upgrades
More than 600 gameplay war scenarios
70 types of gun weapons
33 different battlefields

Install: (free, first of gold is available for $2.99)

5. Bike Baron 2

With Bike Baron 2, you will fall in love with bike racing all over again. In this wild motorbike racer, you will race on 50 neatly designed tracks. Thanks to a wide selection of online events, you always have great opportunities to bring adrenaline-filled bike racing on full display. Be sure to navigate monster jumps and dangerous contraptions carefully as they will derail your racing within no time. So, pick up your favorite bike, give it your personal touch, and then dive into an online event to show jaw-dropping stunts.

50 tracks Doesn’t offer much customization
A wide selection of online events
Puzzle elements

Install: ($6.99)

6. Huntdown

Huntdown is a retro action-adventure game where you play the role of one of the three-country bounty hunters who are on a mission to eliminate violence and clean up corruption. The game is inspired by the popular action movies and arcade games of the 80s.

With fast-paced strategic combat against unruly gangs and crime bosses, the action platformer keeps you on your toes throughout the battle. Featuring a robust assortment of weapons and pleasing animations, you would enjoy going all-out to reclaim the city from anarchy.

Fast-paced strategic combatWeapon customization is not top-notch
Option to choose your bounty hunter
A good selection of weapons
20 levels

Install: ($4.99)

7. Lineage 2: Revolution

Should you wish to dive into a fascinating online role-playing game, Lineage 2: Revolution can make for a strong case. In this massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG), you can showcase your combat skill against up to 200 players in real time. You can join hands with friends to decimate dungeons and conquer boss monsters. Thrilling battles aside, Lineage 2: Revolution also lets you explore the fantasy world with eye-catching visuals.

Fight against 200 players in real-timeFreezing issue
50-vs-50 fortress siege matches
Stunning visuals
Explore fantasy world

Install: (free, Tier 4 package is available for $3.99)

8. Jetpack Joyride

If endless running games fascinate you a lot, you would be hard-pressed to find a better game than Jetpack Joyride (from the makers of the popular game Fruit Ninja). What sets this endless runner apart is the scintillating gameplay where you get a chance to ride crazy vehicles in a bid to beat scientists to the end of the lab. There are several challenging missions to complete and earn plenty of coins that you can use to get power-ups. Even in terms of customization, Jetpack Joyride is up to the mark with many crazy outfits to let you customize your appearance.

A variety of jetpacks Free version doesn’t offer much customization
Several challenging missions
Option to customize your look with crazy outfits
Special events

Install: (free, coin booster pack is available for $1.99)

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar Games’ open-world title “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is the sort of game that you will never get tired of playing. Launched for mobile devices to mark the 10th anniversary of Rockstar Games, the game has received high praise for story-driven gameplay. It’s about Carl Johson who is faced with an uphill task to save his family and friends from the mighty dealers and gangbangers. That’s not all, CJ also needs to rescue his beloved Los Santos city by wiping out drugs and corruption.

Story-driven gameplay Feels sluggish at times
High-resolution graphics
Over 70 hours of gameplay

Install: ($6.99)

10. Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a modern adventure game that you would like to play time and time again. It’s a five-part episodic game with a story-based choice. As a player, you get the freedom to rewind time and even affect the past, present, and future depending on your gameplay. So, if you ever happen to make any wrong decision, you can go back in time and change. Yeah, that’s how you can get the desired end. Gaming aside, you would appreciate the hand-painted visuals that add a unique touch to the appearance.

Five-part episodic gameRewinding time doesn’t always feel seamless
Story-based choice
Hand-painted visuals

Install: (free, episode 2 is available for $0.99)

11. SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s the incredibly fun-loving gameplay that makes SpongeBob SquarePants stand out. In this game, you can play SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and use killer tactics to outsmart Plankton’s evil plans. While the gameplay does seem to be pretty simple, you would have a hard time dealing with Plankton’s nefarious plan and his army of wacky robots. So, make sure to plan your strategy wisely so that you can thwart evil plans before they hurt your purpose. This isn’t a hardcore strategy game for iPhone, but it’s definitely something that can keep you hooked for hours.

Fun-loving gameplay Lacks a freemium version
Meet countless characters
Top-of-the-line visuals

Install: ($8.99)

12. Contra Returns

A classic arcade game like Contra Returns deserves a safe spot in this exclusive lineup of the best iPhone and iPad games with controller support. In a bid to deliver a vintage contra (a run-and-gun shooter) gaming experience, Contra Returns offers intriguing side-scrolling gameplay, two-person teams, and alien bosses.

The soundtrack from the original series coupled with the signature settings makes gaming enjoyable. And with impressive weapons galore, it also offers the desired freedom to let you mix and match. Overall, this run-and-gun-shooter can pass your acid test – no matter how choosy you are.

Classic side-scrolling gameplayFree version is very limited
Action-packed multiplayer online battles
Soundtrack from the original series

Install: (free, Diamond×100 is available for $0.99)

13. Animus: Revenant

If playing the role of a savior and saving the world from annihilation is your fancy, look no further than Animus: Revenant. As the world is on the verge of destruction, humanity has summoned you to fight against the evil forces. Can you restore peace by eliminating the wrongdoers? This single-player RPG is a great mix of action and adventure. While the gripping story keeps you guessing, the robust galore of weapons ensures you have access to the desired weapon to wreak havoc in the devils’ camp as part of the epic battle against anarchy.

