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ARclip app copy and paste real world objects iphone android

How to Copy and Paste Real-World Objects in AR Using iPhone and Android

Larry Tesler created “copy-paste” to copy simple texts and notes from one page and paste them on another. That simple innovation changed the way we use our computers....

“Access Dots” Brings the Cam/Mic Indicator Dots of iOS 14 to Android

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple brought a ton of new features for their devices. The primary focus for this year's iOS has...
Mirage app feat.

This App Uses Machine Learning to Detect and Remove Edits from Images

Since the evolution of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, we have seen a lot of beauty apps pop-up in the market....
Sony Envision TV AR feat.

Sony’s New AR App Will Put a Virtual TV on Your Wall

Just last day, when my mother told me that we should get a new television set, I immediately went to grab the measuring tape...
cameo feat

This App Lets You Hire Celebrities to Record You a Personal Video

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shut down many global events already and locked people in their homes. We saw how much our smartphone usage...
Tuned feat.

Tuned is a New Experimental App from Facebook Solely Aimed at Couples

After coming up with the idea of a dating platform, Facebook recently released a new app that is completely dedicated to couples around the...

What is the Houseparty App and What You Can Do With It

Meerkat- the popular live streaming app is dead, as the company behind it (Life On Air) recently pulled the from the App Store and...