Single-player action RPGGold lettering is inconvenient to read
Gripping story
A great roster of weapons

Install: ($6.99)

14. Secret Neighbor

Do you have a liking for horror games? If the answer is in the affirmative, Secret Neighbor should win you over. In this social multiplayer horror game set in the unique hello neighbor universe, your group is tasked to sneak around the house and collect the keys to unlock the basement door. So, where is the problem? Well, one of you is the Neighbor – a devil in disguise! It’s how you identify that secret neighbor that sets the tone for the entire game.

Interesting horror gameplay Doesn’t have the best graphics
Secret club
Option to team up or split up tactically

Install: (free, Secret Club is available for $2.99/month)

15. Dead Cells

As a roguevania (a mix of procedurally-generated roguelike games and action-exploration-based Metroidvania games) action-platformer, Dead Cells never fails to amaze you. Boasting power-packed 2D combat with a wide range of weapons, the game sets you up against brutal minions and bosses. And if you fail to learn the pattern of your enemies, you would get eliminated within no time. So, hatch a smart strategy and play accordingly to stay alive.

Talking about weapons, Dead Cells has got enough variety to let you choose your best bet. And with the needed customization, it also allows you to fine-tune your weapons in line with your preference.

Roguevania action platformerN/A
Dynamic 2D combat
Neat controls

Install: ($8.99)

16. Brawlhalla

This one is for the folks who never seem to get enough of fighting. If that’s you, Brawlhalla should appeal to your taste. In this platform fighting game, you can choose to fight your enemies solo or squad up with friends. It features several exciting game modes including Bomsketball, Kung-Foot, Capture the Flag, and more.

In the casual matches, four players fight to be the champion. And in the cross-play custom rooms, you can invite up to 8 friends to battle. Additionally, there is also a training room where you can hone your skill to be the most coveted fighter.

Multiple game modesInput delay lags
Training room to let you hone your fighting skill
50 unique characters

Install: (free, 140 mammoth coins are available for $5.99)

17. Stardew Valley

If you are on the lookout for an open-ended farming RPG, I would recommend you try out this award-winning game. With Stardew Valley, you will enjoy raising and breeding animals, growing a variety of seasonable crops, and designing your farm to your liking. Thanks to a plethora of options, it also lets you customize your farmer and home for enhanced personalization.

Beyond farming, you can start a lovely family with 12 potential marriage candidates, become part of an amazing community, and also explore mysterious caves.

Open-ended farming RPGLocation building doesn’t always feel smooth
Seasonable festivals and villager quests
Plenty of options to customize your farmer and home
50+ hours of gameplay

Install: ($4.99)

18. Under: Depths of Fear

With Under: Depths of Fear, it’s about fighting for your life by going against all odds. In this survival horror, you are asked to think on your feet to escape a doomed ship. Stuck in a horrible situation where your escape has been sabotaged, you need to not only find a way out but also unravel the mysterious truth. If you are ready to test your fears, Under: Depths of Fear would be a noteworthy time killer for you.

Interesting back storyOld graphics
Scary gameplay
Terrifying soundtracks

Install: ($3.99)

19. Rush Rally Origins

As someone who has a huge penchant for classic top-down racing, I have relished playing Rush Rally Origins. With more than 35 awesome-looking stages, racing always seems to be a pleasing experience. Better still, you can tweak the time of the day and weather depending on your preference. Besides, you also get the flexibility to choose from several challenging surface types such as gravel, dirt, mud, tarmac, and snow to drive.

Another thing that makes Rush Rally Origins a fun-filled top-down racing game is the multiple game modes such as time trial, A-B Race, and championship where you can race to be the most decorated racer. To ensure boredom doesn’t creep into your racing, it also lets you give a personal touch to your car in accordance with your driving style.

Top-down racingCar customization is basic
36 different stages
Option to tweak the time of day and weather

Install: ($4.99)

20. The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is a pretty compact action role-playing game. Thanks to unique characters, sensational loots, and heroic battles, it has got all the essential elements to warrant serious attention, especially if a relentless fight against evils is on top of your mind. During your quest to wipe out evils from the island, you will also get a chance to explore the fascinating overworld and create a massive roster of weapons.

Heroic battles against menacing dungeonsGraphics are less appealing
Secret side missions
Explore wonderful overworld

Install: ($0.99)

What iOS games support controllers?

To experience iOS games with a controller, we recommend titles that are either ports of existing PC or console games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series or play titles built for the platform with controller support.

What controller works best with iOS

Any Bluetooth controller should theoretically work well with iOS. Simply turn the Bluetooth pairing mode of the controller on, and you should have a seamless experience. Sony’s DualShock 4 and Xbox’s Wireless controllers work flawlessly with mobile devices. Though they will require a separate mounting bracket for the phone.

Does GTA iOS support a controller?

Every Grand Theft Auto game and with extension, every Rockstar Games title on iOS has controller support on top of on-screen controls. This allows everyone to try the game out at their preferred way.

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